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Don't you just love receiving customer complaints?
July 02, 2004

This is your Local Business Online update for July 5, 2004.

 I just wanted to let you know that there is a new article on the website. 

In this article, I posed the questions -

  • Do you encourage customer complaints, or do you just hope that they will go away? 

  • Do you pretend that everything is just fine in your Business or are you prepared to accept that things aren't always perfect.

  • Would you like to know how to turn customer complaints into cash?

Please let me know if you enjoyed reading this story or not, and what improvements you would like to see in the content of the website and the  Newsletter to give you exactly what you want.

Thankyou in advance for reading this latest article. To read it now, please Click Here. 

Until next time,

Kind Regards,


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