This article will show you how to successfully build a sales website for your Local Business, supercharge your Yellow Pages advertising, and get your telephone ringing off the hook with new customers...

By Rocky Tapscott

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A sales website is just that, a 2 or possibly 3 page website designed to sell a product or service, or to get a prospect to call you to make an appointment or ask for more information.

It acts like a 'soft' introduction - giving prospects the information they need in order to decide whether they should call you or someone else.

Your website is like a giant Yellow Pages ad - except you can say far more on your website than in the limited space available in the Yellow Pages...and for far less cost.

Your website is out there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, telling your visitors about your products or services in a way that no other advertising medium can.

A sales website typically consists of a sales letter home page and an order page. It's goal is to get the order or make a sale on the first contact with your visitor.

There are millions of Sales websites on the 'net that are never seen because their owners have no idea of how to get traffic to them.

On the Internet, traffic is king. If you don't have traffic, or visitors to your website, you have nothing. It's like owning a billboard in the middle of the desert, nobody will see your wonderful advertising message because nobody is just driving by.

In the offline world, location is paramount. If you have a position on a prominent street corner, popular street or busy shopping mall, you will no doubt get some walk in traffic if your store is at lease a little bit appealing.

But on the Internet, if you don't drive traffic to your website somehow, you have nothing.

So, how do you drive traffic to a sales site?

I'm glad you asked.

There are several ways to do this. In this report, we will discuss three.

The first one is by using Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay Per Click Search Engines like Findwhat, Overture and Google Adwords allow you to buy your way to the top spot in the search results of millions of web surfers who are potentially looking for what you sell.

Typically, the top spot in a search engine for any particular search term will get up to three times the number of click-throughs (to the merchant's site) as the third or forth listing, however the top spot is often extremely expensive to buy.

One way to avoid paying a huge premium for being listed first in a pay-per-click search engine and increase the chances of local customers and prospects selecting your website is to have a Compelling Description that includes your the name of your local area for your website that entices the visitor to overlook the top few listings and read your message instead.

Local search is still in it's infancy, and the Yellow Pages still is the first port of call in most people's minds when they are looking for local products or services, but that will change significantly over the next few years.

You can be at the forefront of this new wave by preparing NOW.

We will discuss this further when I share a strategy on how to combine your Yellow Pages ad with a website and create a powerful marketing system that will leave your competition in the dust in a few moments, but for now lets continue with our review of Pay Per Click search engines.

Here's an example - I just typed 'marketing information Brisbane' into a pay-per-click (PPC) search engine and the top listing came back with this description -

Tools & Techniques to Build a Successful Ecommerce Strategy.

However, the forth listing said this -

Brisbane based Marketing expert shares an easy, step-by-step strategy that will bring 1 million+ free visitors to your website! To make the money you want, you need to dramatically increase your web site hits. Be part of the top 5% of websites making a huge profit!

Which description is more compelling? Which one makes you more likely to click on the link to find out more information?

The second one, of course...

Especially if you live near Brisbane - this is the link you will explore because it offers you exactly what you are looking for.

The first advertiser paid 24 cents per Click-through - that means 24 cents for every visitors that came to his site - and they could be based in Guatemala or Turkey.


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Realistically, these people aren't potential customers for this Business, but the advertiser paid 24 cents for every one that came to his site, only to click away when they realised he was not what they were looking for.

The second advertiser only paid 14 cents per Click-through - that's 40% less, and he will get fewer clicks (that he has to pay for!) and attract more highly targeted visitors to his website.

Once you start driving a significant amount of traffic to your site using Pay Per Clicks, this 10 cent difference in the price of your visitors and weeding out the ones who are unlikely prospects will make a substantial difference to your bottom line.

And many more high potential customers are likely to visit your site if you have a great, well thought out, local based description - something that motivates searchers by telling them that you offer exactly what it is that they are looking for.

A compelling description will drive traffic to your 

site like crazy and save you a fortune

But it has to be laser focussed or it will bring in visitors (that cost you money) who aren't really in the market for what you are selling - that equals wasted marketing dollars

For example -

  • This site offers Beaudesert residents a one-stop-shop for all their hair care needs - Perms, Style Cuts, Trims and Hair Care Products - also member discounts available only on the Web.

