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Getting your business online and using the Internet to increase your sales can be confusing if you aren't an expert, so I've collected the top 20 tips and answers to the most common questions I've been asked, to help you make sense of all the jargon and navigate the process successfully - without getting ripped off. 

This video series and the 7 Deadly Sins Report (and other bonus gifts I'll be sending you) will help to guide you through the process of increasing your sales and profits by harnessing the power of the Internet - the fastest growing, highest leverage, most easily track-able advertising medium in the world.

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The Biggest Mistake Most Local Business Owners Make When Promoting Their Business Online...

In today's video, you'll discover the biggest mistake most local business owners make when they are trying to market their business online, and how you can avoid it. To watch the video, click the Play button below...

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P.S. Make sure you watch for your next Free Video, where you'll learn why having an effective, lead generation, money making website for your business can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. 

Most local business owners don't understand the huge amount of leverage a well set up website can give them. Your customers ARE looking for your products and services online right now, even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning. Are they going to find you, or will they be buying from your competitors? Obviously, you want it to be you...

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To book a FREE Website Repair and Online Marketing Consultation, call me NOW on:

07 5543 3212 or

0418 788 482

If you are calling from outside Australia, please Click Here To Email Me first so we can set up a time to talk.

What Clients Say...

I really appreciate all the help I get from you whenever I have
needed it...

I have learnt so much every time we had a chat or spoke on the
phone. I do feel lucky to have an experienced webmaster like you who is always willing to spare his time whenever I have needed help...

There are not many Internet Marketers who would freely speak to beginners like me without charging a consultancy fee for their time. I have never had to think twice before sending you an instant message when I have been stuck and needed help or ideas from someone who has been doing internet business for such a long time...

Thanks so much for all your help and for being there whenever I needed help.


Yogi Shinde

Hi Rocky,

I can't thank you enough for all the help and encouragement you've given me.

I know I don't have you all to myself, but you respond so personally, that I often feel like I'm your only student ;-)

Have a great day!

With kindest regards,

Kirstyn Sierra

Your 4 keys is wonderful and I'm only on the 3rd video. It was heartening to see how you progressed (digressed?) through the internet marketing adventure.

I finally had a epiphany this morning at 3am and your 4 components confirmed that I am on the right track. I can't wait to see the rest of the videos and to hit the Brainstormer tool. Gotta go...


Hi Rocky,

You are truly amazing! One of these days I hope to meet you at a one of Robert Allen's wealth retreats. You so generously have given me such wonderful information without even knowing you will receive a dime of commission.

I am so anxious to read your information as I am a newbie to website marketing and design and welcome all the step-by-step help I can receive.

Thank you ever so much for just being you. I wish you abundance and many blessings in the future.


Jeannie Dockins

Hi Rocky,

Wow! thank you for so much wonderful input. I understand everything that you are saying ... it's funny how it all makes so much more sense from someone else's input:-) You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

I will sooooo listen to your advice. I've just re-read your reply and I'm so happy with it that I thought I'd thank you again:-) I'll make the changes (and any others that occur en route) tomorrow. You are a 'wee star' as we say here in Scotland (and it doesn't matter if you're 6 foot 6 inches - or metres or whatever!) 

Marian Dyer 

Hey Rocky,

I just sat down after a long day and my first thought was that I deserved a treat. So I headed out to your SBI Mastery course. 

I can not tell how much I enjoy your presentations, both audio and textual. I get something beneficial out of each section. Best money I've spent on anything to do with website design and delivery. 

Thank you. 


Rocky has been my mentor from the day I purchased my first Site Build It! web building package. 

Anyone lucky enough to have him lead them through this process will soon realize they couldnÂ’t have a better, more knowledgeable guide. 

Marguerite Bonneville