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I hope yesterday's message got you thinking about ways you can start building a great relationship and a strong bond with your customers. 

And how's your powerful guarantee and risk reversal shaping up? Remember, if you reduce your customer's risk, they will buy more products and services from you more often, that's the bottom line. 

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Let's now move on to lesson 3...

Strategy 4 - Use Online Affiliate Programs To Find New Products And Services To Offer Your Customers, Without Needing To Stock, Ship Or Pay For Anything Upfront...

As a Business owner, you are probably familiar with buying stock at wholesale, selling it at retail, and making a margin on the difference. It's the way Business has been transacted for thousands of years, right?

Well I'd like to introduce you to something that the majority of small Business people haven't woken up to yet - and that's the power of online Affiliate Programs to increase sales and profits for very little additional work. 

You may have heard of these programs, and you may even be using them to boost your income already to some degree (although most Business owners aren't because they don't even know about it), but I've included this strategy because it's amazing just how few small Business owners are actually using affiliate marketing to its full potential.

In case you haven't heard, Affiliate Programs are turning marketing on it's ear - now you can profit by selling other people's goods and services without having a website, without ever having to Stock any products or worry about fulfilment or delivery, and get paid a hefty commission on sales you make to your customers every two to four weeks like clockwork.

The Internet has made Affiliate marketing extremely easy and profitable, and yet most Affiliates fail to make any real money...why?

Because they go about it entirely the wrong way.

For a start, most affiliate marketers aren't like you. They don't already have an existing database of prospects and clients they can call on and offer additional products and services to. And if you've only just started to build your database, still pay attention here, as this will apply to you shortly.

Most affiliate marketers join 10 different programs, put together a website that contains 10 Banner ads and text links to different products, and sit back as they go quietly broke paying for search engine visitors who take one look at their site, think to themselves 'Oh Yuk!' and hit the 'Back' button to the previous page to continue their search for some information of real value.

These marketers live lives of quiet desperation, selling the same products as thousands of other would be marketers, without differentiating themselves from everyone else, and never making any real money, until they eventually give up in frustration and say 'The Internet doesn't work!'

You don't have to follow them to Internet failure. You can succeed where so many fail. You can create multiple streams of income without building a website, without spending any money on licensing or Franchise fees, without any costs whatsoever.


OK, lets take a look at how you can do this profitably.

Firstly, build a database of prospects and customers. You're doing that, so lets go to step 2.

Do some research and find Businesses with affiliate programs who sell products and services that are closely related to what you currently sell. To do this, go to www.Google.com and enter the keyword 'product'+affiliate, with product being your chosen product or service.

This will bring up a list of people who sell that type of product and have an affiliate program. Find the best of the best, and join a couple.

You will be given an affiliate tracking code which you will use in your marketing. Choose a product or service that you feel proud to recommend, and write a review of it as an article for your Newsletter. 

Let's say you did a product review of an eBook on training your parrot to talk because you own a pet supply Business. 

At the end of your article, include your affiliate link to the product and say something like, "I found Train Your Parrot To Talk In 7 Days to be extremely helpful in teaching me how to get my Parrot Buddy to speak. Better be careful though, because now I can't shut him up ;-) If you would like to check it out for yourself or want some more information, simply follow this link." 

Give the product or service a rating by saying something like, "This eBook scores 9 paws on a scale of 1-10, which is pretty much my highest recommendation. If you own a parrot, budgie or other bird and would like him to talk, check it out and see if you like it."

Your customers will most likely not have been exposed to anything like this before, so they will be inclined to take your recommendation and click on your affiliate link. If you have built a strong bond with your subscribers, your conversion rate will likely be many times that of normal affiliate marketers.

You can build a sizable backend to your initial sales using affiliate products without spending a cent of your own money on Stock, marketing or promotions.

 Does that sound enticing? 

Well after you finish reading this message, get on over to Google and get started. You've got nothing to lose...and a fortune to gain.

I hope this brief introduction to using affiliate programs to complement your current Business has started you thinking of how you can use this powerful marketing medium to increase your sales and profits immediately. 

If you would like to learn more, then I'd like to recommend a Free eBook that will take you step by step through the process of adding Affiliate sales to your existing Business and help you start to create Multiple Streams of Income without a lot of hard work on your part.

It's called the Affiliate Masters Course, you may have heard of it. It's mentioned in one of my subscriber Bonus lessons. If you have read it, read it again.

If not, you should get it, read it, and implement what it teaches you. Hey it's FREE! 

The course will guide you through finding and joining programs that complement your existing Business and help you create additional streams of income.

To download the Affiliate Masters Course, Click Here.

I hope you have found this lesson interesting and informative. Now go out and earn some big, fat affiliate checks...and please, send me a photocopy of them when you do ;-)

Tomorrow, we'll look at how you can create massive additional revenue streams by teaching others what you know, then creating and selling your own information products. 

Information marketing is one of the highest leverage, most profitable Businesses on the planet. You won't want to miss this one...

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