Advanced Keyword Research And Using Social Media To Increase Profits...Part 2

If you are getting bogged down with the Brainstormer, this video will help. It's a little more advanced, but if you understand these concepts, you'll make a whole lot more money with a lot less effort...

In this video, I dig down into one specific niche market and show you how to mine the hidden gems that Google digs up for us. I show you how to find keyword phrases that people are actually searching for that have minimal competition but 'real' search demand.


I recommend you click through to the top listed sites that Google brings back in their results for the keywords you are trying to rank well for, and analyze the content of each competing page in the top 20 to see what these top sites are doing right. Then, just model the content (DON'T copy it, but use it as a guide) for your own pages.

If you know what Google likes, and they are TELLING you what they like by giving these sites top rankings, you can go ahead and create similar content and you'll most likely be rewarded with top search engine rankings as well.

I hope this video helps you to quickly find some great keyword phrases and umtimately make more money from your Solo Build It site.