Advanced Keyword Research - If You Are Getting Number Bound With The Brainstormer, Here's The Solution

Here's an example of how I use Google to check that the results from the Solo Build It Brainstormer are accurate before I go ahead and create content for keyword phrases it generates.

This video came about because of a question I received a couple of days back from a coaching student. He asked -

What Value Demand (or searches/month) and Real Supply (or allintitle: #pages) should I consider "easy to rank well for", yet reasonable traffic producers for the first say 15-30 keywords?

My answer was that I used to take the Brainstormer's word for it and just build pages around keyword phrases that have over 500 Value Demand and greater than a 1000 profitability score (I.E. Real Supply less than Value Demand) but that was way too restrictive, so now I always check with Google's Keyword tool and a Google search to check my numbers and make a final decision.

If there are less than 100,000 pages of competition in Google, you have a great chance of getting ranked on the first or second page of results for that keyword phrase.

Google demand and/or Value Demand of 500 or more is a great place to start, depending on your niche market. 

If you are selling $1,000 per hour consulting services, then demand of 50 might be enough. If you are selling affiliate products like ebooks, then you'll need substantially more search demand from your range of keywords to make your site viable.

Watch these two videos to see how I use Google in conjunction with the Brainstormer to decide whether I build a page or not.

Part One

Part Two


Google for search to check real supply

Google Keyword Tool to check real demand

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I hope these videos help,