  • This Free Service offers small Business owners based in the Brisbane area a way to share leads and customer databases, increasing sales without taking customers away from each other.

  • Free Report reveals how to make $500 per day trading the US Stock from anywhere using your computer and dial-up Internet connection

A description like this is a powerful headline that gives your listing a far better chance of being noticed by a targeted prospect, a prospect who is thinking about what you sell right now, so use them to send your Click-through rate through the roof.

Pay per clicks are a very effective way of finding targeted visitors quickly and easily. They are one of the best marketing mediums you can use to drive targeted visitors to your website.

Putting the Yellow Pages to work for your Business - and how 

to stand head and shoulders above all of your competitors

Now, lets return briefly to our discussion about how you can use the Yellow Pages to promote your Business and in particular your website. (This is really another way to drive traffic to your website, so I guess it's strategy number 4)

The limited space you can afford in your Yellow Pages ad is a great place to promote your website. Offer a FREE Report in your Yellow Pages ad that compels people interested in what you sell to visit your website and read it BEFORE they call you or anyone else.

This small change to your Yellow Pages advertising can bring huge rewards. For example, here's the type of Yellow Pages ad I am talking about.

Warning - Don't Call Any Plumbing Contractor Until You Read This FREE REPORT!

Our FREE REPORT lifts the lid on many of the scandalous practices that some of today's most well known plumbing contractors are using to separate you from your hard earned money.

It makes compelling reading for anyone considering engaging a plumber for any work around their home or office.

Armed with this information, you'll never get ripped off by an unscrupulous plumber again

To access this Free Report, please visit -

The Plumbers Hotline - Phone 07 55432004 24 Hours

The Yellow Pages ad above stands out from all of the 'me-too' type ads and virtually cries out to be acted upon - if you were about to hire a plumber, wouldn't you like to know how some of the countries most well known plumbing contractors are ripping off their customers BEFORE you became a victim?

Once people visit your website, you have plenty of time to explain to them the traps to watch out for and questions they need to ask to protect themselves.

Of course, you then make a compelling offer to them that makes you the only logical choice in your local area for whatever it is that they are looking the way, if you aren't sure how to do this, Make Your Words Sell is a great resource for learning how to write great web copy and make powerful offers.

No matter what Business you are in, you can write a FREE REPORT full of useful information that will benefit your prospects and advertise your Report in your Yellow Pages ad.

When your prospects go to your website to read your Free Report, you have plenty of time to make a compelling case to them why you are THE person to call in order to fix their problem NOW!

You live in their local area, you understand their problems and needs, you have helped them by giving them great information that will make or save them money or avoid making some sort of mistake - how can they not call you? You're the local EXPERT that tells it like it is. You're not out to rip them off, you care...

All of the other Yellow Pages ads are trying to sell them something straight off the page - this is very hard to do in the limited space available - your website is the best place to do this.

Plus, your tiny Yellow Pages ad can't be changed for a whole year! If it sucks, there's nothing you can do about it until next year. That's too long to wait.

If you find a better strategy that works during the year your ad is running, you can change tack on your website instantly, make the message longer, shorter, more compelling, add some bonuses, whatever, rather than having to wait for months to reap the benefits of this new method that you have discovered.

A website is infinitely more flexible for getting your message across than simply using the Yellow Pages and hoping for the best.

Now you can use both to full advantage by combining them into a powerful two-step marketing message that will have your telephone ringing off the hook...

This Yellow Pages tip is a great off-line strategy that can bring a stream of information-seeking visitors scurrying to your website to read what you have to say - it is just another weapon in your arsenal of tools for finding customers interested in what it is you sell and having them raise their hands so you can find them easier.

Hey, why just use this strategy with the Yellow Pages - try it with all of your advertising!

Place small Classified and Display ads in local media directing people to your Free Report (or Reports - you could have several different Reports on separate pages of your website, each promoting a different product or service) along side your regular ads and see which ones pull the best response - you'll never know until you test could just be a goldmine.

Try it and see.

The second way to drive traffic to your site is by placing ads or 

submitting articles to other Publishers Ezines or Newsletters

There are literally thousands of ezines (online magazines or Newsletters) circulating on the web that are always looking out for good content that relates to their readership.

