Bonus Report #1

 Google Adsense Offers Anyone With A Website The Opportunity To Generate Consistent Monthly Income Without Having To Sell A Thing...

By Rocky Tapscott

Until Google introduced Adsense several months ago, owners of hobby sites and Business sites that contained lots of information but had no sales focus had little chance of making their owners any money. Now, that's all changed.

If you have a website that attracts lots of information seeking visitors - the kind of website that Solo Build It! helps create - then Adsense offers you a chance to turn those visitors into a valuable stream of income quickly and easily...all you have to do is copy a small amount of HTML code into your web pages and you can start generating income immediately...

Rather than me waffle on telling you what Adsense is and how to use it, I thought I would just let you read a comprehensive article that explains everything in detail.

It covers topics like -

  • Should you participate

  • How to get started

  • How to integrate the ads into your site

  • And finally how to get the most out of Adsense.

After reading this series of articles on Adsense, you will know everything you need to start earning tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars each month in Passive Income - income that flows to you without you having to do anything - won't that be nice?

To read this article now, Please Click Here.

I hope you enjoy reading this article.

Adsense will add steady, reliable income to your website as long as you have people visiting to read your content. Now more than ever is a great time to build a Theme Based Content Website as was discussed in the Case Studies article in the very first Report.

I hope you have found this rundown on Adsense interesting and profitable - I would be interested in hearing from you if you have any comments or would like to discuss anything relating to your website or marketing. You can contact me by using the Contact Form.

Until next time,

Kind regards,


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