I'm scared of putting up content that's not perfect, what should I do to get started building my site?

Question - I have a problem. I've started to gather information in order to build web pages, but find that I just can't bring myself to build them (they're mostly still on Notepad), as I don't know how to qualify them. I always think that they are not good enough!

How should I approach the building of these pages? Just put something in writing to fill up space or should I be very conscious of the quality and the content, before previewing and uploading.

To write a page about golf tours in our part of the world could take a long time as my mind is filled with lots of info, questions and queries that beg a huge amount of research.

This means that the page will never get finished. I hope you understand what I'm trying to get across.

Surely you must have been in a similar situation when you first started out or am I just ignorant and to inexperienced?

Should I look for keywords for each page and when will such a page be submitted to World submitter?

Answer - I can understand your frustration - many people have expressed similar feelings to me so you are not alone.

When I started building sites a few years back I wanted everything to be perfect and I was worried about people finding unfinished or less than perfect pages as well, but I read a note from Ken where he said just put your pages up as fast as you can and then go back later on and edit them as your confidence and knowledge grows.

That's what I'd recommend you do as well.

Take what you have written so far, relate each article to a keyword you've found in your brainstorming (you may have to re-write your content a little to make sure that your keyword is used in the first and second paragraphs and the last one as well) and start building pages.

As you build them, they will be submitted to the search engines and the process of getting your new site will begin. Don't worry; it takes a few weeks before too many people will see them so you will have a chance to fix them up before that.

Don't try to get everything perfect at this stage, just go ahead and build 20 pages using your 20 best keywords.

Once you've got them done, go back and re-read them and make any adjustments you feel you need to make so they are say 7 our of 10, with 10 being perfect, then start attracting link partners as outlined in lesson 12.

Don't worry my friend, just write an article that's focused on a keyword, and then build a page for it. Then write another one, until you have 20 pages.

As you go along your confidence will increase and in a couple of months you'll be powering along with it.

Hope this helps...

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