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Tips On How To Write An Effective (And Profitable) Product Review...

As a way of helping you to better monetize your websites, I'd like to share my thoughts on how you can increase your profits immensely by writing effective product reviews.

The goal of a product review is to warm up your prospect to the idea of clicking through to the merchant's website (the very essence of Preselling) so they are in a ready to buy mindset when the arrive.

Most Preselling pages I see more resemble the merchant's sales letter than a product review - they focus on SELLING the product rather than helping to encourage the reader to visit the sales page for more information.

Rather than try to tell you how to write a review that gets people to click through to the merchant's website, I thought I'd share one I've written instead.

Take the time to study the FORMULA I've used in the product review below, and then model that for your own reviews when you write them.

Here I'm reviewing a series of training videos that show you step by step how to create mini sites that generate sales, or newsletter optins, or whatever you want to achieve, quickly and easily.

OK, here's my review of this terrific FREE product called MiniSite Profits Revealed...


Is Making Easy Money Online Impossible… Or Is MiniSite Profits Exposed Your “Secret Weapon”? 

From: The Review Desk Of Rocky Tapscott

The Suburbs Of Brisbane, Australia

Product: MiniSite Profits Exposed

Review Date: 18 July 2008

Review Updated: N/A

You’ve heard the stories of people slapping up a website and then watching the money spew like an oil gusher. But have you ever done it for yourself? 

Unless you have, how do you know whether somebody’s claims about being able to help you do that actually hold water? 

That’s why MiniSite Profits Exposed stands out. 

You might have heard of Michael Rasmussen before. 

He’s a well-known online marketer, but what really counts is that he’s developed a reputation for offering amazing material for free.

So I knew that his new course, MiniSite Profits Exposed, was probably worth checking out. After watching his latest videos, I sure am glad I picked this up. 

MiniSite Profits Exposed is 12 complete videos, roughly one hour long each. That’s over 12 hours of meaty material that teaches you how to create your own profitable minisites fast. And that’s the key—getting it done fast, instead of having to wait for months or years to see any results. 

Here are just a few things you’ll learn in the videos: 

  • The right mindset for creating minisites that makes it easy to start seeing profits quickly 

  • How to create a minisite sales letter using the “secret structure” even non-copywriters can make a killing with 

  • How to boost your income per sale by 50% without lifting a finger to do it 

  • How to sell physical products from your minisite without doing any of the fulfilment work yourself 

  • A simple strategy for getting other marketers to “joint venture” with you…and give you windfall profits you won’t believe 

  • And that’s just a taste of what’s in there...

This is the most complete course I’ve ever seen on this topic, in fact I can’t think of anything that’s missing. It really seems to connect all the dots so you know exactly what steps to take, even if you’re brand new to the idea of creating your own website.

And the videos are extremely high quality. Michael’s voice is easy to listen to, and I had no trouble understanding him. The visuals he uses really make it easy to follow what he’s talking about. 

The material is so good that I found myself burning through a lot of paper to take notes. You’ll definitely want to watch these videos more than once. 

And that’s my one gripe with the material. It’s a TON of stuff. 

If you don’t have about 12 hours total to devote to watching the videos (and you can watch them anytime you want - you don't have to go through them all in one sitting), I recommend you don’t sign up. It’s a huge amount of education for free. 

Only one thing was a little lacking. The copywriting instruction in the videos is excellent, but I found myself wanting more than Michael explains. But I guess that since this is a course on creating minisites, not a copywriting course, and the copywriting stuff that’s included is wonderful, I can’t complain too much. 

If you’ve always wanted to know how to set up your own site to sell a product online, MiniSite Profits Exposed is for you. 

After watching the videos, I can say without any doubt that making easy money online isn’t a fantasy—it’s very possible, and this video course shows you how to do it. 

Click the link below to check it out. Remember, the course is 100% free…which I think is crazy, but you’ll see for yourself at this link:

Get The  Full MiniSite Profits Exposed
Video Course FREE - Click Here

Thank you for reading this review. I sincerely hope these videos help to increase your online income.

Warmest regards,


OK, that's my review of MiniSite Profits Exposed. Now because this is a free product, it has a very high click through rate to the merchant. 

There IS a One Time Offer (which is a perfect fit with the free course - you'll see what I mean) that pays an affiliate commission after you subscribe to the free video course, which makes this a profitable product to promote if you do it correctly.

If you are promoting a paid product such as an ebook or course through Clickbank, the process is just the same;  you offer your thoughts on the product - always share both the positive and negative points - and then send people to the sales page through your affiliate link.

Study the structure of the review above and format your own product reviews in a similar way, and you'll find a lot more people clicking through to your merchants and buying their products.

Oh and by the way, MiniSite Profits Exposed is a terrific series of training videos that you should watch and learn from. And if you are thinking that what they cover doesn't apply to you because you are using Solo Build It, you'd be dead wrong...

You can use what you'll learn in these training videos to create high-converting landing, newsletter optin and sales pages for your SBI site. Just apply what these free videos teach you and watch your sales and profits increase.

I really hope this article helps you to write more compelling, better converting Preselling pages for the products and services you are promoting,

Warm regards,

P.S Make sure you go through the registration process and watch these videos yourself. They contain a wealth of information that could really help to maximize your business. Visit this page to grab your videos.