Welcome To Part Two Of Your eCourse

I hope yesterday's message got you thinking about ways you can start to offer your prospects and customers more products more often through a systemized email follow up procedure. 

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Did you subscribe to the two email courses I mentioned? 

Go on, do it now before you forget about it if you didn't. Go to Aweber and GetResponse and fill in the forms to receive both of these short courses. They are both full of great info.

Following up using an automated sequence of messages is super simple...and could turn out to be very profitable for you. You can of course use a free autoresponder service, but nothing really is free. 

These services place other peoples ads all over your messages, which takes your prospect or customers focus away from your message, but more importantly, gives the impression that you can't be doing too well if you can't afford to spend a few bucks a month on a decent messaging service.

I used one for a couple of weeks when I first started, but I found that it just wasn't worth the $20 it cost for a decent system. I use Aweber now, and have found them great. None of the Pros use a free Autoresponder service, and neither should you if you're serious, that's the bottom line.

As I mentioned yesterday, before you move on, PRINT this report out. You will receive much more benefit from STUDYING this information than simply browsing through it on your computer and then forgetting about it.

Print this report out, and do the same with the reports that follow, get a highlighter and use it for ideas that interests you, write over the pages and in the margins, draw circles around sections of particular interest.

As you go, write down action steps you can apply to your Business, then do them...

And if there's something that's not clear, not explained in enough detail, or anything that bugs you at all in these reports, please let me know by emailing me using the Contact Form.

As I said, I'd love to hear from you. My goal is to provide you with the best possible information. If I can improve these reports in some way, or if there are other topics you would like covered, please let me know.

OK, lets get on with Part 2 of this course.

Strategy 2 and 3 - Use Your Newsletter To Create A Powerful Bond Between Your Customer And You, And Then Remove The Risk From Her Purchase

What are your customer's perceptions when they make a purchase from your Business? 

Are you that friendly, local guy who's way out there and always ready for a chat or is your Business image more sombre and reserved? 

Does your Business have a friendly, helpful image? Are you easy to deal with? Do your customers enjoy meeting and interacting with you and your staff, or is coming into your store something that they feel is best avoided?

Take some time to answer these questions from your customer's perspective. What sort of a bond have you created with your customers?

Because one of the secrets to creating a super-profitable Business is the bond that you have created with your clients, customers and prospects.

Think about it. 

Do you like to deal with people you know and get along with? People who are like you? Of course you do. 

So do your customers.

One of the most powerful lessons I can share with you is this - Try to build a powerful bond with every person you have contact with.

How do you do this? 

Well for a start, make your store or office inviting. Teach your staff how to greet people in a friendly, helpful manner. Match and mirror your customers actions when you are talking with them. Keep in contact with them regularly and offer them something extra to let them know that you care.

Put a little bit of yourself and your personality into all of your communications. Let them know that you're a real person, not some faceless Corporation out to relieve them of their money, and they'll come to know and like you if you let them.

By bonding with your customers, they will buy more products, more often, with less resistance, and you will make more money. That's the bottom line.

The best way to keep in regular contact is through your Newsletter and an Autoresponder service as we have already discussed. This is why I keep harping on this...it's just so important. But also send them letters and offers in the mail, use postcards as well and send them special treats and rewards every so often.

It will make a massive difference to your bottom line if you do it consistently and effectively...

Ok, you're building a relationship with your customers and subscribers. You're sending them regular Newsletters and offers both online and through the mail. Excellent, now what?

Let's now look at something not too many Business owners really think about. The concept of eliminating the risk from your customer's buying decision.

These days people are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. We automatically filter out around 93% of the external stimuli we receive, which includes most of these messages. 

The ones that do get through are usually for products or ideas that we are consciously thinking of or are in some way more important to us than the others. Our minds try to protect us from dangerous or hazardous situations. 

For your customer, every transaction involves some form of risk

Every time your customer buys something, there is a chance that they will not get what they paid for in some way. Her brain is going to try to protect her from this risk unless you can remove it from the transaction.

Whether it's through a faulty product or service, an idea that didn't work, something that's the wrong size, style or colour, or anything else that fails to live up to her expectations, there's Risk in buying anything.

Most Countries have some form of Government Legislation that forces Business owners to make good or reverse certain transactions where the customer feels that the goods or services were misrepresented to them, are faulty or prove to be defective. 

But it's up to you as an enlightened Business owner to go much further than this forced compliance...and clean up in the process. 

If you take away any risk your customer has when dealing with you, you remove one of the major obstacles to closing the sale...and many future sales, because as we have already seen, the first sale is the most expensive to make. Or to put it another way as one of my mentors says, if you remove your clients objections...they have no objections.

If you take away any risk of dealing with your Business, and follow up regularly with more risk free offers, do you think you will sell more products and services? You betcha!

Your sales should go through the roof, especially if none of your competitors do this, which they most likely won't, because they think they can't afford to. In actual fact, they can't afford not to, but let's not tell them that, OK.

Offering a powerful, risk reversing guarantee will massively increase your sales. It will also increase the number of returns you get because you will be selling so much more, and a few people will take advantage of your generous return policy, but if you have a quality product or service, your profits should explode.

One of the most powerful sales tools you have is a risk free trial of something that has a low cost to you but high perceived value to your customer.

Once people start using something and find it useful, there's no way they're gonna send it back. It's called the Puppy-dog close. Let them take it home for a no risk trial, and they own it!

If it's not for them or it's junk, stand clear, because you'll get buried in returns, so you have to qualify people first if you offer them a trial of a high ticket item, but for most Businesses, a free trial of a quality product or service with a 100% Money Back Guarantee is a winner.

What form of guarantee or risk reversal could you offer? 

If you are in a Business where you can't offer a Money Back Guarantee for some reason, how about a Service Guarantee, or an On-time Delivery Guarantee? 

Sit down and think of how you can apply this technique to your Business and explode your sales and profits. You'll be very glad you did. And when you do, please drop me a line and let me know how you used it in your Business so I can share it with others.

That's it for this lesson.

Tomorrow we'll look at a way you can boost your product line and profits significantly without adding additional sales people, inventory or staff. 

You can get paid every two to four weeks and some of this income can be residual. In other words, you can do the work once and you get paid over and over again.

Interested? Then don't miss tomorrows lesson.

If you would like to make a comment or talk with me about anything in this Report, I'd love to hear from you.  

You can email me by using the Contact Form or call me on 07 554632004 in Australia, or 61755432004 if you are overseas, or Mobile 0401307144.

Until tomorrow,

Take care,


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