Many people who send out regular ezines never write any of the content - they rely solely on articles submitted by others. They are also always looking for advertisers to place ads in their ezines.

If you have specialized knowledge on any topic related to your Business, this is a great way to get people to visit your website. Write 500 to 1000 word articles and send them to ezine publishers for inclusion in their ezines or online Newsletters.

Writing and submitting articles to these publishers offers anyone with knowledge on a particular topic the chance to write articles and submit these for publication.

At the end of each article, you are permitted to put a 'Resource Box' that contains a small ad for your website, your name and your URL.

If people like your article, they will often follow the link to your site looking for more information. Ezines are often passed on from one person to another, so this offers you a huge potential market for your product or service.

Placing ads in ezines can be extremely profitable if the target market is chosen well and the ad is appealing to that particular audience.

In fact, it can be one of the highest leverage advertising you can do for your Business. Many extremely profitable web marketers use this as their main source of lead generation because it works!

But where do you find a directory of ezines to place your ads in?

The original Directory of Ezines is still the most popular source for researching where to place your advertisements on the Internet. This publication, originally created by Ruth Townsend and now owned by Charlie Page, offers a comprehensive listing of the most popular and profitable ezines to place your ads in for maximum results.

Charlie's customer support is great and they help you all the way with guidance on where to place your ads, how to write them for maximum sales and advice on other aspects of online advertising - truly a great resource.

If you build a sales website, you really need The Directory of Ezines as a reference to find the best ezines to advertise your product or service.

I subscribed as a lifetime member...the bonuses you get are worth so much more than the membership fee - they are a great example of how to make a compelling offer.

Charlie holds your hand along the way to get you started and even writes some ads and submits them for you to show you how to do it, and you get the most up to date directory of ezines to advertise in to boot...a great deal any way you look at it.

He also has free content you can use for your website and newsletter and he will even write your ezine for you for a modest fee.

Check it out if you are interested - Directory of Ezines.

The third, and over the long term, by far the least costly and most profitable way to attract visitors to your site is by building a Theme Based Content Site.

A Theme Based Content Website, done correctly, acts like a funnel, bringing in visitors free from the search engines. It takes more time to create one of these, but rather than spending money every week or month on buying leads, they find you at NO COST!

We will discuss building one of these sites in the next part of this special report. If you can't wait, Go To This Article Now.

For now, lets discuss...

What do you want your visitors to see when they get to your site?

The first thing your visitor MUST see is a compelling, benefit laded headline. They are thinking - what's in it for ME! They don't care about you or what you are selling. They just want to know how you can improve their lives.

If your headline doesn't grab them by the neck and scream 'read me', they're gone, usually forever.

You have about 5 seconds to capture your readers attention, or else you'll never see them again.

The Internet offers instant gratification. If you don't capture the imagination of your prospect immediately, there are plenty of other sites that will, along with their wallets, you can be sure of it.

So your headline is critical in getting your visitor to read the rest of your information and sales letter.

Depending on what your product or service is, you should be able to adapt some of the ideas below to create a powerful headline for your sales site.

Powerful Headline Ideas

Work less, Earn More Money With This Proven Franchise System

Don't buy a ___________ before you read this FREE Report

Advice to Business owners who aren't making enough money for their efforts - BY A BUSINESS OWNER

You can laugh at money worries, if you follow this simple plan

The 5 Deadly Mistakes 99% Of People Make When Protecting Their Homes Against Termites

Does your child ever embarrass you?

Why Am I Selling My Home For $30,000 Below Market Value? Local Agents have told me that my home is worth $330,000, but I don't want that much. I am prepared to sell to the first genuine person with $300,000 cash this weekend!

(This headline works like crazy with anything - cars, your Business, collectables, anything! When people call for an appointment, arrange for everyone to arrive at the same time and watch the feeding frenzy happen - truly magic!!)

Amazing New Diet Book Reveals A Revolutionary Technique To Lose Weight Rapidly...A Technique So New, Your Doctor Doesn't Even Know About It!

SPECIAL REPORT - How To Lose weight fast, without missing out on the foods you love

REVEALED! The Sneaky Little Secret Banks Use To Turn Their Accounting Problems Into YOUR FAULT! (What you discover here could be the most important news you read this year!)

