Getting More Website Traffic - The
Search Engine Dilemma...

I've received variations of the question below several times recently so I thought I'd answer it for you here today...

Question - My site has been active for several months with some ups and downs. MSN has been my traffic driver with a couple of #1 rankings and several single digits.

Last month all MSN rankings dropped below 30 and yahoo dropped me all together. I have no clue why. I went on a link getting binge and today see that my MSN ranking went way higher than it ever was (great) but I am still dropped in Yahoo.

The only reason I can think of for the drop is the addition of adsense and one Chitika ad to my pages. Other than that I've only added content.

In the meantime Google has not yet indexed me. They spidered me last month when I added adsense but still haven't indexed me.

So here is the question: Any ideas about getting re-listed in Yahoo and speeding up the sloth Google? Also if you have a chance to check out my site and have any general comments they would be appreciated.

Answer - Where you are right now is on 'The Hump' Ken mentions in his excellent article. You can read that article here if you haven't done so already (you'll need to log in with your Solo Build It username and password).

Your site's look and feel looks great and you've done a lot of work there so it should be just a matter of time before the visitors start turning up.

Let's see what we can do to speed that up.

I've heard that many good sites have been dropped recently so you are not alone. You will be re-indexed but it will take time so hang in there.

It's most likely not that you have ads on your site but just another algorithm change while they test stuff.

I noticed you have set up your page slightly differently to how I've found works very well, so have a look at this Camtasia video (below) to see how I do it.

It may auto play too early (before the screen has the picture in it) so if it does, just stop it and start it again to see the full clip.

I've just got Camtasia and it's being a learning curve to get things working like I want so this is version 1. Just thought I'd see what you thought and get your feedback.

Here's my first attempt at creating a Camtasia tutorial video...

That's how I've found Yahoo and MSN love my pages to be set up. Google does too but you need lots of time and incoming links a well for them to list you.

This is the problem with relying purely on search engine traffic - it is notoriously unreliable.

You need multiple streams of traffic to guarantee a strong business and one of the best ways I've found of doing this is writing and submitting articles.

Of course, you have to write your articles the correct way so that people want to visit your site after they read them, but I get subscribers to my mini courses every day from articles I wrote weeks and months ago so they really work well.

To learn how to write articles that get people excited enough to click through to your site and take action, review Jimmy Browns Video Lesson 2 at his List and Traffic site. 

It shows you how to put it all together and create articles that readers love which motivate them to subscribe to your newsletter or a mini course you create.

Also there's an article there entitled 17 Attention-Grabbing Ezine Article Ideas For Any Niche which does a great job of helping you come up with ideas for articles with a unique spin on them.

Also Jimmy's List Pr0fit System is a wonderful tutorial on building a pr0fitable list - you should study this as well while you're there if you haven't already. I went through it again recently and it's amazing what you pick up the second time through that you missed.

Next, have you submitted your site to Google and Yahoo through SE HQ like it says at the top of the SE HQ page?

This will get it into Google much more quickly and will help with Yahoo as well.

If not, do this straight away - there's instructions there in SE HQ to follow so make a point of doing this if you haven't done so as soon as you can.
Something else to consider is that the banner style Google ads like the one below don't convert into clicks very well...



Ads like I've used here - a 250x250 table or bigger (250 wide looks best with Solo Build It sites, any wider and the page looks cramped) on the top left basically in the center of your reader's field of view and above the fold have proven to work better that the two side by side.

This should increase your Adsense revenue and make sure you use channels to track which page is making you the most money.

If you find one particular keyword or phrase is creating more revenue that others, build more content for that one as well.

You can also log in to Monetize it and start playing with this new tool. It will help you find gaps in your niche where you can create more content and earn more from your site.

One last thing. Create your Solo Build It RSS feed (you can do this from inside Site Central) and add that to your site. That way every time you update or build a page Yahoo and the others know about it.

Also, create a My Yahoo and My Google page and add your own RSS feed to it which will make sure Yahoo and Google spider your site regularly.

Hope this helps,