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How to Get More Leads (And More New Customers) For Your Business...Quickly

It's a simple fact... there are just 3 ways to make more money from your business:

1 - Attract more leads who ultimately become customers

2 - Get your customers to buy from you more often

3 - Encourage each customer to spend more with you every time they make a purchase

Over time you should be working on improving all of these areas, and we can certainly help you with that, but the easiest way to quickly increase your profits is to bring in a steady stream of new leads.

At Local Web Solutions, that's what we do.

We provide a turn key solution that generates new leads for your business; people who are actively looking for the solutions your products or services provide.

So in less than a week, you could be banking the additional profits a stream of new customers can give you.

And the best part is, we do everything needed to generate these additional leads for you. All you do is sit back and contact the people we send you, fulfill your service or deliver your product, and bank the money.

So How Exactly Do We
Generate These Leads?

Well while I can't go into all of the details here, I can tell you that we create a very special type of lead generation website. This design has proven itself again and again to attract highly targeted prospects, while turning away people who aren't really interested or who aren't ready to take action.

We then give you each prospects first name, email address and their telephone number.

The reason these prospects are so valuable is that they have requested more information that's directly related to your products and services, and they are expecting you to call them on the telephone.

So there's no more cold calling or chasing prospects all over town... ever!

These People Need Your Products
Or Services Right Now

The people who register through your lead generation website have a burning problem they want solved right now, and they are ready to have you solve it for them. We put the two of you together, and you do the rest.

But it gets even better.

Because once you have your new customers buying from you, we'll also show you proven strategies for getting them to buy from you more often, as well as increasing their average order size.

This is where you can really cash in, because studies have shown that it's much easier to sell to people the second or third time. That first sale is the hardest one to make. After that, things get a whole lot easier, and the additional sales you make to these new customers are much more profitable since there's no marketing cost to close them.

You Get Just The Right Amount Of
Leads For Your Business

The method we use to generate your new leads is completely scalable. If you need more leads, in most cases, we can get them for you.

But if you need to slow things down a little, for instance, if you get too busy with the work you already have, we can do that too. The number of new leads you receive each month is totally under your control.

No more feast or famine. You can scale up or down any time you like.

And You're Protected By A 100%
Money Back Guarantee!

Register for this service right now. Let us get to work on creating your lead generation website and attracting new customers to your business.

Try the service out for a full 30 days, and follow up with the leads we send you.

If for any reason you aren't totally happy with our service, let me know and you won't ever be billed a dime. Only at the end of the first month do you start paying for your new leads.

And our fees are typically a small fraction of the profits you make on the initial sale. The profits we help you make on any future sales to your new customers are yours to keep... you don't have to give us ANY of those!

But if for some reason you decide to cancel, you can still keep the customers we generated for you with our complements. That's how confident we are that once you try this service, you'll be a customer of ours for a long, long time...

The bottom line is, you only stand to gain when you register for this service right now. To get started, simply complete the form below and let us know a little about your business.

Why The Form?

Because we have learned that our services work best for some types of businesses, and not for others. By asking you about your business, we can be sure we're a good match for each other.

And if we're not, we can direct you to somebody who is better suited to helping you and your particular situation.

So fill in the form below right away, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can (usually within 48 hours) with more information.

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