They Laughed When I Said I Made My Living Trading The Stock Market, But When Showed Them My Trading Statements, They All Wanted To Know More

Study these headlines, and then adapt them to your Business, product or service. A great headline will grab your readers interest and virtually force them to read further, looking for the answer to their problem. You have their attention, don't lose them now!

Next, a blatant sales effort right off the bat will lose a large proportion of your visitors pretty quickly as well.

The Internet is all about finding information, it's not about getting sold. Tell me, when was the last time you went on the 'net to get sold something?

Probably never.

You search the web for Information - Free Information.

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Thanks for your help and for all of your support.

Donna Price

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The ebook is really great. There is so much junk out there about internet marketing, I really did not think I was going to find anything online that was actually useful, so thanks.

Susanne Runion

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That is what you need to provide on your sales site. Just enough information so that visitors get an idea of what it is you sell and how it will benefit them enormously to own it, but they are compelled to learn more by either buying your product or calling you to make an appointment for your service.

If you offer FREE information in your description (which you should), you better have some there for them to read that's relevant to their search query, or they will be gone in a few seconds.

Start your letter by posing the questions your reader is asking themselves right at that point.

For example, adapt some of these questions to your audience -

  • Are you sick of diets that don't work and leave you feeling frustrated and miserable?

  • Would you like to make safe, consistent profits from trading the Stock Market?

  • Are you looking for the secret of successful relationships?

  • Is the only person making really good money from your Stock trading your Broker?

  • Are you sick of working for a boss who is incompetent, has no people skills, doesn't appreciate your efforts and treats you like a dog? (I can relate to this one!)

  • Can you see the benefits of creating a powerful, romantic relationship with your spouse?

Whatever your target market is, think about the problems they are facing on a daily basis and bring them right out into the open - make their problems big and bold and force them to focus on the pain of the problem right up front..

Most people walk around all day focusing on their problems. Your message will really hit your visitor between the eyes and make them sit up and listen if you address the exact problem they are thinking about at that moment and then offer them a painless solution.

Sit down in a quiet place and think about the top 10 problems your prospects are facing. Write them down and turn them into questions like I have done above.

Remember - make the problems they are already thinking about at that moment big and bold so your visitors have to focus on them right there and then.

Then, tell them how you can solve their problems for them

Give them just enough information in your sales letter so that they know what to do, but not how to do it. Then the only logical solution is for them to call you to set up an appointment or buy your product right there and then.

Now what you offer must be suitable for their needs and of excellent quality, or you won't have a happy customer, and the whole idea is to create happy customers who will not only buy from you in the future but tell their friends about you and get them to buy from you as well.

You are the expert who knows how they are feeling and can help them out of whatever their current problem is - you have instant credibility with your readers because you told it like it is and offered them a solution.

99% of Businesses focus on finding new customers, rather than keeping the ones they already have happy and coming back.

And all the profit in your Business is in the repeat sales you make to your existing customers - they already know and trust you, so why do most Business owners just keep looking for new customers and neglect the ones they already have? Crazy!!!

So this initial sale, order or appointment should be the start of an ongoing relationship with your customers, not just a one time, make a few bucks meeting.

To achieve this, you have to not just meet your prospects 

expectations, you have to astound them

Here's an example - Recently I wanted to purchase a digital camera.

I looked in some of the large department stores and nothing really caught my attention. I didn't have a clue what I wanted, and nobody was able to help me decide.

Then I went into a Kodak Express store and asked the shop assistant this question, "What is the best VALUE digital camera in this price range? (around $500)

She showed me a camera that had all the features I needed (because she explained to me what I needed...I didn't know the first thing about digital cameras) and it was reduced that week by $200, making it an exceptional buy.

She explained how to use the camera and then wrapped it up, then she handed me a Bonus Coupon for $50 off several Kodak Express services on my next visit, then as I started to walk out the door, she handed me three DVD's as well!

Isn't that an incredible deal?

I have since told several of my friends about the service and the offer she gave me, and I'll be back as a happy, satisfied customer to spend more money in her store.

Is that the sort of service and offer you make to your customers each time they visit your Business so they want come back again and again?

If not, you had better start working on some offers that astound them and make them want to keep giving you their money again and again, rather than spending all your time and effort chasing new customers every day.

