Let's Build Some One Way
Incoming Links Together...

Hi again,

As you know, my goal is for you to succeed massively with your Solo Build It website. Part of this is in getting quality incoming links to your site so yours becomes an 'authority' site in Google's eyes.

However all links are not created equal.

One way incoming links have a much higher value than reciprocal links these days, because if your site has a lot of one way incoming links from other sites without having to link back to them, it is seen as an authority site and ranked higher than other sites in your niche by the engines accordingly.

So as long as your pages are set up as outlined in the coaching course and the Action Guide, this will encourage the major search engines to rank your site more highly than sites in your niche market that have less incoming links, and as a result you'll generally get more traffic.

In the coaching course I ask you to let me know as soon as your site is up because I want to link to you from our Hobby and Lifestyle site and get the ball rolling for you. 

And if your site is up and you  haven't let me know about it yet, please let me know using this form with the text you'd like your link to say and the full URL of your site and I'll get a link to you from the hobby site as soon as I can.

If you aren't sure what text to use for your link, let me know using the formabove and I'll help you to work it out.

I'd also like to put one of your articles on the hobby site to give you additional incoming links as well. 

See how others have done this here -


With this in mind, here's the favor I'd like to ask...

I'd like you to link to one of my new sites to help it out with it's own link popularity.

The site is called Futures Trading Coach.com. It's brand new (about 4 weeks old) and I'd really like you to create a link to it from your website to give it a hand along right from the start.

Here's the HTML code to use to link from your site (just copy and paste the code below into your partners or links page) -

Once you have created the link to the site, please send me an email using this form letting me know the URL of your partners page, along with the link text you'd like me to link to you with from the hobby site (and an article you'd like me to include on the site as well if you have one, or you can send this later on) and I'll send you a brand new report I'm currently writing on how one of my clients has earned over $200k from his little SBI niche site in just over 12 months.

He has done this with NO additional paid marketing of his business, just the leads and referrals coming from his SBI site.

You'll love the simplicity of this and can most likely apply it to your business as well...or at least model it to increase your profits.

So to recap.

If you create a link from your partners page to the futures site, you'll get in return -

  • A one way link back to your site from the Hobby and Lifestyle partners page (not a reciprocal link which isn't worth as much)

  • Your article (or another article if you've already sent me one) posted on the Hobby and Lifestyle site (you'll notice that I NEVER put any advertising (Adsense, affiliate programs) with these articles to take away from their effectiveness like article directories ALWAYS do :-) giving you additional one-way incoming links to your site

  • A copy of my brand new, previously unreleased report on how one of my clients has earned over $200k from his little SBI niche site in just over 12 months (and you could be able to model this to so something similar)

I'd really appreciate you doing this for me as soon as you can so I can get your links and article up and your report off to you. Then we can all get down to some serious Christmas celebrations :-)

And if you have any problems getting the code onto your site, or questions about creating your partners page, or anything else, please let me know using the form below.

And finally I recommend you bookmark the Futures Trading Coach.com. site and visit regularly because I'll be applying everything I know and I'm teaching you through the coaching course to this site to make it perform and generate a large number leads for our futures coaching business.

And again, if you have ANY questions about how to do this, please let me know by using this form and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thankyou again for being part of my online family and helping me with this, it's truly most appreciated.

Until next time,


P.S. Don't forget, if you have more than 1 website you can use this one way linking strategy as well. Just contact potential link partners and say you'll give them a link from your site abc.com in return for them linking to your xyz.com site.

Instant one-way incoming links for both of you :-)