How do you handle the tediousness of building a Solo Build It site?

Question - I was able to take a peek at the SBI Action guide through someone else's site, and it looks like a horrific amount of reading and sorting, trying to get to the specifics of doing the process that will get one moving along in the right direction. 

I am hesitant to even buy SBI, as I fear I will burn out during the process. Can you tell me how you did, the first time, and what you saw and how you overcame the tediousness of it all?

Answer - To be honest, it took me about 6 months to work out what the hell I was doing when I purchased my first SBI about 6 years ago :)

SBI was a lot different then - there were no instructional videos (you had a 500 page PDF manual instead) and it cost US$495 per year (and with our $A then at about US50 cents, it cost me nearly a grand in our local money. Plus there were nowhere near as many tools and modules as it has now.
The product has been improved out of sight and it costs much less. Can't argue with that...
I had three things going for me when I started. I hated what I was doing so I had to get away from that. I loved the process of learning something new so I was determined to succeed, and I was working on a topic I loved - Stock Trading.
That was the key for me. Once I had gone through the Action Guide a couple of times (you can go through the Action Guide in detail for free here), I finally 'got' it and in the next 6 months I started to build a profitable site.
Starting over again now with the new sites I build for myself, here's what I do -
  • Find a topic that is in demand with a lot of people searching for info online that I also know something about. It has to interest me or it's just too much hard work.

  • Make sure that people are already buying INFORMATION PRODUCTS in that market and that there is a big variety of sub-niches and topics I can profit from. I don't deal with many non-information products and I prefer selling how-to information because it has a high perceived value when done correctly.

  • I use the SBI Brainstormer to find the best keywords for the topic I am working on, focusing on a range of 'buying' and 'comparison' keywords so I attract people when they are near the end of the buying cycle instead of just doing research.

  • Create PRE-selling pages that focus on getting people to opt in to a mini course or newsletter so I can build a relationship with them over time.

  • Send regular articles to them full of useful info that helps them to get to know, like and trust me

  • Make occasional recommendations for products that I honestly feel will help to enhance my reader's lives.

  • Once I find products that I feel will be profitable, I start bidding on keywords using Google Adwords and drive traffic to my opt-in pages related to these keywords.

  • I spend a few hours a week for the first month or so generating incoming links from a range of quality sites to boost the site's link popularity quickly and SE rankings over time.

  • I have started to use sites such as Facebook, YouTube and to drive additional very targeted traffic to my site. This is the growth area of the future and the social media sites are becoming much more important as time goes by.

  • I don't wait for search engine traffic to turn up any more, I go out and get people to come to me. The organic SE traffic does come, but it takes time - I don't want to wait for that any more...I'm too impatient

  • Once the basic site is up, I just keep building campaigns and pages and eventually put each site on relative autopilot.

This might all sound tedious and a lot of work, but it is exciting watching campaigns come to life, especially when you don't have to wait for the search engines. And it sure beats working as a fitter and turner (my previous job :-)

'm now getting other people to write the content for me while I build the pages and create campaigns, but in the near future I will be outsourcing this as well. Then I can focus on marketing where the big bucks are.

I still spend several thousand dollars a year on education, but it comes back to me with interest. I guess you can never stop learning because things change and you have to stay on top of it.
Anyhow, that's what I do these days Terry. I hope it gives you some sort of blueprint if you choose to go ahead and use SBI for your site.
Warmest regards,