Product Review - Get Email Results

If you are reading this now, and if you've read any of the coaching course lessons, you KNOW that email marketing works :-)

Now, let's make your email marketing work extra HARD for you!

It's a proven fact that email works BETTER than any one tool to help you make sales.

And it's a fact that email has gone through some challenges recently...

But it's also a FACT that there are 24 ways that you can use, beginning immediately that WILL improve your bottom line.

And if you'd like to learn how to do it from the best email marketer on the planet, Jimmy Brown, then this ebook will give you your chance.

Jimmy says he spent over 6 months testing and trying new and innovative ways to get his email messages open, read, and acted on.

And the results have been staggering!

Not only have his profits shot through the roof, but his PRIVATE notes have revealed 24 ways that ANYONE can use to do better (MUCH better) with email marketing.

Here are some of the things that Jimmy shares in this course...

* A simple tactic you can use to stand out from every other publisher on the planet.

* How a simple idea from 1903 (yes, that's 1903!) can skyrocket your list profits if you begin using it before your competition does!

* 3 ways to make your mailings "scorching hot".

* How to create lists that produce larger profits.

* Why a specific kind of "filtering" can be a good thing.

* 3 ways to publish content that is far superior to any "competition" out there.

* The "mother lode" of list-building.

* The one simple strategy that most people don't "waste their time" on.

Other things I found interesting were...

* How to turbocharge your results by using an incredibly easy "viral marketing" twist.

* How to get your own "content report card", plus "The 21 Deadliest Filter Violations!

* How to get your email through the Filters by avoiding them!"

* 2 ways to use "email brands" to make certain your subscribers read each mailing you send out

* How to create smaller, "power" lists.

* 5 types of lists that you probably aren't building that can take your business to the "next level" once you start using them.

* What a "chaser" is and 2 simple ways you can use it to increase the effectiveness of your mailings.

* 7 reasons why your subscribers might not read your email message and what you can do to fix it.

* How to use potentially the most effective, most profitable strategy of them all (can't even tell you the name here!)

Here's why you need to know this stuff NOW if you want

to get the most out of your email marketing...

It's because many of your competitors are believing the lies being told about the death of email marketing, and it's not true!

That means they are dropping out of using the most powerful marketing method known to man.

While they experiment with other forms of marketing, YOU can profit as long as you know what to do.

Take 3 minutes now and discover why now is the BEST time to use email in your business, and exactly HOW to do it!

This was another one of the first ebooks I every read and it has proven invaluable in helping me write for the web.

I love everything Jimmy does and this book is no exception. If you use email (and who online doesn't, you need this)

Check out Get Email Results here.

My rating - 9 out of 10