Welcome To Part Four Of Your eCourse

I hope yesterday's message got you thinking about ways you can use affiliate programs in your Business to massively increase your bottom line. 

Remember, every additional dollar you earn though an affiliate program is basically free, found money. 

These sales are super profitable because you have no cost to attract the customers, no cost to buy the product, no cost to ship it...nothing. It's all done for you. All you have to do is send out the messages and bank the checks. 

Free money.

What's not to like about that? Better get to it then ;-)

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OK, now let's move on to lesson 4...

Strategy 5 - Why You Should Think Seriously About Building An Information Marketing Business In Addition To What You Are Currently Doing...

You probably work damn hard at what you do now, right? You probably don't have time to scratch yourself, let alone time to start a completely new Business along side the one you already have, correct?

But hang on a minute. 

How come Disney Corp still makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year, even though Walt Disney passed away years ago?

How come the Ford Foundation can give millions of dollars away to charity each year, even though Henry Ford is no longer with us?

Why is Earl Nightingale's company still reaping a fortune every year in sales, even though Earl has moved on to (hopefully) greener pastures?

The secret that these three men shared, along with thousands of others, is that they created products that still sell to this day, long after some of them are gone.

They didn't spend all of their valuable time standing behind a shop counter serving customers.

They didn't spend their days lying on their backs in the pouring rain fixing someone else's leaky plumbing.

They didn't walk door to door, trying to flog their services to all and sundry day after day for a few dollars an hour. 

They created products!

If you spend your days consulting with people, you are always going to be limited to how much money you can physically earn. Even if you earn $5000 and hour, you can only earn so much in a day. 

And by consulting, I don't just mean like an Accountant or a Lawyer meeting with a client in your office. 

  • If you stand in your clothes store 10 hours a day recommending garments to clients, you are consulting with your customers on the right look.

  • If you are laying the bricks for someone's home, you are consulting.

  • If you are a mechanic fixing a customers car, you are consulting.

You are selling your time for money.

Now of course there's nothing wrong with doing this...at the start. But you shouldn't have it as one of your life's goals to consult with people until you are 65, exchange your valuable time for money every day of your life, and then retire.

Why not?

Because when you exchange time for money, you only usually get paid once for each hour you work. No work, no pay.

That's all you will ever get.

But if you have products to sell, you can have multiple additional revenue streams, each one independent of the others, or they can be tied in with each other as a package, the choice is yours.

Of course you can sell physical products as a supplement to your consulting, and this is to be encouraged, but there is a better way...

The best products in the World to sell are Information Products.


Let's have a look at the advantages of selling information products over physical things like cars, books and clothing, to name just a few.

  • Firstly, you have the ability to focus nearly all of your time, money, energy and thought on marketing your products, on making money, instead of things such as opening and closing your store or office, hiring and firing employees, obtaining finance from your Bank or other lenders, holding and managing expensive stock, explaining late deliveries from suppliers, dealing with customers face to face and the cost and time constraints of delivering your service to people in person if that is what you currently do.

  • You can sell Information products to customers around the World via the Internet with no more effort than it takes to sell something to the guy next door.

  • Customers can pay for and download your information products instantly from the Internet 24 hours a day, even while you are asleep.

  • Your Information Marketing Business is completely scalable. In other words, because you have low or no cost of production, you can sell thousands or millions of units of your product, without going broke trying to fund the growth of your Business.

  • If you find a target market that is passionately addicted to something, (something that's legal, of course) you can get rich selling them the information that they are already buying from others.

  • And the best part is, you can sell these people information that is already sitting in your head. Stuff that you have learned that is just going to waste at the moment. 

  • You can take ideas, concepts and systems from someone else, change them to suit your market, put them into your own words, and sell this information for a fortune. 

  • You can't breach other people's copyright of course, but you can use their information and put your own unique twist on it, make it different is some way, and create your own unique products from nothing.

  • You could make more money selling the information that's inside your head right now than you are currently making in your Business...

How about that?

Why is Bill Gates the richest person on the planet? Does he work longer hours or harder than you do? Maybe, but not that much more. And DOS wasn't even his idea. He bought the program for $50,000 and turned it into a fortune by licensing it to others. Bill Gates is the highest paid information marketer on the planet.

OK, so now, how do you start putting this together?

Well, you have to start to create some products. Block out one hour a day at first, 5 days a week to start doing this. Then two hours a day. Find a way to write for at least this amount of time each day, and in a couple of months, you will be starting to make some sales of your own digital information products. Open an account with Clickbank and you're away.

Then, just write more and more products until your information Business rivals or even beats your current profession. Create some audio and video products. Find partners and work together to build comprehensive information packages that you can all promote to your respective lists. 

Then you can decide if you want to keep building your info Business or let it just coast along as an additional income stream. It's completely up to you. The sky's the limit. Now wouldn't that be a nice decision to have to make?

Now I hope this brief article has you thinking, "Yeah, I could do that!"

If it has, your probably also wondering where you can learn more to start the ball rolling.

Well, here's a few ideas to get you going...

Make Your Knowledge Sell is an excellent introduction to information marketing and creating your first information products. It's entry level, but full of quality information that you can apply immediately.

How To Create Bestsellers is a set of several eBooks that guide you step by step through the process of writing and marketing your own information products. It also offers tips on where to find content and lots of other tricks of the trade.

Charlie Page's Directory Of Marketing offers some great ideas and strategies to get you started, including turnkey information marketing packages that you can just download to your computer and start promoting...and you can keep all of the profits.

If you want to learn higher level strategies, then Dan Kennedy is the information marketing master. 

His Renegade Millionaire course is not cheap, but it's very, very good, and worth every penny. It's probably the best around. If you are serious, this is the one you should buy. If you do buy Dan's course, drop me a note and tell me what you think of it. 

If nothing else, while you are at Dan's site, take him up on his 3 months free introductory offer for his No B.S. Marketing Newsletter...it's great. I can't wait to rip the wrapper off mine copy every month as soon as it arrives in the mail.

In fact, I'd like to hear from you if you buy any of these courses, just to see if you found them as useful as I do.

OK, so that's it for today's lesson. 

I hope this introduction has given you something to think about and helped you to see the huge benefits of adding an information marketing arm to your Business. Over time, it really could grow to be more profitable and successful than the Business you are in now, with less work, stress and effort.

Something to think about?

Tomorrow, we'll look at why every small Business, yes even yours, needs to have it's own website. This is really a no brainer. If you aren't online with a site that is making money, your seriously missing out.

As always, if you would like to make a comment or talk with me about anything in this Report, I'd love to hear from you.

 You can email me by using the Contact Form or call me on 07 55432004 in Australia, or 61755432004 if you are overseas, or Mobile 0401307144.

Until tomorrow,

Take care,


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