Your off-line offer has to be great, but even more so on your website. If it's not compelling, open for a limited period of time and restricted to just a few people, they won't buy.

Take a look at some of these great sales sites. Read through the sales copy carefully and see how the words make you feel. It's hard not to whip your wallet out and buy whatever it is that they are offering, isn't it? I'll wait until you come back...

Write a Book Now

Learn to write a book in 14 days or less - this sales page converts a high percentage of visitors into purchasers, can you tell why? This is a great example of benefit laden sales copy - model your site on this one - it will pay off handsomely.

Online Option

Learn the secret of trading the Stock Market from a true master...doesn't this sales letter make you curious as to what Stephen's trading system is? If you have an interest in the Stock Market, it is very compelling.

Make Your Site Sell

The original 'Bible' for building a website that sells - this sales page is tested and proven; model the words, themes and methods used here for your sales website.

Make Your Words Sell

Another great sales page. If you want to write web-page copy that sells, this is indeed a great reference manual.

The sales copy on this site is excellent as well and uses all of the techniques outlined in the book that they have for sale.

Great, your back with me. Some food for thought there, isn't there?

Now that you have read through the web pages above carefully, model them for you own sales website. Make Your Words Sell is also a great resource to help you write compelling web (or offline) sales copy.

Notice how they all end with a powerful offer, use testimonials to build trust, offer a money back guarantee, and include a call to action - buy now - today! These critical elements are all required on your sales site if you want to make money on the Internet.

By modelling these great sites, you will be well on 

your way to success with your website


Then, drive traffic to the site by using Pay Per Click advertising, ezine advertising or articles, or the third method, building a Theme Based Content Site which we will now discuss in more detail.

The downfall with a sales website is that usually, if you don't get the prospect to buy straight away, they're gone forever.

Research has shown that most people need repeated exposure to a new idea, product or service before they will part with their money (up to 7, 9 or 12 exposures in some cases). A one time sales message isn't usually enough to make them act and purchase whatever it is that you are offering.

What you need to do is to build an ongoing relationship with your visitors. To do this, you need to capture their email address and correspond regularly with them. In this way, you will eventually earn their trust and they will be happy to follow your recommendations and buy your products or services.

A sales site usually doesn't have enough content to persuade people to give you their email address - it's just a sales pitch.

People who are getting sold something usually have their guard up and resist anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, so the chances of them giving you their email address are slim.

This is where the second type of website comes into play - a Theme Based Content Site.

Many Business owners are starting to realise that the best way to find targeted visitors is to have them find you through a search engine. They are using a Theme Based website to attract a growing stream of visitors, then sending them to their sales site (or that of their partners) where the sales process takes place.

Long term, this is by far the best option for driving a steadily growing number of prospects to a sales website. You are not putting your hand into your pocket every month paying for advertising - the traffic is FREE!

The main goal of a content site should be to provide information that is interesting to your target audience and to capture your visitors email address, so that you can build a relationship with them and offer them products and services over and over again...

There are many tools available to create a website.

If you have no knowledge of HTML (hyper text mark-up language - the source code of the internet), FTP (file transfer protocol), JavaScript, autoresponders, etc. etc., your best alternative is probably Solo Build It! (SBI),

SBI is an all in one design, hosting, search engine submission, newsletter publishing and reporting package that lets you get on with writing your sales message, and takes care of all the behind the scenes technical stuff that you don't want (or need) to know.

If you DO know a little (or a lot) about all of these facets of building web pages, then Solo Build It! is still a far better alternative than building a site from bits and pieces cobbled together from ten different vendors - it's a system of integrated tools that all work together to optimise your effectiveness and minimise the time you spend on the technical aspects of your site, and lets you focus on where the money really is - in the marketing...

We will discuss Solo Build It!, what it is, and what it does, in much more detail in the next part of this Report.

If you would like to discuss anything in this first part of the Report or would like more Free and Obligation Free information on building your own website, please phone me on 07 55432004 or email me by using the Contact Form. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for visiting, take care, and best wishes,

Former SBI Certified Webmaster

P.S. If you have any questions about how to get your business on the web, or how to improve your existing website's performance, I'd love to hear from you. Just use the Contact Form Here to send me an email and I'll get right back to you.

Do you have any SBI questions? Click Here and we'll be glad to answer them


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