"The Unvarnished Truth About Building a Work From Home Business in 2004"

 Great Myths About Working From Home: A Closer Look

Over the last few years, as we have moved from the industrial age to the information age, millions of people have started Businesses working from home.

They have done this for a multitude of reasons, but the two main categories of home based Business owners are -

  • Those who had it forced upon them by some outside circumstance

  • Those who decided that they wanted to work for themselves

The vast majority of these people simply stopped working for a boss for 8 to 10 hours a day in exchange for working for themselves for 14 to 16 hours a day and in the process they often make a lot less money... 

Why is this?

Because most people who work for themselves don't understand the difference between 'Linear' and 'Residual' income. Do you know the difference?

If you don't know the difference between these two vastly different types of income, then this Free Report will show you how to avoid the trap that 95% of Home Based Business owners fall into. (And no, this report is not about joining a MLM or Multi Level Marketing opportunity).

In this Free Report you will learn -

  • What residual income is, how is it different to linear income, and why it is so powerful?

  • The 'Money Tree Formula' and understand how to apply it to any Business opportunity you are considering

  • How to determine if the Business you are looking at is a 'Money Tree Business' or whether it is just a disguised job

  • One of the best ways that you can build a Money Tree Business right now that will help you create multiple streams of income, many of which are residual...

These are serious issues - things that most people trying to sell you on their Business opportunity just won't tell you...

If you currently work from home or are looking for an opportunity to build a home based Business, then you should read this Free Report immediately.

It will open your eyes to a process that has the potential to change your live and help you achieve anything you want from your life.

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