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Key Points

Focus on what you can offer your prospective employer or partner. Frame it into the BENEFITS you can give them. It's ALL about what you can offer.

Try to work out a way you can give them results in advance, whether it's doing a small project for free, work for a week for free, have a trial period, whatever.

You can use this technique when looking for a job in many places including the Jobs section in Craigslist and other general ad sites. 

Depending on what sort of position or career you are looking for, you might look in the "for sale”, “housing” and “services” sections as well as the general employment section, and contact advertisers there.

BE CAREFUL not to Spam Craigslist advertisers. Personalize every email or letter you send, and only send a couple of them a day. Any more and you could be classed as a Spammer and nobody wants that tag these days...

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