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These are common questions people have asked about Solo Build It and also about my special SBI offer.

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Ok, here we go...

What is Solo Build It and how does it differ from a normal web hosting account or a normally hosted website?

Does Solo Build It cost the same if I buy it through your website as if I buy it directly from the Sitesell Website?

Why are you offering so many bonuses. What's the catch?

The wording on the Sitesell site for Solo Build It almost suggests that if you set up another site, you have to buy another copy of SBI! Is this correct?

What sort of questions do your current students ask and what don't you give help with?

I'm going to build a specialized site focused in a popular sporting market. Is a Solo Build It site the best way to go for this niche?

Once I've bought the Sitesell program, what additional expenses must be provided for?

I'm not sure if I qualify for your bonus offer or not.. How do find out for sure?

I have an affiliate website that sells specialty gift items and I am wondering if SBI would be a good way to build a website to promote my affiliate site?

How do I go about sourcing product to sell. I actually don't want to go through the hassle of supply. I've heard of drop ship sellers. Is there a tool that comes with the SBI site?

In part two of your email mini course, you mention linking strategies. Is it simply something about links to other things in the body copy or something else I've missed?

I tried to order the Solo Build It course via your website but my debit card was rejected. Can I order from your site by snail mail and still receive all of the benefits promised?

I want to build a website but I did not want to have to write copy, content etc. Must I do this in order to be successful ?

I wanted to know if I qualify for this offer. I became an affiliate about 2-3 years ago but never bought anything or did anything with it. Can I qualify for your bonus offer?

I have been looking through your site and have just registered through the '5 Pillar Affiliate Sign Up Form'. Can you please tell me how to access the Sitesell forums?

Thanks for all the help so far. Who else would you recommend seeking out information from?

I am thinking that maybe I could set up several sites and ultimately aim to produce either software or e-books myself, thus building up the 'income streams'. Would you say that was a reasonable plan?

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