Getting Started on the Internet

Most small Business owners have trouble getting started on the Internet.

They feel that they would be wasting their time and money building a website because most of their customers prefer face to face or telephone contact. 

This used to be the case, however times are changing.

Many are now finding that a website helps them increase their cash flow and profits by tapping into the power of the Internet when they combine their off-line promotional activities with online lead generation.

Once they do get started and use the internet as a tool for finding new customers, educating them on what products and services they offer and explaining why they should do Business with them, as well as keeping in touch with existing and potential customers and following up with additional offers regularly, they realise a website is hands down the best form of leverage you can have.

But where do you start?

Let me ask you a couple of questions...

  • Do you have a constant supply of new, targeted leads coming to you daily looking for your products or services?

  • Would you like to make unlimited amounts of money without ever physically seeing your customer or the product they purchased?

  • What if you could make money overnight and on weekends when your store was closed without having to lift a finger?

  • Do you have an automated follow up mechanism in place that keeps in contact with your customers if they don't buy the first time they come into your store, and keeps offering them products or services until they do?

This is the power the Internet can give you if you set it up right.

Below are a selection of articles that will guide you through the process of building and managing your own profitable, more like your own Web Business

With your own website you will have complete control of just how many visitors come to your store or office - not enough customers, simply pay a few cents each for them and more will come to your online store (you'll read more on this in the articles below) - many whom you never meet will leave money in your bank account as they pass through. 

Others will live close by and will come into your premises and shop with you personally.

Either way, your sales and profits should increase.

In the future, you may decide that the online portion of your Business is where you want to focus your time and attention because of the painless profits it generates for you compared with what you are doing now. 

If so, you will be in a position to do just that - and create multiple streams of income in the process.

So, let's begin on our journey towards owning a profitable web Business...

Incorporating a website into your Local Business

The first article introduces a product I have used extensively called Solo Build It! and explains in detail how your Local Business can use a website to increase your profits no matter what you sell...

Local Business owners have a massive advantage over big corporations on the Internet - they can adapt and change quickly, responding to changes in customer needs and desires. You can use a website to take advantage of this flexibility and reap the rewards.

This article gives some examples of how other local Business owners are using the 'net to often massively increase their reach and incomes.

As you read, think to yourself, "How can I use this?" It will surely give you ideas that you can use in your Business. To read this article, Click Here.

CTPM - The process of how the Web really works

The second article discusses the process required in building a website that works for your small Business. 

Sure, you can go out and spend thousands of dollars on a razzle dazzle, techno filled, flash looking website, but guess what, if you don't follow the process of how the web actually works, you won't get any traffic or sales. 

After reading this article, you'll know more than 95% of website owners on the planet, and you will have a concrete plan to follow. This process is a key distinction between the haves and the have-nots on the Internet - it is vitally important that you know about it. To read this article, Click Here.

See how others are doing it

The next article contains a series of Case Studies about other people just like you and I who have built successful Businesses on the Internet. Grab your favorite drink and read through each case study carefully, and as you do, again ask yourself, How Can I Use This? 

I have found each example offers some valuable insights into selling products and services on the Internet. This is a powerful example of how ordinary people can achieve sometimes massive success on the 'net. To read this article, Click Here.

Change your Business, change your life

The next article may appeal to you if you are in a Business you would rather not be in at the moment and you are looking for something different and potentially more exciting.

The article outlines 12 separate areas that may be of interest for building a new Business to get you from where you are now to where you want to be - or you can incorporate the ideas you learn here to power up your current Business into something you want to continue doing.

The problem many people have is they just can't think of a Business they would really like to be in or how to add another income stream to their existing Business - this article will give you lots of ideas that you can use immediately to create more money. To read this article, Click Here.

Make your knowledge sell

If you know a lot of information about a particular topic or area of interest, then this next article is for you. It shows you how to build a website based on the knowledge in your head and create residual income from it. 

Information is what the Internet is all about - thousands of people are making very good incomes selling information products...learn how you can be one of them. To read this article, Click Here.

You don't even need a product to make a fortune

This final article gives you an overview of Affiliate Marketing - how you can immediately offer proven products and services to your visitors and customers without doing a lot of extra work - in fact, you don't have to do much at all. And you can earn residual income doing it...

This could be a true gold mines for any Business - it gives you practically pain free profits. 

Thousands of people are making anything from a few dollars a month to massive incomes without ever creating their own products or services.

Affiliate Marketing has to be one of the greatest boons for small Business people that was ever thought of. 

All you have to do is encourage people to visit a store owned by a merchant who you are affiliated with, and if the visitor buys anything, you are paid a commission. 

The Internet has made a super profitable Business possible to anyone. Affiliate sales are something you can add to your existing Business very easily and this one strategy has the potential to massively increase your bottom line. 

Truly an opportunity not to be missed. To read this article, Click Here.

I sincerely hope that by reading these articles you have gained a better understanding of getting started on the internet, the basics of building a website and using it for online lead generation and customer service and can see the potential of incorporating a website into your marketing and sales process. 

Some of the articles above have inter-related links so you might get to read parts of them more than once, but repetition is the mother of skill - the more you understand the process, the more money you will potentially make.

If you would like to talk about anything in these articles or indeed any marketing or Internet related topic concerning your Business, please remember you can always phone me on 07 55432004 or email me by using the Contact Form

I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you well.

Kindest regards,

Rocky Tapscott


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