Have I Missed It?

by Kerry
(Toowoomba Qld Australia)

Hey Rocky!

Have you finished making your product with the Info Dashboard?

What did you think of it?

Have you done an ad for your product? Are you making it available to your own list of affiliates? Now, that would be exciting!

Would you go through Clickbank or do you have another method of attracting affiliates?

I hope I'm not putting you under any pressure asking these types of questions. I'm very interested to see what you've come up with.

Thanks for everything you do for me,


Reply from Rocky

Hey Kerry,

I didn't actually complete a product myself with the Product Dashboard at the time, however I did use many of the steps it teaches to work with partners and to help me market and improve my existing products, and to promote several affiliate products.

Looking back, I think going through the Dashboard was a turning point and gave me the 'ah-ha' moment I needed to get off the affiliate marketing treadmill exclusively and create and market products of my own. The new local business marketing program I'm creating now (hence the sales positions I mentioned last week) is in part due to the dashboard expanding my ideas of what is possible.

You asked about having an affiliate program for the product - yes that may be an option. Big commissions if I can get it sorted out (on $5000 - $10,000 products).

Anyhow, that's down the track a bit.

Thanks for your question Kerry,

Warm regards


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