Site Build It Review - Baldness

In this video, I review a Site Build It site of one of my coaching students sites I discuss the Most Wanted Response Richard should be trying for, and various page optimization tips and techniques he could use to boost traffic and conversions


I use and recommend Aweber autoresponders

Their system is much more versatile than the Site Build It Mail Out Module, you can have virtually unlimited lists with an unlimited number of subscribers on each list, and your mail gets delivered to your readers much better than with other services.

A dedicated autoresponder is your full time employee who works tirelessly for you 24 hours a day, every day, following up with your prospects and customers and building your relationship for you without you lifting a finger. 

All you do is load up a series of messages ONCE and schedule them to go out at regular intervals. If you have something you want to share immediately, you just send a broadcast message, and your regular messages continue to go out as scheduled.

My Aweber autoresponder continues to be the best investment I've ever made; I love it :-)

If you want to use Aweber to build a relationship with your readers and help to build your business, you can find videos on how to integrate Aweber into your Site Build It site here.

You can certainly get started using the Site Build It Mail Out Module which you can access from inside Site Central, it's not as versatile, but it's better than putting it off until later - you should start building your list TODAY.

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