"Are You Interested In Creating Low Cost, High Profit Information Products?"

Selling Information Products Or Infoproducts As They Are Often Referred To Is One Of The Most Lucrative, Highest Leverage Business Opportunities You Will Ever Find, And YOU Already Possess Information That Other People Will Pay You Handsomely For...Even If You Don't Realise It!

Information Products, or Infoproducts, that share How -To Information on just about any topic you can imagine are hot - they've always been best sellers for the Mail Order industry, but today, because of the huge reach and widespread use of the Internet, creating and selling Infoproducts has never been cheaper, easier or more profitable.

It's like the Internet was created just to help information marketers make money - millions of people every day search for information on countless subjects that interest them.

They will type a key-word or phrase into a search engine and usually thousands of matches come back - unfortunately, 99% of the websites that are found do not contain the information the searcher was looking for, so as they keep looking through the results, they usually get more and more frustrated at not being able to find what they are looking for (I know it's happened to me a lot).

Of course, a lot of the problem is in the search term or 'key-word' that was used - like someone wanting a new battery for their 1999 model Pentax DS1052 digital camera who just searches for 'camera batteries', or a person looking for a bonnet for their 1948 Chevy convertible who searches for 'chev car bonnet' - no wonder they don't get the results they are after...the poor old search engine isn't that clever (although the tech guys are working on that...).

But a lot of valid searches still bring back less than outstanding results. There's a lot of garbage on the 'net, and millions of people are adding millions of additional pages every week.

Here's where you can help these people find what they are looking for, and make a fortune for yourself in the process...

This is your opportunity - if you fill your website with quality FREE information that is tightly focused on a niche market related to your Business (or a completely different niche that you are passionate about and want to profit from, say a hobby) and follow the Site Build It! formula of C-T-P-M Ken and I talked about in the first report, the search engines will reward you by listing your pages near the top of the search engine rankings for the key-words that you use and write about in your web pages.

When you first build your Theme Based Content Site, if you want traffic quickly, you initially have to drive visitors to your brand new site using inexpensive off-line advertisements like the ones I have shown you, plus maybe some Pay Per Click advertising to generate some ezine subscribers and maybe a few sales.

But in a few months time when your pages are listed near the top of the first page for some of your search terms, you will start to generate Free traffic.

Visitors will find your website looking for information, and if they like what the find there, and if you give them an incentive to do so, they will either be back or they will subscribe to your ezine (or both) so they can continue to receive more information from you on their chosen subject.

As we have already discussed, the second option - getting your visitors email address - should be what Ken Evoy calls your MWR - your Most Wanted Response.

If your visitor gives you their email address, you have a chance to send them more information that is related to the theme of your Business and/or website, and offer them products or services that are specific to their area of interest - indefinitely - or at least until they ask you to stop sending them emails.

And if you hold their interest with information that they can use, they won't ask you to stop sending it!

If you have given them great, Free information, then offer them more advanced, more detailed or higher quality information products to buy...many of your subscribers will buy them from you.

And the trouble with information is...the more information people have about a topic they are interested in, the more they want to learn.

It's like an addiction for many people - they learn something about a new subject, then they have this uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomach that keeps telling them that there is a lot more they need to know.

So they keep buying more and more to try to stop that feeling. But it usually doesn't work - it's still there, so they search for more information, and on and on it goes.

Now this process is particularly good for your Business if you sell information.

Because if people have an insatiable appetite for something and you can satisfy their needs, they will buy from it you.

Some people will literally buy every product you offer them!

And some information products will give you Residual Income, the kind of income that you can retire on...


Well if you offer your email subscribers membership to an exclusive club that provides information related to the theme of your website for a monthly membership fee of $25, you will probably earn something in the order of $10 - $12 per month for every person that takes you up on your offer.

And if the club keeps your referred members happy and they keep paying their monthly membership fee, you will keep receiving your monthly commissions until they cancel their membership...and that could be a long time!

Imagine having 1000 of your ezine subscribers sign up with two or three different monthly membership sites over a period of a couple of years...that's $10,000 per month flowing straight into your bank account.

And all you did to earn it was write an ezine once or twice a month that offered good, free, relevant information to a carefully selected group of interested people, and offered them a great deal on joining a program that they were interested in...sounds pretty easy, doesn't it?

Do you think you would be financially free earning $10,000 a month? $20,000 a month...Hmmm...

Plus you can offer your subscribers hundreds of different Affiliate products as well as your own information products through your Newsletter each month as well. The opportunities are unlimited - but it's all in the list.

Build a big list by offering lots of quality FREE information on your website, capture your visitors email address, and you are set for life.

Then, do it again and again with new websites if you want to, so that your income is diversified - if you lose one income stream, it doesn't kill your lifestyle. You just have to rely on the others.

I hope this first Bonus Report has got you thinking about how you could create an information product of your won, or build a website and sell products through an Affiliate Program if you don't have your own.

If you are still stumped, or even if you have an idea in mind, this article, again written by Ken Evoy, goes into further detail on how to sell information products from your website and through your ezine. To read Ken's article, Please Click Here.

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I hope this Report and Ken's article have helped you understand a little more about selling Information products on the Internet. The market is huge and open to anyone. It could be your answer to creating a Money Tree Business for yourself and your family.

If you have a good idea and you would like to discuss the best way to create a website to promote it, please feel free to email me or call me on 07 55432004 and have a chat.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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