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In this message, you'll learn how it's amazing what some people get up to when you show then a system that works and let them run with it...which ties in with...

I was just reading a testimonial that Sitesell's Ken Evoy received and it made me think of all the additional things we can all do with our sites to make them even better.

I've included it below so you can see what I'm talking about...


Hi Ken and everyone at Sitesell,

Just wanted to again thank you for all the help you have given me in the 20 months or so since I first started out with SBI! Have just spent 3 hours on the forums, and again discovered so much more that I can do for my sites!

I was always keen on web-based business so I could be mobile and pick up wherever I was based at the time. My business would never have got anywhere near as big as it is already - and there is so much more to achieve!

Just a few key points:

- Both my sites, and are in top Alexa 250,000

- We have over 2000 subscribers, growing by over 100/month

- Through my site I have a huge team working for me in UK and overseas of lawyers, finders, brokers, managing agents.

- We now source over 300 UK properties a year - more than any other company in the market we are in!

- This is all done currently with no advertising - and a home office!

- We have a very high % of subscribers willing to spend large sums of money with us - with many buying more than 10 houses through us, and over 30 spending over 25,000 dollars each in syndicates.

- Many of these have not even met us - and is all down to trust and quality content (CTPM!) that has been built up.

- My initial expectations for turnover have been smashed. An accountant recently told me what he would value my business at, based on turnover and profit, and was pretty amazing!

We have a huge presence now in our field, and I regularly write for magazines, and give talks. But I still ask plenty of questions in the forums (what a community!). And so I grow further!

Thanks one million times to all the team and to Ken!!


Alan Forsyth


Alan's just out there getting on with the job...and he's become a sought after authority in his field.

Here's what I picked up from his message...

1. Build a list (where have you heard that before?) for ALL of your websites and start to build relationships with your readers. As Alan said, many of his readers have never met him, but they continue to give him money to invest in property over and over again. This is the relationship you can build with your readers if you work at it...

2. Sell a HIGH TICKET ITEM instead of trying to scrape out a living selling ebooks and $100 stuff through Commission Junction (I've been helping my coaching students find high ticket items lately and some are starting to work on this)

3. Build lots of content that targets your niche specifically (the new Solo Build It Internal and External Brainstormer Modules do a wonderful job of helping with this, check them out if you are a SBI owner).

If you'd like to learn more about my coaching course and bonus offer, I'd be happy to help you to get the most out of your new website.

To see what my coaching offer includes, visit this page. You can order SBI from that page and as long as you qualify as outlined on that page, you'll have my help and assistance for a long as you need it.

Anyhow, that's all for today. If you have any questions, please let me know by using the Contact Form.

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