Your 'Michelle's Story' Ebook Download And Marketing Instructions

Thankyou for joining with me to promote Sitesell's products using my ebook Michelle's Story. Remember, if you have any questions, please let me know by using the Contact Form Here.

Today we'll be taking the first few steps in getting you ready to offer the ebook to people you know or have some sort of existing relationship with. 

Then over the next few days I'll be sending you a series of email messages that outline how you could turn promoting this ebook into one of your new multiple streams of income, just like Michelle and Kimberley do it the book.

OK' let's get started...

Step 1. You can download your very own copy of the 'Rebrandable' eBook, Michelle's Story, by Right Clicking Here and saving the ebook to your desktop. 

Step 2. Download a copy of the Brander software you'll need to 'brand' your copy of the ebook by 'Right Clicking' here and saving it to your desktop the same way you did with the ebook.

Step 3. Next, download the Instructions.PDF file by 'Right Clicking' here and saving it to your desktop as well.

Step 4. Follow the instructions in the Instructions.PDF file and brand your ebook with your own name, email address and Sitesell RR URL (which is your affiliate link)

Step 5. Choose your preferred marketing strategy from the list below -

Strategy 1 - Build  Money Maker 

Simply send a copy of the ebook to everyone you personally know who you feel may be interested in starting a home based business or could become interested in starting their own business if they knew what to do and how to do it. Include a note containing your personal recommendation to read the book and visit the links it contains.

You could do very well using this simple method if you have a large list of contacts or business associates. It's quick, easy and could prove very rewarding.

Here's a sample message you could use or change to suit -

Hi 'Friends Name',

I just read this great little book that shows how I can set up an online business and start making extra income. 

It takes you through what to do step by step and includes lots of links to other info that helps you get started. I've attached a copy of the book to this email, check it out and let me know what you think.


'Your Name' Here

A simple message like this is usually all that's needed to encourage your friends and associates to check out the book. Then once they've had a few days to read it, follow up and ask them what they thought.

They'll either 'get it' or they won't. 

That's fine, if they say they're not interested, don't stress, just keep sending the book to friends and people you meet and many of them will see the potential and go further. And every time somebody buys a product from Sitesell through your affiliate link, you'll earn money :-)

Strategy 2 - Turn Your Money Maker Into A Business 

By actively promoting the ebook and setting up a follow up system for people who download the ebook, you have the potential of multiplying the number of Solo Build It sales you make, plus you will be building a list of contacts you can offer other products and services to later on.

Here's what to do...

You will need an autoresponder service to send your prospects the download link for the ebook when they request it, plus a you'll be sending them a series of follow up messages reminding them about some of the benefits of setting up a Solo Build It! website for themselves. 

If you have your own Solo Build It website, you can use Form Build It! to do this. 

If you don't own Solo Build It! yet, I recommend you either buy it, or use Aweber Autoresponders because they've proven to be one of the most reliable providers of Autoresponder services for many years. You can always use a free Autoresponder service, but you've gotta remember, you only get what you pay for...

You'll find that free services are extremely limited in their features, often have competitors ads in the messages and are basically a waste of time. You'll often be constantly pressured to become a paying subscriber and many of the paid services are more expensive and less reliable than Aweber anyway.

Your investment in an Aweber account is just $19.95 a month, so you only need to sell one Solo Build It! package every three months to pay for the service. And if you set your marketing system up like I'll be showing you here in this course, there's no reason why you won't be able to do a lot better than that ( I can't make any guarantees on how much money (if any) you'll make of course. That's totally up to you).

Plus, Aweber has a set of instructional videos you can watch that will help you quickly and easily set up your Autoresponders and start promoting the book. And if you really get stuck, you can contact me and I'll help you through the set up of your account, but only if you use Aweber, as I'm not familiar with how other systems work, sorry :-(

If you are serious about building an online business, use Aweber for your follow up system

Now you've got your follow up system in place, it's time to start promoting the ebook to your friends and business associates.

When you set up your Aweber account, you'll create an email address where people can send a blank email message to get a copy of Michelle's Story. I'll show you how to promote this email address shortly.

The first message will have a copy of the .PDF ebook file attached along with a short message congratulating your visitor on their decision to grab their copy of the book and letting them know that you'll be contacting them again in the future.

Use the short message below as a template for your own (the funny words in brackets in this message are 'fields put there by Aweber, you'll understand more when you have your account set up. If you aren't using Aweber, just leave the Date add Firstname field out if you don't know how to put them in) -

From: Your Name Here
Date: {!signdate long}

Hi {!firstname},

I want to personally thank you for requesting the Michelle's Story ebook.

I've attached it as a .PDF file so you can start reading it straight away. In

the book you'll discover tips on how you can create an ongoing stream of

residual income for yourself and your family.

I know you're going to enjoy reading Michelle's Story as much as I did.

Thankyou again for requesting this book. I'll be in touch over the next few

days with updates and other info on how you can apply what you'll be learning

straight away, so stay tuned for that.

Until then,

Best wishes,

Your Name Here

P.S. If you have any questions, please let me know by replying to this email 

message and I'll get back to you.

That's all you have to do. Tomorrow I'll send you an email message where I'll show you how to write the first couple of follow up messages you'll be sending your subscribers to encourage them to take action.

Make sure you keep an eye out for that email from me.

Until tomorrow,

Thanks again for deciding to distribute Michelle's Story,


P.S. If you have ANY problems with setting this up, please let me know and I'll help you as much as I can. Just send me an email via the Contact Form and I'll get back to you ASAP.