How To Quickly Increase The Profits Of Your Business By 30% Or More, Without Any Risk, Without Having To Pay For Advertising, And Without Your Competitors Having The Faintest Clue About What You Are Up To...

"Just awarded an implementation contract worth approximately $60,000"

Hi Rocky,

I would to thank you for your help and assistance in setting up our new website. A recent enquiry through the site has resulted in us being awarded an audit contract worth A$15,000.

Of course the audit is just the initial stage in the process, and if we are awarded the implementation contract, its value would be approximately A$60,000.

We receive regular enquires for our free report and the results so far have been very encouraging, having recently signed another contract worth A$40,000.

Thankyou so much for your help and assistance to achieve these great results


Rob Ross


"I often feel like I'm your only student"

Hi Rocky,

I can't thank you enough for all the help and encouragement you've given me.

I know I don't have you all to myself, but you respond so personally, that I often feel like I'm your only student ;-)

Have a great day!

With kindest regards,

Kirstyn Sierra

"Your coaching and support have been superb..."

Hi Rocky,

I'm very inspired by how you monetize these pages, and now understand what you've been telling me about how to do it.

Everything you've given me over the last few days has helped me immensely to focus more precisely on what I need to do now.

Your coaching and support have been superb, the very best. Those times when I have been in serious difficulties with one or another of the issues that arise when building a site, your generosity with your time and expertise never failed to help me solve the problems. 

Always inspiring and encouraging, that kind of support makes possible for me to feel I'm building a successful web site I will be proud of. 

Thanks again, my friend, for everything.

Cheers to you,

(Ms) Noel Wynn


"You've been a Godsend"


Hi Rocky,

Thanks again for your input. Boy am I glad I signed up for SBI through you!!! You've been a God send!

Dave Seidler

Without your help, I wouldn't be where I am today"

Without your help, guidance and support I would not be where I am today with my site. All of your advice has been pure gold. I took baby steps and you held my hand. I am now walking on my own but I will hold you in high esteem forever. Thanks ever so much Rocky.


"Thank you for such a detailed answer. Great Stuff!"

Hi Rocky,

Thank you for such a detailed answer! Great stuff.

Looks like I have some work to do. I will back in touch when I get a bit farther down the path.

Thank you again,

Peter Toth

"You have given me inspiration to go on"

Dear Rocky,

Wow! Thank you for all of this information - I will look through it all carefully. You have given me inspiration to go on when I was beginning to think there wasn't anything I could possibly be qualified to do on the internet that hadn't been oversupplied already! I will find something. I know I have the BAM and now I've got the system and a great mentor!

Good to know you're a fellow Aussie too.

Warmest appreciation,

Tabitha Robortella

"I am amazed at the amount of information you are able to deliver"

Hi Rocky, 

I do want to thank you so much for your quick and thorough responses to my questions. I am amazed at the amount of information you manage to deliver. Your written feedback and formal lessons are terrific, but I also find that your videos are especially well put together, clear, helpful, and instructive.

You give an awful lot of personal attention that can never be automated - and beyond the initial fee, it's all been FREE! 

Thanks for everything - I mean it!

Paul Rademacher 

"I've gotten some great advice from an experienced marketer"

Thanks Rocky,

You don't know how much better I feel now that I've gotten some great advice from an experienced marketer as well as a Professional SBI marketer.

It is good to know that I've joined a program where the members are kind enough to help out their fellow members. I will not forget you and later on if I ever have personal contact with Ken Evoy I will certainly let him know how kind and helpful you were to me.

Roger Bell

"Thanks again for your personal attention"

Hi Rocky,

You are a genuine web coach who practices what he preaches!

You have already helped me so much with all your free advice and lessons in your email courses. I appreciate how you have already given me significant SBI training beyond what the action guide lays out.

Thanks again Rocky for your personal attention and personal response to my correspondence. 


Reverend Bill McBride

Here's your opportunity to make such an overwhelming difference to your business's performance - starting in as little as 48 hours from now - that your accountant may actually call you on the phone to see what happened!

Let me explain! I don't care whether your business is one year old or twenty, whether you sell a range of consumer products or deliver services to homes or businesses, whether you operate from a fixed location or are 100% mobile. It makes no difference what your current turnover is... how many employees you have... what your marketing budget is... or how difficult conditions are for you and your industry right now.

I believe that your business is working today at only HALF it's true potential - simply because you have never been shown the right way to use an easy to implement, cut and paste marketing strategy that could transform your life.

Simply because you have never been shown the best way to use tested and proven email marketing campaigns (which are totally FREE to send) to motivate your customers to buy more products and services from you more often.

Simply because you haven't been shown the right way to use the incredible leverage the internet gives you to increase your market share and steal customers from your competitors at virtually no cost.

You Are About To Discover A Unique Marketing
Strategy That Is 100% Turn Key, And Can Be
Implemented Within 48 Hours Or Less...

