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Are you about to buy Solo Build It and build a website for your Business? Then you've come to the right place...

Free Reports, Personal Telephone Coaching, Tons Of Money-Making Information And Assistance And More...All For Buying Solo Build It From Me Instead Of Somebody Else...

You probably know all about Solo Build It by now So I'll spare you the rundown. (But if not, you can find out all about it here.)

What this page is about is the bonuses you'll receive if you buy your first Solo Build It package through me. 

If you've already bought any Sitesell product through somebody else, I have to apologize, but this offer isn't for you, as you've been 'Cookied' to another affiliate...so, sorry ;-(

But if you haven't purchased a Sitesell product yet, you're in luck...

If you take action now and buy Solo Build It through the link at the bottom of this page, I'll give you over $300 worth of unique bonuses that I guarantee you won't get anywhere else, so that there's practically no way you can fail to build a profitable website using SBI if you follow the process and don't try to reinvent the wheel.

Most Sitesell Affiliates simply put an ad or a banner up somewhere and pray that you'll buy through their link so they get a commission without offering any compelling reason why you should order through them.

Some are even starting to give a couple of bonuses in the form of crappy, rehashed eBooks and audio recordings of people who talk about what worked two years ago but are now completely outdated.

If you buy SBI! through this page, here's what I can offer you...

In addition to the complete Solo Build It! System which you've no doubt read all about by now, if you decide to buy Solo Build It! from the link below I'll give you something far more valuable that some $49 eBook or a heap of outdated audio recordings...I'll give you some of my time.

  • I've worked with Solo Build It! for over 2 years now

  • I'm a Solo Build It Certified Webmaster

  • I know it's strengths and it's weaknesses

  • I can help you succeed with your Solo Build It website...

When I first started using SBI, faced with a 300+ page Manual to get through, the last thing I needed was more ebooks to read. 

I would have loved to have some occasional help and advice from someone who had been there and was prepared to coach me.

I didn't have anyone around me at the time to help, so it took over 6 months to get my act together, work it all out and actually get a site up and generating traffic.

I can help save you from this frustration, guide you through the initial stages of building your new site and show you how to build a profitable website in the fastest possible time. 

You'll still have to do the work, but I'll be there to guide you along the way.

Rocky has been my mentor from the day I purchased my first Solo Build It! web building package.

Anyone lucky enough to have him lead them through this process will soon realize they couldn’t have a better, more knowledgeable guide.

Marguerite Bonneville


With this in mind, here's a list of the Bonuses you'll receive if you buy your first SBI! package from the link below -

  • An introductory one-on-one telephone consultation with me to discuss your goals for your Business using the Internet, or the plans you have for starting a new Business online. I will outline the specific steps you can take to get your website up and running quickly and efficiently. Having built four SBI! sites, the information I will share with you in this first could literally save you weeks or months of heading down the wrong path before you start to generate any significant traffic to your new website. I can't mention names here, but I'll also give you examples of sites that are doing things all wrong so you know what not to do. Value $100

  • Two more one-on-one telephone coaching sessions with me at any time in the future where you can pick up the phone discuss any problems or roadblocks you are finding that are stopping you from moving forward with your website. You can ask any questions, get feedback on your work to date, brainstorm additional ideas, whatever you want to use these calls for to help you get the best out of your new website. And because I am absolutely passionate about helping you succeed, if you need more than 2 calls, then we'll keep working on your site together until you're happy with it. Value $200

  • I have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, which means that I can create PDF files, in other words, reports and eBooks. If you want to write an eBook or Report and you create it in Microsoft Word format, and don't want to go through the expense of buying Acrobat to turn it into a fully featured PDF file straight away, I'll help you set the first one up and create the PDF Document for you.

  • A goldmine of marketing advice, information and resources that will help you market your products and services to more customers more profitably year after year through your Free subscription to my Newsletter, SBISecrets.

  • Regular, unadvertised Bonus Reports and advice not available from anyone else...let's just say that you'll have a few surprises...and leave it at that.

And because Solo Build It! comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee, you only have to say 'maybe' to get all of these free Bonuses from me. 

If you find that it's not working out for you or you cancel your SBI! subscription for any reason whatsoever, that's fine. At least you gave it a shot.

So what's all this really worth to you?

What's it worth to save yourself months of wasted time and effort to get your first SBI website up and running? 

Your time is your most valuable asset. You only get so much...don't waste it heading down blind alleys for months without a guide.

I'd have loved to be able to have access to this kind of support when I first started. Now you can.

But there's one thing that I have to mention right up front.

I don't know how long I'll be keeping this free coaching offer open.

Truth is, I don't want to spend hundreds of hours on the telephone because I can make more money working on my own Businesses. 

So when I start to get swamped with coaching clients and it starts taking up too much time, I'll pull this page down and only work with the people who have already taken my up on this offer.

So why am I giving away all this help so freely you may be asking?

The truth is, I love teaching.

Plus, I am looking for a small group of people who'd like to create partnerships and strategic alliances with me both online and offline to build each other's Businesses. 

I feel that by helping you create a website that's profitable, we'll most likely be able to work together on larger projects in the future.

I believe that once you become one of my clients and see how far I will go to help you succeed in your Business, you’ll want to work more closely with me in the future.

By helping you succeed, we both win. You can build a profitable website with virtually unlimited help from me, and maybe we can work together on bigger deals down the track.

So there you have it.

You're welcome to shop around of course to check out what other Sitesell.com affiliates are offering. 

You may even find other people offering bonuses of greater theoretical 'retail value' in the way of information products that they've bought resale rights to.

The reason they offer you these eBooks and downloadable audio files is because they are trying to create a hands off, automatic income stream with as little personal involvement with their clients as possible.

I'd rather help you succeed...

And you'll undoubtedly find better 'sales letters' out there, because that's not what I'm about either.

But think for a moment...what would it be worth to be able to pick up the phone and ask a live person a question about something that has you completely stumped, and get an immediate answer? What if by talking with me you cut your learning curve down by 3 months, 6 months?

Something I can promise you though is this.

If you buy your first SBI! website from me, I'll work with you until you know what you are doing and do my utmost to help you get to the stage where your site is profitable.

If you can find a better deal on the Internet, then I'd encourage you to take it. Let me know, I might even be interested myself ;-)

But nothing will happen if you continue to just think about it. If you are serious about changing your life for the better as I have done, then it's time to take your online and business education seriously.

As master Yoda says, Do or Do not, there is no try.

So do it now...the clock is ticking.

To take me up on this limited offer, buy Solo Build It through this link...

If you would like to get in touch with me to talk about whether Solo Build It! really is right for you, or if you've visited the SBI! site and have a question you'd like to ask, then feel free to either email me using the Contact Form or call me on 0401 307144.

Oh, and one last thing.

No matter whether you decide to buy Solo Build It! from me or not, I wish you all the best in your Business and your life.

Take care, and best wishes,


Local Web Solutions

P.S. Depending on the demand for the personal consulting Bonuses, I may have to pull this page down at any time. If you have already bought your SBI! package through one of the links on this page, your Bonuses are locked in. If you think that SBI! might be right for you, then Click Here Now to grab this offer.


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