Why do I need a new Solo Build It for every site I build?

Question - The wording on the Sitesell site for Solo Build It almost suggests that if you set up another site, you have to buy another copy of SBI!

Why do I need a new Solo Build It for every site I build?

Answer - Yes that's the way Solo Build It works, each SBI is a self contained website package.

When you want a second site, you buy another package, complete with all of the modules; hosting, newsletter builder, form builder, Google Sitemaps XML feed (for getting into Google quickly), Value Exchange listings and accelerator tools, Pay-per-click research and mass-bidding, Ranking Reports for search engines, Unique Keyword search and ranking reports for Directories and everything else.

Plus the new Monetize It! module for helping maximize your site's revenue is a joy to behold :-) It's worth the price of SBI on it's own...

Each Solo Build It is a completely separate site, of course you'd link them together to share Google Page Rank and link popularity, etc. but you need a new SBI package for each site.

I've got both SBI and Non-SBI sites and I have to say that the SBI sites seem to get ranked better, and listed more quickly (and therefore make more money), than the non SBI ones.

I'm not sure what they do in there, but it seems to work.

No other product on the Net automates the complex process of submitting your pages and then automatically re-submitting them, depending on whether and when your pages are spidered or indexed (all in a search-engine-friendly fashion) all in one simple, elegant package.

Something else I find extremely useful, especially when I was starting out, is that just before you build each page, SBI! analyses that page and tells you exactly what to do to make it better, to rank high and be found at the engines.

After it is listed and ranking, SBI! even tells you how to rank higher and higher!

Since everything is integrated, Solo Build It runs 24x7 across-the-site background functionality that improves search results, optimizes value-exchange results, etc

All of this combines to give you better rankings in the search engines and ultimately more traffic.

The downside of this is that it costs US$299 a year for each SBI package (US$25 a month), about the same as premium hosting.

I pay A$47 a month for one of my premium non Solo Build It hosting accounts with it's own server to run my best non-SBI site, and you double up on some things, but the added benefits of using SBI quickly outweigh trying to cobble all of the tools and modules together from different sources.

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