Aweber Review - What's It All About?

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This is our Aweber Review.  If you’re looking for the official Aweber site, click the link below:

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Aweber Review – What It’s About

Aweber is a premium autoresponder service that's been around for over a decade. In this Aweber Review, you'll get to hear about the good and the bad sides to this versatile, powerful tool.

As you probably already know, building a list of people who are happy to hear from you is the best way to increase your sales, regardless of whether your business is online or offline.

As much as 90% of the profit you'll make in your business is going to come from the repeat and backend sales you make to your existing customers.

It just makes sense to follow up, and an autoresponder is a great way to do that.

You can make a one-time effort to create a series of messages that draws people into your world, and shows them why they should buy from you and your business.

Then every person who subscribes to your list in the future will get the exact same sequence automatically. It's automated relationship building and marketing at it's finest.

Plus I've noticed a number of the big-name marketers moving back to Aweber from some of the much more expensive services. And that's gotta be a good sign...

Aweber Review – What We Like

I thought it was time to do an Aweber review, because I've been using their autoresponder service for nearly a decade, and it's made me a bunch of money over that time.

The thing I love most about Aweber is the fact that it's so simple and bulletproof. You get a bunch of features and functionality, including
  • Simple list, message, and web form creation, so you can build a complete campaign, including writing the first followup message, in less than 30 minutes
  • Incredibility high deliverability rates. The Aweber team work closely with ISP's and other organizations to make sure their messages get through to their intended recipient's as much as possible. This helps everybody using the service to feel confident their readers are getting the emails they are sending
  • Dozens of web form templates so you can match the look and feel to your website's content
  • Unlimited lists at no extra charge, so you can have a master list, and then segment people into separate sub-lists based on any criteria you choose, and them send very targeted messages out to these highly responsive people
  • Comprehensive training using both text and video available on the Aweber website. Any problems you ever have can be sorted out quickly by accessing their online help
I could go on and on in this Aweber review about the good stuff that having an Aweber autoresponder has done for my business. But probably the best way to see if it's right for you is to take a 30 Day Trial of Aweber and see for yourself.

Aweber Review – What We Didn’t Like

No Aweber review would be complete without mentioning something I didn't like.

And one thing I didn't like about Aweber was a while back was when they changed the user interface. The new one was great, but they didn't include any way to revert back to the older version I liked and had been using forever.

Since I only ever use basic HTML messages that look like plain text (because they convert better than anything else), I didn't need all of the functionality of the new interface.

I spent a couple of minutes, wrote to Aweber support and mentioned this, and they quickly added a link to the old interface and all was well with the world again.

Aweber Review – Overall Thoughts

Overall, I love Aweber. I've used quite a few other autoresponders on behalf of clients over the years (and some of them were high end and quite expensive), and nothing else combines Aweber's ease of use with such a low cost.

They have great user help guides and training, regular webinars designed to help you make more money using email marketing, and a responsive, helpful customer support team on call 24 hours a day.

There are hundreds of thousands of happy, loyal Aweber uses around the world, and for good reason.  Aweber is something you can buy off the shelf that simply works...

I hope you've found this Aweber review helpful.

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