Bonus Report #5

Get Your Email Messages Read And Acted Upon, And Get The Full Picture On Building A Website That Works...

By Rocky Tapscott

If you use any form of email communication, you have to make sure that your messages are firstly getting through to your list, then being opened, then your readers need to take action on your recommendations.

If you miss any of these steps, you may as well not bother, because your marketing isn't reaching your target audience.

I am going to share with you some techniques you can use to give your messages a much better chance of getting through to your list of readers.

But first, what sort of threats are you facing when you send your email messages out to your list?

There are three major ones -

  • Spam Filters

  • Mass Deletions

  • Competition from other marketers

We will discuss the first two and outline you ways to minimise these risks - the final one we will cover in more detail from time to time in the Newsletter.

Spam filters started out as a good idea - let's rid the world of this ghastly menace and free up our computers for more productive things. Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way.

Over zealous Spam Filters are stripping affiliate links, website addresses and entire email messages that people have asked to receive without even a second glance.

If you have even the slightest taste of 'spammy-ness' in your messages, you run the risk if having them deleted without you even knowing it.

So, how do you get around this?

Fortunately, Solo Build It! has a build in module that tests your messages before you send them to make sure that they don't end up in the trash file of your subscriber's email provider.

Even if you don't have Solo Build It!, you can still test your message's spam score by visiting the SpamCheck Website. Click Here to visit SpamCheck.

Please, visit the site and try it out with an email message. Write an short message and put a few words like free, spam, great, incredible, new and money in it, then see how the software picks up these and tells you your score for spammy-ness.

There are some invaluable tips and links to other articles contained in the email that the software sends back. Read these and you will go a long way to keeping your emails out of the trash.

So now, how do you stop your subscriber mass-deleting your email messages. What do I mean by mass-deleting? Well if you get a large number of spam messages each day, you have probably done this yourself. You know, you highlight 10 or 20 messages that look like spam and hit the delete key.

Sometimes you accidentally delete something you wanted, but too bad, you're just sick of getting so much mail.

Unfortunately, the sender of some of those emails was a marketer just like you. They will never know that you didn't get to read their letter - it never had a chance.

Now as an email marketer, this is going to happen to you...

How do you avoid that?

There is no certain way, but you can increase your chances of getting your subscriber's attention by following these guidelines -

  • Send your message at the same time each day, week, fortnight or month, and tell them when to expect it.

  • Have it sent from the same email address and person every time so they know it's from you as soon as it turns up in their email box

  • Put a compelling description in the Subject Line so they see it and want to read it straight away instead of saving it for later (later might be too late...)

  • Send a follow up email letting your subscribers know that you have sent your Newsletter and asking them you read it NOW. Re-sell the benefits of what you said in your Newsletter and they will often drop what they are doing and read it then and there.

These are just a few tips that will help you get your email communications through to your subscribers.

Jimmy Brown has just release an eBook that goes more deeply into how you can get your emails read and acted upon immediately - in fact he outlines 24 ways that you can increase the effectiveness of email for your Business.

This is a must read resource for anyone sending email messages to a list of subscribers - and I guess that's all of us.

I found so many tips in the ebook that I had never thought of that I know will increase my response rates that I am currently implementing them right now.

Jimmy's writing style is laid back and informative - all in all a powerful read. If knowing and using these tips gets you just one more sale or customer, it's more than paid for itself...

To read more about Jimmy's eBook, Please Click Here.

In addition to this, Ken Evoy at Sitesell has just initiated a program to force the major ISP's to allow their customers to 'Whitelist' Businesses from whom they wish to receive email messages. Whitelisting means that messages from those specific Businesses that the customer wants to hear from are allowed directly past the spam filters.

Many ISP's are refusing to allow customers to do this, so Ken and his team are starting to apply pressure to them to change their stance. If you would like to read more about whitelisting and how you can get involved, then Click Here.

And now, let's talk about going further and building a Theme Based Content Website.

The Solo Build It! system comes with a comprehensive manual called Make Your Content Pre-sell, which takes you through the 10 day process of building a website that works. Even if you don't want to use Solo Build It!, you can still download this great eBook for Free and use the lessons it contains to build a profitable theme based website.

You will have to know some of the technical side of things if you don't use Solo Build It!, but if you have some knowledge of HTML, JavaScript code and FTP, you can use the step by step plan outlined in the manual to build your own website as well.

If you would like to download the Free Manual, Please Click Here.

When you get to the download page, scroll down to near the bottom of the page and select 'Make Your Content Pre-sell'. Follow the instructions and then take the time to read through the Manual - it will give you a complete education on building a website that works.

I hope you have found this Report useful. As always, I would love to hear from you if you have any comments or would like to discuss anything relating to your website or marketing. You can contact me by using the Contact Form.

This is the last in this series of Bonus Reports. Thankyou again for becoming a subscriber to my Newsletter - I'll talk with you again soon.

Until next time,

Kind regards,