If You Are Sick Of Working Your Butt Off For Very Little Reward, You're In The Right Place!

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I want to share a simple marketing strategy that is so powerful, you may just lay awake nights thinking about the possibilities...
Rocky Tapscott

But first, I'd like to ask you a few of questions -

  • Do you work more than 60 hours every week but don't feel like you are earning anywhere near enough for the time and effort that you put in?

  • Do you hate spending a lot of money on local media advertising without seeing a worthwhile Return on your Investment?

  • How would you feel if you could multiply the number of customers you have and sell to them again and again automatically?

  • Are you worried about not having enough money to retire when you want to, because you won't be able to afford it?

If so, this Special Report is what you have been waiting for

Would you like to know how to find targeted customers and attract them to your Business like moths to a flame?

A simple and highly effective way to do that is to build a one or two page Website that provides compelling information to a targeted group of people in exchange for their names and email addresses...then you regularly email those people with more information and special offers every couple of weeks.

The names and email addresses you collect will be worth a fortune to you and your Business over the years if you use them in the way I am going to outline for you shortly. For now, please remember following formula -

Your List of Subscribers = Future Customers

"Hang on a minute!" I can hear you say. Why would I want to build a website? All of my marketing is offline and I'm doing fine just the way I'm going. And anyway, I don't have any idea how to do that!

No problem - I will show you an easy way to build a professional looking, traffic pulling website in just a little while, so please stick with me here...it will be worth it.

Your website can act as a focal point for all of your local marketing efforts -

  • It will allow you to easily and automatically collect names and email addresses from all of your current and potential customers and send these people offers to buy your products and services forever for FREE!

  • It will let you to tell your customers and prospects a lot more about yourself and why they should deal with you than you could ever fit into any other form of advertising - all you have to do is place small lead generation ads in local media and direct them to your website for more information

  • You can write and send a regular Newsletter or Ezine to your list, giving them updates and useful information that will prove to them that you are the Local Expert when it comes to your products or services

  • You can survey your subscribers and uncover all sorts of useful information. For example, the easiest sales are when you - Find a group of people, ask them what they want, then sell it to them...simple, isn't it. And a web based form sent to your Newsletter list via your website is a quick, simple way to find out exactly what your customers and potential customers want

  • Once you have a list of qualified prospects, you can do joint ventures with other list owners and share in the profits of selling your goods and services to each other's lists

Of course, the list above is not exhaustive - there are many other uses for a website, but I hope you are starting to see the value in building one for yourself.

Now, let's find out -

How to collect a ton of email names for very little cost...

OK, so the plan is to build a simple website that offers free information that your target market is looking for. Let me give you an example...

Let's suppose you are a Karate Instructor.

You hold regular self defence classes in the local hall and give personal, one-on-one instruction to busy people who can't make it to your regular classes.

You could build a website that offers good, solid, beneficial information to anyone worried about their personal safety or looking to protect themselves in dangerous situations - your website would take the form of a Free Report that covers self defence issues and provides some tips your reader can use immediately.

No trying to sell anything, no ads for your products or services, nothing but good solid information for people who at some stage might become your customers.

You might call your Free Report -

Self Defence Expert Reveals:

The Truth About Self Defence... And One Simple Move That Will Stun Your

Attacker Into Submission Quickly And Easily

...or something like that. Your Free Report has to prove to them that you know exactly how to give them peace of mind and you know what you are talking about. That is your only goal at the moment.

You could give them tips like -

  • 3 simple Power Moves that they an use to subdue any attacker immediately

  • 5 quick exercises to increase muscle tone and be ready for the unexpected

  • 6 things to watch out for in deserted areas at night that could mean trouble

  • 3 questions women (or men ;-) ) can ask on a first date to find out if their companion is a threat to their safety

Or whatever your current clients ask you about on a regular basis. You can bet that if your current students have these fears, then there are thousands of others who also have them and are looking for a solution right now.

And then you run a small, low cost ad in Fitness Magazines, Newsletters, Martial Arts Magazines, related websites and local Newspapers.

Something like -

Free Report Reveals The Truth About Self Defence - Learn Three Simple

Moves That Will Subdue Your Attacker IMMEDIATELY! Plus, much more...

Visit - www.yoursite.com

How many people reading these targeted magazines do you think would be interested in your Free article on self defence and would love to know how to quickly and easily foil a would-be attacker? Probably lots of them, especially because you have targeted your ads to those specific markets.

Now you will have hundreds, possibly thousands of highly targeted prospects calling in to your website and reading your Free Report.

Remember, this information has to be totally FREE, so there's no barrier to them getting it and there is no obligation on them to buy anything - they can read it without any strings attached.

People can just log on to your website and read your Report. Very inviting to your target market, isn't it?

Then, at the end of all this great information, you write something like -

Now that you know how to easily defend yourself and can

instantly subdue any attacker... are there any better secrets?

Yes there are. The best secret is to become a subscriber to a special online Newsletter, Self Defence Today.

Published every two weeks, it offers rock-solid training tips and techniques not taught anywhere else. Up to the minute training that will help you reach the top - Free.

It is written by me, Joe Toecracker, a Karate Instructor with 8 years full time training experience, working with 1421 individual clients and helping 181 of them reach Black Belt status safely and effectively.

Self Defence Today doesn't have any annoying Banner Ads or filler material - you simply get the best information on Self Defence available.

