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If You Have Just 30 Minutes A Day…Then You Can Have A Successful, Money Making Blog!

Fact: Tens of thousands of people all around the world have made money, achieved expert status, and maybe even found their life’s passion through blogging.

From the desk of Rocky Tapscott
Monday, 3:33 P.M.

Re: Making the most of your blog

You have a blog. You write. You actually think it’s pretty good. It makes you little or no money. For some of you, it’s a play thing you do for fun or to blow off steam or have just another creative outlet. You know about other people making money…real money…with their blogs.

You’ve often thought you’d like to

Ø     Improve your blog

Ø     Turn it into an asset

Ø     Use it to promote your business more effectively

Ø     Make money…like other, more successful bloggers you know


Do you have 30 minutes a day? No? Are you sure?

Look, I know we’re all busy, but there are very few days that I can’t find 30 minutes if I really want to do something.

It’s 2010, and live TV is not actually all the rage anymore. We have DVD’s, Blu Ray, TiVo (or digital video recorders), and instant streaming TV available. Some people rarely watch live TV anymore…a testament to our busy lifestyles. I DO watch live sporting events…much to the chagrin of some of my buddies…but that’s another story. Almost every night, in houses across America, we watch some show or another on DVD. 24, CSI, Law and Order…and some others. Maybe you have a couple of friends in your neighborhood who do the same thing. One of them likes Walker, Texas Ranger, and the other watches Friends religiously, or maybe Seinfeld. What’s my point? Most of us can find the time to watch at least an hour of TV per day, and I’d be willing to bet that the average person watches a lot more than that.

So how important is your blog to you? Do you have that 30 minutes now?

Business guru, author, and speaker Tom Peters was noted as saying, in front of hundreds of people, the following quote regarding his blog…

“I will simply say my first post was in August of 2004. No single thing in the last 15 years professionally has been more important to my life than blogging.”

Wow. That’s a bold statement. So I’ll ask again…how important is your blog to you?

I believe there are two main reasons why your blog isn’t all that it should be…

1.   Time –

Like I said earlier, you just don’t think you have any extra time. Sure, you write some blog entries, and maybe you even have a few readers, but you never spend any time optimizing your blog to include your business…which is really why you have it in the first place. Does your blog make you any money? If it could, would you “find” the time you and I both know you already have in order to maximize your blog’s potential?

2.   Training –

You just really don’t know where to begin. Even if you decided to take the time to do it, you’d find yourself sitting there staring at a computer screen wondering how to “magic up” some more readers…and readers that will buy whatever you’re selling. Even if you’re a seasoned internet marketer, or a business owner with a site and a blog…there are specific things you can do to maximize your blog’s effect on your marketplace. You need the proper training…you need to know what those things are…otherwise you’ll end up wasting time trying…and we all know how short on time you are…

You can’t just write your blog, send it into cyberspace, and hope it sticks. You MUST promote your blog effectively.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve devised a mini-course for promotion…not coincidentally called

30 Minutes A Day Blog P.R.O.M.O.

I’m very excited about this course, and that’s because –

Blogging is a do-or-die kind of thing for any business now.

In this 5-part mini-course, I’ll show you my P.R.O.M.O. system…

P – Participate at Forums

R – Recycle Posts

O – Organize a Joint Venture

M – Make Viral Content

O – Obtain a Guest Spot on a Blog

In this mini-course, I’ll cover step by step what you’ll need to do…in just 30 minutes a day…to make your blog EXPLODE for your business!

We’ll cover tons of topics, with tips and winning strategies, including…

·       Convert your entries for ezine articles

·       Add your articles to directories

·       Allow affiliates to distribute articles

·       Give your articles to JV partners

·       How to pick forums

·       Create a signature file

·       Post, Post, Post

·       Become a moderator?

·       Track your results

·       Create a list of prospective JV partners

·       Come up with a pitch

·       Draft a plan

·       Communicate

·       Pick your platform

·       Content creation

·       Traffic Generation

·       Implementation

·       Launch

·       Pitch to high profile bloggers

·       Look for “guest” opportunities

·       One time blog exchanges

We both know that you have the time to promote your blog…just count the number of televisions in your home. Plus, don’t we always have time to do simple things that we know will earn us more money?

Now…you can also have the training you need to minimize time spent (while maximizing effectiveness) and make your blog all that it really can be.

You are just a click of the mouse away from taking your blog to new heights. Don’t just spit a bunch of information, witty banter, or links out into the stratosphere without direction…

P.R.O.M.O.te your blog NOW by grabbing this Report for just $7.00!

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing!

I don’t want you to risk anything when you say yes to this offer today, so you get my best guarantee:

Get this. Spend just a 15 minutes reading the first few pages of the manual. If you aren't totally happy with what I share with you, simply contact me by email and I'll quietly and promptly return every penny or your purchase.

Better still - Take the next 30 days to learn and apply some of the simple techniques you'll discover here. If during that time for any reason - or no reason at all - you're not absolutely overjoyed with the wonderful results you are getting....

Contact me and I'll refund every penny you paid.

Get started now for just $7...


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