How to make money from one of the greatest ... and least-understood ... business-building secrets of all time

Rocky Tapscott

Hi again,

If you want a fast, easy and painless way to increase your online profits – even if you’re on a tight budget – then these 5 proven techniques will help you do just that.

Most small business owners don't have any idea of how to use the Internet. They truly are turning their backs on one of the greatest business building secrets the World has ever seen.

My goal is to help you to master marketing online as it applies to your specific business niche. I'm happy to answer your questions if you have any, so please let me know what problems you are facing and I'll help you find a solution.

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Just let me know a little about your business and your website plans and I'll get back to you with a preliminary proposal ... then we can take it from there.

OK, here's a summary of what you will be learning from the email messages I'll be sending you over the next 5 days...

1) Ask your customers and prospects what they want to buy from you ... and then sell it to them

This is so easy it should be self evident ... but unfortunately, most people in business get this completely backwards. 

They come up with what they think is a great product or service and then they burn lots of energy trying to shove it down people's throats ... then they can't work out why they can't sell their wonderful gadget or service.

Before you offer to sell people anything, ask them what they want first. Then either go out and either find the product to satisfy their needs or create it yourself.

Don't guess what people want ... ask first!

2) Use Audio on your website

One of the most powerful additions you can use on any website is audio. Tests by some of the Worlds leading marketers have proven that audio on a web page can increase your response rate by hundreds of percent ... it's definitely worthwhile doing it. 

I use Instant Audio, but Armand Morin's Audio Generator is also very good.

3) Capture your visitors name and email address before you let them see what your website offers

Your website content has value (or at least it should have value). 

You shouldn't just be giving everything away without receiving something in return. Just as Armand did above, get a name and some contact information from your visitors before you let them into the main part of your website.

The biggest mistake I see 95% of website owners doing is paying for visitors to come to their site and then not capturing their names and email addresses.

Notice the offer that Armand made to you when you arrived at his website ... you have to give him your name and email address, or else you don't get to see the sales letter for the product ... this page converts over 40% of the people who visit into subscribers ... you can do this too.

Now it's a little different when you are getting free search engine traffic. 

These visitors can come in on any page from anywhere to read your content - you don't have any control over that. 

That's fine.

But if you are paying for the traffic arriving at any page of your website, or if you have articles written and placed in article directories, or if you've exchanged links with other webmasters ... and these visitors are coming to a landing page on your site ... you should make them give you their name and email address before you give them access to your great content.

No name and email address = no entry. That's how it is.

4) Put your picture on your website

No matter what you look like, put a picture of yourself on your website. It's proven to increase the response rate of your offers, no matter what you sell.

People will realize there's a real live person who owns your website and they'll be able to relate to you much more closely if they know what you look like ... put your picture on your website.

5) Integrate your website and online marketing activities into your offline marketing

You can make a fortune by using the easy follow up mechanism of email to continuously follow up with your prospects and customers.

Most sales occur after the 5th contact with you - you should be using email as one of your follow up mechanisms to keep in touch with your list of customers and prospects so that when they are ready to buy your offer is right in front of them.

Email is a very inexpensive way of automating your follow up with the people on your database and reaping huge additional profits from your list. Start building an email list today and following up with everyone on that list at least once a week.

Your accountant and bank manager (not mention your customers and your spouse) will love you for it ...

OK, that's if for the summary of the first 5 conversion strategies I'm going to share with you.

Tomorrow in your email box you'll receive more information on the first strategy ... asking your customers what they want to buy. 

It's such a simple and powerful technique it's amazing that most business people don't do it .. but you will, starting from tomorrow.

Then you'll receive regular messages expanding on the summaries of each technique outlined above. Remember, if you have any questions, please let me know by using the Contact Form.

OK, that's it for today. If you'd like to read more, below are several articles I've written on using the web to gain an advantage over your competitors, create additional streams of revenue, raise profits and improve your businesses bottom line.

Please feel free to read them ...(by the way, these articles will open in a new window)

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I hope you enjoy reading these articles. I'll be sending you lots of information over the next few months to help you make maximum money from your business.

If you have any questions about anything to do with your website or websites in general, or would like to learn more about having a SBI website build for you, please call me (Outside Australia) on 617 55432004 or within Australia on 07 55432004. 

I'd be happy to talk with you about your plans for your business or your website (I just love talking about this stuff...;-)

Or you can always email me any time by using the Contact Form.

I wish you every success, until next time,


Rocky Tapscott

SBI Certified Webmaster

P.S. And don't forget, if you would like to get in touch to discuss having your Solo Build It website built, please call me on 61755432004 or 07 55432004 within Australia. Or Use This Form to get in touch now. Just let me know a little about your business and your website plans and I'll get back to you with a preliminary proposal ... then we can take it from there.

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