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Link Cloaker

It's a FACT ... people will steal your affiliate commissions IF you let them!

Now YOU can PROTECT YOURSELF from these digital pickpockets and make sure that you get 100% of what you deserve.

And you can do it in the next 5 minutes!!


If you use affiliate programs to sell other people's products on the Internet, you are getting ripped off!

* Hijacking is what happens when someone replaces your affiliate id with theirs in the affiliate link.

* Bypassing is what happens when someone sees an affiliate link and is either unfamiliar and uncomfortable with it, or just can’t stand the idea of your getting a commission (even though you’ve done the work to put the information in front of them).

The bottom line: You don’t get your commission, and the hijacker puts your money in his pocket, in the form of a discount, by buying through his own affiliate link.

In both cases YOU are getting ripped off!

Now here's how you stop it...

THE SOLUTION is ... Affiliate Link Cloaker!

Affiliate Link Cloaker hides your link so that even the most determined digital crook can't steal your hard earned commissions.

What they see in their browser looks like a page on your site.

When they try to view your source code, here's what they see.


That'll show them!

Anyone can use Affiliate Link Cloaker. MANY of our customers report a rise in their affiliate checks of 20%, 30% and more!

Isn't it time YOU protected yourself?


DON'T BE FOOLED BY PARTIAL SOLUTIONS that don't work or programs you get free ... they just don't work!


Some people try to hide or disguise the affiliate links on products they resell through a complicated network of redirects, Java scripts, sub-domains and other elaborate technology solutions trying to protect themselves from affiliate link hijackers.
But there are problems with these approaches!
1. You have to be very technically sophisticated to know how to use solutions like this.

2. The more web site scripts and web servers you have to redirect a person to, the better a chance is you'll lose them before they end up on the site where you want them to buy.

3. Popular services right now that you can subscribe to that use second party servers to create sub-domains have to pay an annual recurring fee and, if the site goes down, you are going to lose the sale anyway.

   Plus, with most of those sub-domain redirect services, if you just "view source" in your web browser you can see the link they're hiding anyway!

4. The user has to have Java "enabled" in their web browser
None of this is a problem with Affiliate Link Cloaker!

YOU WANT A SOLUTION so easy, anyone can use it ...

one that takes only a few minutes!

This solution to hijacked commissions is used and recommended by countless top marketers, including ...

* Armand Morin - Developer, eCover Generator Software

* Eva Almeida - Editor, "Ebooks 'n Bytes"

* Neil Shearing - Developer, Internet Success Spider
Author, Internet Success Blueprint

* And more!

You can protect your hard earned commissions now with Affiliate Link Cloaker!

Check it out here

My rating - 7 out of 10


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