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There really aren't any 'secrets' here, but I will share some little known techniques that work so well and so consistently that they should be part of every Business owners tool kit. Sadly, for most people, they will remain 'secrets', but not for you...

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Strategy 1 – Build A Customer Database, Then 

Continuously Work Your Leads, Customers and Inactive Buyers

95% of Businesses leave vast amounts of money on the table because they fail to capitalize on one of their greatest assets, their existing database of customers, past customers and prospects.

You do have a customer database, don't you?

If not, first thing after you finish reading this, you'd better start building one. It's going to be your most powerful marketing weapon from here on in.

Instead of continuously searching for new customers, you should be spending time each week contacting past customers and offering them additional products and services. It's so simple it's a no brainer, but so few Business owners do this it's embarrassing! 

Many people spend thousands of dollars a month on ads trying to attract new customers, and never contact the people who have already trusted them and bought their products or services. Duh!

Ask your existing clients to come in and check out a special customer only offer. 

Find out where they buy similar products and services to yours now and offer them to your customers instead of them going elsewhere. 

Ask inactive customers why they stopped buying from you and entice them back into your store or Business with a special offer. 

The first sale you make to a customer is the most expensive one you will ever make to that person. After marketing expenses and overheads, there's probably not a lot, if any, profit left in the first sale you make to someone for most Businesses. 

The big profits are in the 'back end' sales you make to that person. These are the follow up sales you make over time when a customer has a good experience with you and decides to come back. The super profits are when these happy customers refer their friends to you because they had a great buying experience with you.

Why not leverage off the goodwill you have with your satisfied buyers and rather than go for the one-hit sale, create a relationship with them so that they buy from you over and over again for years to come?

Turn Your One Time Sales Into Regular Orders

Your goal could be to find some way turn every single sale into a monthly, quarterly or annual billing cycle for a related product or service. Or, if this isn't possible, then encouraging your customers to buy a different but related product or service each month is the next best thing.

For example -

  • Hairdressers could offer a bonus to people having a trim every three weeks instead of the usual 6 - 8. 

  • Plumbers could offer a annual maintenance plan that gives customers immediate attention in the case of a problem for a small monthly fee. 

  • A Butcher could offer a family pack of their best cuts of meat delivered to a customers home every two weeks.

  • A Mechanic could offer a regular service plan on a 12 month basis where cars are serviced at regular intervals rather than when the owner gets around to it.

There are a million (well, maybe not a million...) different ways to turn a single sale into an ongoing profit centre. 

All you have to do is take some time out from your Business, sit down in a quiet place to think, look at your products and services, and work out a way to earn a revenue stream from some of them instead of a once off profit.

Advertising and marketing to find new customers probably accounts for a large chunk of your expenses, and much of it is wasted on people who never had a chance of buying from you – Radio and television advertising are a good example of this for most Business. 

Your message is broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people who couldn't care less about you or your product or service. You hear it all the time - an ad for a service club or local Business at one end of the City broadcast out to millions of people who love miles away and would never consider visiting this club or that Business in 100 years, no matter how good it is.

Give Something Back To Your Best Customers

Why not spend some of this advertising money on offering your existing customers bonuses or discounts for purchases they make with you? 

Use some direct response marketing techniques and make them an offer that they have to respond to by phone, email or in person to take you up on, rather than the mostly ineffective brand building rubbish that big Business with their big marketing budgets use all the time.

Giving bonuses is a far better idea than cash discounts in most circumstances, because if you give your customer a discount of $100, it actually costs you $100 at the bottom line and you’ll never see that money again. 

If you give someone a bonus that retails for $100, its actual cost to you may only be $15 to $40, but it’s perceived value to your customer is much higher.

And don’t just contact your customers and leads once and give up if it they don't buy the first time.

Recent studies have shown that today, with marketing coming at us from all sides, it takes between 7 and 13 or more follow up efforts to make a sale. By giving up after the first, or even the 5th attempt, you are probably leaving 80% of the potential profits you could be making on the table.

You have to follow up, follow up...then follow up some more.

Research has also found that the best time period or schedule for contacting your customers and prospects is every 21 days. You want to keep yourself at the top of their minds, but you don’t want to look like you are hounding them to buy something every week.

What's the best way of following up with your customers?

Well if you mail a letter to them all every 21 days, it's gonna get pretty expensive.

The fastest, easiest and most cost efficient way of staying in touch with your clients is through an email Newsletter.

Do you have a Free customer Newsletter?

If not, the next thing you need to do after building your database is start sending your subscribers an informative email message every three to four weeks. 

This will help you to build a relationship with your customers and potential clients. If you have a strong relationship with your subscribers, and send them regular offers, you'll make a ton of extra money.  

You can use both regularly scheduled Newsletters and an email Autoresponder that sends out your messages automatically in a pre-determined sequence to each new subscriber who joins your database.

In this way, you can make regular offers to your list with the autoresponder, and offer your customers seasonal specials and special promotions through your regular Newsletter.

So what's the best way of following up using email then?

Well, most of the pro's use either Aweber or GetResponse for their list management, Newsletter delivery and autoresponders. 

It would pay to check out both of these guys, and subscribe to their free email courses

The courses are full of useful information and will teach you how to use follow up email messages to massively increase the profits you make in your Business while automating the entire process once it's set up.

And of course, if you use Site Build It! like I do you already have the tools you need to send Newsletters and create autoresponder messages. The only downside with the SBI! system is that your follow-up autoresponder is limited to 7 messages, whereas the others are unlimited, but it's a great start...

I hope that this first Report has started you thinking of ways you can start to do things a little differently in your Business.

Tomorrow we'll look further into using your Newsletter to promote your products and services, plus we'll look at one of the most leveraged ways of skyrocketing your sales...removing the perceived risk from your customer's purchase.

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