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I just finished up a $67 per person audio and video training series… and as a special offer to you, since you took action today… I’m going to let you have it for $67$47, only $24.

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…three extra programs for FREE that each have a real world value of $27 or more. This perhaps might the only deal like this offered on the internet – buy one at 50% off, and get 3 free!

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Here is what you get:

Package #1 – The Ultimate Juice Fasting Program

Breakthrough Juice Fasting Ecovers

More Than 2.75 hours Audio And Video Training
Comprehensive PDF Guide
Value: $67

Imagine This:

Tomorrow morning, rather than putting on your “fat clothes” yet again, you jump out of bed excited to slip effortlessly into that pair of skinny jeans. But before you do, you venture over to the scale to confirm what you already know is true – you’ve lost another five pounds in the last five days!

You know today is going to be a great day, you can feel it. How could it not be when you feel this incredible in your very own skin?

You begin smiling more, feeling more abundant, getting on with your life’s passion because you’re no longer bogged down by extra weight.

You’ve left all that life behind. You’re now loving the body you’re in and the life you’re living.

You feel radiant and clear, eager to start the day doing what you love.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

Just some of the benefits of this program are -

  • You'll develop clear, glowing skin and bright, sparkling eyes that people around you will notice and respond to. When we look great, we feel great, and it's quite normal for others to want to be around us more  

  • You'll have i mproved self esteem, and a general sense of peace and well-being. You'll find things that really used to bother you no longer have as much effect, and you'll sail through problems much easier than the 'old' you

  • Your body is able to repair itself to give you maximum immunity and resistance to sickness and disease, saving you time and money by having less visits to doctors, and just feeling 'better' in every way

  • The end result is you'll have skyrocketing health and energy so you can feel your best, and get so much more out of your life than you may be now

Remember, this training program is currently selling for $67 and you can get it today for just $24. And that means the next three training programs are yours for free!

Package # 2 – Ultimate Weight Management Hypnosis Audio

How To Program Your Mind To Help You Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

30 Minute Hypnosis Audio

Value: $67

HypnosisAudioI combined my NLP training with that of master hypnotist, Brad Gosse, to create hypnotic inductions and “weight loss installations” that you simply listen to…

…that you’ll immediately get results from…

With Almost No Effort Required!

This is the same training that has turned children with “learning disabilities” into straight A students.

It’s helped people quit smoking, women do “drug free” painless birth, a karate expert become a world champion and a “down on his luck” salesman go from average to selling 1.8 million dollars in contracts in less than week – a company record.

The only difference is we’ve modified the training slightly so it just focuses on success in weight loss and radiant health.

The Hypnosis Audio is designed to:

  • Stop your unhealthy cravings dead in their tracks, meaning you'll be able to more easily control your appetite so that you consume the perfect amount of food

  • Get in touch with your body so that you know exactly what foods you need, so you can avoid those junk food cravings without feeling like you are missing out on the things you love

  • Notice an enhanced flavor in healthy food so you are inclined to eat more frequently and enjoy it more. Good food more often means a healthier, fitter body that feels better and looks great

  • Boost your energy levels to the maximum the natural way, without artificial stimulants which ultimately harm your body and leave you feeling drained and tired afterwards

  • Achieve your ideal weight in the shortest time humanly possible, then maintain your ideal weight with ease and grace

  • Plus much more...

Package #3 – My "Keep It Off” Companion Cookbook

357 Recipes in PDF Format Designed to Help You Stay Radiantly Healthy

Value: $37

Keep It Off CoverExperts have discovered that  people generally rotate between the same 10-15 recipes regularly.  The difference between healthy individuals and those who are unhealthy and overweight is what’s in those recipes.

Whether you’re looking to improve your diet pre-cleanse, post cleanse or just eat better in general, my Keep It Off Companion Cookbook was designed to give you the tools you need to succeed– recipes! Let’s face it, most of us know how to eat, we just don’t know WHAT to eat!

With 357 carefully crafted and taste tested recipes, you’ll never again be at a loss for what to eat to keep you feeling fit and looking Fab.  These recipes are designed to be the perfect companion to any weight loss or cleansing program, and are designed to boost mood enhancing nutrients to give you that feel good feeling, which leaves you happier, more satisfied and craving free.

Package # 4 -  How To Feel Good For No Reason At All

How To Feel Good For No Reason At All

18 Minute Audio Program

Value $27

This is some new audio technology I’ve stumbled upon – and it's very cool indeed...

It’s a technique called “unconscious state installation”… and mixture of hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help change become easy for you… and do so at the unconscious level, so it happens rather quickly.

Here’s how you use this audio program. First, find a spot to relax comfortably while you listen. This program is only about 18 minutes long, so just block out some uninterrupted time to listen. You can either sit in a comfortable spot or lay down and listen.

I’m not sure how deep of a “trance” you’ll experience when listening to this – different people will respond differently. The good news is you don’t have to worry about it, as it doesn’t matter much. Just listening is helpful, regardless of how deep you go. 

Now to those of you who WILL go deep, you might awake refreshed and unaware of what you just listened to.

That’s perfectly fine as well – it doesn’t matter if you consciously remember what was said on the audio program or not – you will feel better.

People ask me all the time how I come across as some happy, excited and genuinely passionate about what I do.

The “secret” is simple – I have figured out how to feel so good about what I do – that I just want to do it all the time. Now I’m giving you the same opportunity.

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing!

I don’t want you to risk anything when you say yes to this offer today, so you get my best guarantee:

Get this today. Then go through any or all of these programs for the next 60 days. Go ahead and apply some of the simple techniques you'll discover here. If during that time for any reason - or no reason at all - you're not absolutely overjoyed with the wonderful results you are getting....

Contact me and I'll quietly and promptly return every penny or your purchase.

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