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ü    You want to start an ongoing membership site

ü    You have an idea for a “Fixed Term Membership” (FTM) site

ü    You love the idea of the membership model

ü    You want to make serious cash…month after month on autopilot

ü    You Need Ideas to round out your plan

From the desk of Rocky Tapscott
Tuesday, 11:35 A.M.

Re: ü+ Membership Site ideas

Starting a Membership Site is a PROVEN business model…one of the most reliable and profitable around. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am a HUGE fan of membership sites.

As a matter of fact, many of the leading experts in online marketing have made an extremely significant portion of their income over the last few years by utilizing this very lucrative model!

Here are a few of the reasons I personally like this model –

v  Repetitive, residual income – once signed up, the customer pays you repeatedly

v  Content can be provided in bursts – a bit at a time. This kind of content creation is easy to manage.

v  A sense of urgency is easy to establish, keeping members engaged

v  It is, in a sense, a longer term relationship with a customer, leading to further opportunities

Okay…so you’re convinced you want to start a Membership Site.

Chances are, you already have some ideas as to how to set up the site, how to market it, and so on. Maybe you even have a few ideas as to the topic of your membership site. But you’re always looking for more ideas and more ways to profit, right?

So what’s with the “ü+” imagery above?

Do you remember grammar school? Man, I sure do. What a fun, hectic, confusing, and memorable time. Do you remember what the grading system was? When I was in school, the system changed a few times. Instead of “grading” individuals (this might upset someone)…you just approved or disapproved of the work. ü+, ü, ü- became the pass/fail marks. What’s that supposed to mean, anyway? Then there was the O, M, S, U system. Outstanding, Mastery, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory. It was all really the same, right? A would be ü+, or O, B’s C’s, failing grades…all the way down to U and ü-. In some form or fashion, you either passed or failed. You always wanted that ü+ mark, right?

I’m here to tell you…this report is chock full of ü+, A+, Outstanding material!

I’ve put together 27 “waiting to be blockbuster” ideas for you to explore in constructing your membership site.

15 different business related ideas…and 12 non-business related ideas…you’re sure to find not only excellent ideas explicitly defined here that make tons of sense to you, but also some you never would have thought of, along with ideas that will take you down the path of enlightenment toward your own unique ideas that may stem from the brainstorming that produced this list.

Whew…that was a mouthful.

I’m not just going to rattle off a list, either. I’m dealing out real, actionable, specific ideas, along with plenty of tips, notes, and ways to implement them.

Quick examples in the business niche include, but are not limited to…

·       JV Partnerships

·       SEO

·       Product Creation

·       EBay Marketing

·       Starting a New Business

·       From Sell a Little to Sell a Lot

·       Getting on the Social Marketing Wave

…and that’s just a small taste of what you’ll get!

Look, I’ve been at this a long time. My xx year anniversary has come and gone…that’s more than a lifetime in the online world! I’ve created over xx products, and worked on joint ventures with some of the leading web “gurus”.

Boastful? Nope. I just want you to understand that I know what it’s like to try and come up with content ideas. I’ve been wherever you are.

Many times over…

The good news? Ideas are all around you!

This report is not just meant to list out for you a few novel ideas. You could almost literally just go to the middle of town, spin in a circle with your finger pointed, and find an “idea” to write a membership course about.

Along with the list of ideas, the implementation tips and advice included can help to turn them into evergreen cash generators.

It’s the “how to” to go along with the “what to”.

It’s not enough to have some ideas…implementation is key.

Also, check out some of the non-business topics we’ll discuss…

·       Seduction Secrets for Men

·       Fat Loss Secrets For [Enter Niche Here]

·       Getting Over Grief

·       Daily or Weekly Motivation/Inspiration

·       Classic Car Restoration

·       How to Become a Full-Time RV’er

The ideas are almost limitless. Again…chances are you’ll find even more ideas of your own while exploring some of those contained in this report.

Creativity breeds creativity. Remember The Beatles, The Rolling Stones? They produced what many consider to be “magic” in music. Do you think it had anything to do with being together as a group? Feeding off of the brilliance of one another? Ideas breed ideas, genius breeds genius.

Order this report now…and as you explore and implement the ideas contained within, you’ll no doubt start to see your own creativity blossom and generate even more cash generating ideas as well!

The 27 ideas here are just the beginning…

Are you ready to get started? You have the desire…you have the business model…now you have the ideas for content…let’s get to work!  

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I know you’ve seen “no questions asked” guarantees before. And maybe they didn’t ask questions, but they sure made you jump through a lot of hoops to get your money back.

Here’s the thing: If you’re not completely satisfied with this product for any reason, you’ll get your money back with 24 hours – guaranteed. No hassle, no hoops and no questions. Fair enough?

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