There is absolutely no charge for Self Defence Today - no obligations, and your name will never be sold, loaned or rented to anyone else - ever!

If you want to discover proven, practical self defence techniques and you are not signed up for Self Defence Today, you are missing the boat. Just click below to sign up right now.

Click here to subscribe to Self Defence Today.

At the end of reading all of your great information, your visitor can choose to learn more (and if you have given them a lot of great stuff already, they should want to learn more from you - you're the expert, right?)

So ... they subscribe to your Newsletter and give you their name and email address.

By capturing your visitors name and email address, you have the opportunity of building a relationship with them, and these people are extremely targeted - they are interested in Karate and self defence - perfect future customers!!

And don't forget that there are many sub-groups or niches within the general population who you could target individually with your ads and create even more interest.

For example...

  • The father of a teenage girl who wants his daughter to learn self defence in case one of her dates gets out of hand - your ad in The Courier Mail or The Boston Times could read something like - Parents - Free Report shows how your kids can look after themselves when a date or party turns ugly. Visit wwwyourwebsite.com

  • The middle aged mother who works night shift and has to walk through a dimly lit car park every night on her way to work - your ad in Woman's Day could read something like - Ladies, Are You Worried About Your Personal Safety? Free Report reveals two simple moves that will foil any attacker. Visit wwwyourwebsite.com

  • A 19 year old man who is always getting beaten up at College and wants to be able to look after himself - your ad in People or Picture Magazine, The National Enquirer or Computer Magazines could read something like - Are You Sick of being picked on and want to do something about it? Free Report reveals three secret moves that will make the bullies wish they had never met you! Visit wwwyourwebsite.com

You could target lots of different groups in this manner by placing small ads in the Newspapers or Magazines that they read on a regular basis and many people would subscribe to get their hands on your free reports.

Note that each ad is in the format of present the problem - then offer a solution. This is because the brain works by looking for problems first and then trying to find solutions. Benefit laden headlines (you know, the ones you see everywhere) often don't have the same punch as headlines in which you present the problem first, then offer your reader a solution  ... but it always pays to test this with your market.

We'll talk about this in future issues of this Newsletter, but for now, just remember that your prospect's brain is continuously looking for problems to solve, not solutions first.

Other target niches for our Karate instructor could include -

  • Older people worried about personal safety

  • Taxi Drivers

  • Security industry workers like night watchmen and bouncers

  • Bar staff and managers

  • People interested in health and fitness

  • Gym members

The list of potential clients is enormous if you drill down like this and look for small, un-serviced market niches.

Over a period of time, many of your subscribers will become your students and buy other related products and services from you. You can offer them all sorts of training aids and educational material through your Newsletter each fortnight.

No matter what you sell, there are countless sub niches that you could target much more effectively by offering Free Reports that talk specifically to those people and offer them a solution to a problem they are currently facing.

Now lets say that over a period of time, you get 10,000 people on your mailing list.

Each fortnight or month, you send them out some great information along with a special offer to join your classes, try your one-on-one service at a discounted rate and also a recommendation to buy a product or service from another Merchant who will pay you a commission.

How many people do you think will take you up on the offer each month - probably quite a few - and your Business will be booming! What if you made an extra 50 cents per subscriber per month? How many subscribers would you go after?

Do you see how easy this is? This is not pie in the sky stuff - many businesses are making incredible incomes every month doing exactly this...how about you?

Now please re-read the example above - and as you do, put 'your Business' in the advertisements above and in the content of the Free Reports you write for your website - you could write slightly different content for each specific niche you target and put these articles on different pages of your website.

Do you see how you could apply this strategy to your Business and increase your customer base massively, by targeting ten or twenty sub-niches that you aren't getting to at the moment with your generic advertising to everybody?

This strategy could be worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line and it's only one method of using a website to boost your Business profits. I briefly mentioned several others at the start of this Report - can you see the potential for your Business?

So now I know what your are thinking.

Sounds great, Rocky...but how do I build a website? What's that going to cost me? Where will I find the time?

Well I'm glad you asked.

The simplest solution for most Businesses is to use Solo Build It!

It gives anyone with basic computer skills (or an employee who has them) the ability to build a professional website quickly and easily. But it does much more than that.

If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can build a website. It's just like putting one block on top of another - very simple and straight forward.

Solo Build It! offers you the chance to build multiple streams of income from your existing Business - no matter what it is.

I've put a link below to a great article that looks at several case studies that show how other people have used Solo Build It! to power the profits of their Local Businesses and turn many of them into Global Businesses.

These Businesses are using Solo Build It! to go far further than just building a small website like we have discussed here - they are using it to build Theme Based Content Sites that generate loads of highly targeted visitors FREE from the search engines.

You can do the same for your Business if you decide to - now that's where the really BIG profits come from - selling products to a Global market from your Local small Business!

As you read through these case studies, please think to yourself, 'How can use this in my Business?' There are some great tips here - it is well worth you taking the time to read every person's story.

To read through the case studies, Click Here

Welcome back...I hope you have found this Report and the Case Studies article above useful. There truly are tremendous opportunities available to those who understand how to use the Internet in combination with their off-line marketing efforts.

I home this report has opened your eyes to what's possible when you integrate your offline marketing with your website and email.

If you can see the benefits of having a website that actually works for your business, a professional looking, traffic pulling website that is a profit centre in it's own right, and you'd like to talk with with me to find out how, please call me on International 61755432004 or 07 55432004 within Australia. 

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