Now you may currently be using the internet to generate some of your sales, or you may not. It's not important. What does matter is that there are hidden assets and overlooked opportunities in your business, and if you can find a way to unlock them, you can make a whole lot more money.

The real secret to coaxing maximum profits out of your business is as simple as getting more of your prospects and customers to give you more money, more often. If you have an effective strategy for doing this, you can increase your bottom line by 30% or more, and you can do this with as little as two hours work every month.

It's Simply A Matter Of Discovering
The Right Techniques

All it takes is modeling successful marketing strategies perfected by world class copywriters, top level sales people, professionals and business owners from all over the world. Simple techniques you probably never dreamed existed. So powerful I'll prove they will work for you, without you risking a penny. Here's how...

After A Single Month, Your Accountant May
Be Shocked At The Improvement

Let me show you - at my own risk - one of the most powerful marketing strategies you have probably ever seen. When you see how simple but devastatingly effective this technique is, you'll want to use it over and over again. What I'll be sharing with you is a system that has worked incredibly well for hundreds of businesses in the past, and I'm confident it will work for you too.

And because I'll supply the campaign to you in it's completed form, subject only to your approval and final edits, you have to do virtually nothing to implement it. Just send it out to your customers and prospects, and watch the sales come in.

But this first quick campaign is only the beginning. Once you have seen how successful this method can be, and if you approve, we'll follow up with a series of carefully tested campaigns that will allow you to regularly create windfall profits.

Here's Just Some Of The Benefits You Can
Expect If You Contact Me Today...

If we decide to work together, here are just some of the tips I'll be sharing with you -

  • Why it doesn't matter whether you want to make $10,000 or $10 million, there are only 3 key skills you need to focus on. Master these 3, and you can write your own pay cheque

  • How to reduce your current marketing costs while increasing your sales by gaining access to huge, untapped markets that were previously unavailable to you

  • Why none of what I'll be sharing with you requires you to make drastic changes to your business, is totally scalable, and can be rolled out as slowly or as quickly as you want. Just take the turn-key campaigns I give you, plug them into your business, and bank the money

  • The simple 3 second 'mind shift' at the heart of increasing your profits. The change is very subtle, but can create huge growth in your profitability

  • Why you can forget about 'competitors' for the rest of your life. This is the most difficult concept for the typical business owner to grasp, but once you do, an entire world of opportunities will open up for you

  • How to use a proven, step by step 'product launch' strategy to launch a new product (or re-launch existing product) every single month, and have many of your customers excited at the thought of giving you money every single time

  • How to take your marketing campaigns from idea to implementation (and to money in the bank) within 48 hours or less, so you never need to be at the mercy of 'the economy' again

  • A simple technique for using 'blended' email campaigns to build long term relationships with your list members, promote yourself as the expert they should choose above everyone else, and increase your profits by 30% (or more) at the same time

  • The secret to using simple cut-and-paste email and direct mail sequences to completely dominate your local market, increase your sales and profits, and do it without anyone really knowing what you are up to

  • Why you are going about it all wrong if you have a website that looks anything like other businesses in your industry. The typical small business website is a complete waste of money, and quite frankly, can seriously harm your reputation and your profitability

  • How to use simple online video and the fast-growing trend towards social media marketing to attract more clients, increase your sales, and boost brand awareness and customer loyalty...automatically

  • And much, much more...

What Would It Mean If You Had A Simple System for Consistently, Reliably Creating Profits On Demand?

Think about it. From the moment you send the first email message of your first campaign, you'll begin to have more control over your cashflow and profits. 

You'll be able to reliably plan campaigns that cost virtually nothing to implement, and have them ready to go weeks or months in advance. And most importantly, you'll be able to make more money from your business, while working less than you probably do now, because the system does most of the heavy lifting for you.

And when you don't have to work so hard, you'll be able to take time out and do those things that you've been putting off for so long. Things like playing golf, or taking well earned vacations... or anything else you've been meaning to do; those things you just couldn't find the time or money to get around to up till now.

And by taking time away from working so hard, you'll very likely come back refreshed, thinking more clearly, with even more ideas for improving your business, and your life. You'll begin tapping in to the real potential of your business, and you'll be growing your wealth, as well as improving your health.

And the way I've set it up...

You Can 'Test Drive' This Strategy For FREE,
If You Like!

Because this system is proprietary, I can't go into too much detail in this letter, but I'm so confident this strategy will work for you, I'm happy to let you test drive it in your business for free, so you can see the results for yourself. If you don't get results as good as I've promised, then you've risked nothing.

However, to qualify, there IS one requirement - you must have your own email or direct mail database of clients and/or prospects who are easily contactable. If you have this database, then we should talk as soon as possible, before one of your competitors sees this offer, and beats you to it. 

You see, I can only offer this system to ONE local business of each type in Beaudesert. Once that business category is taken, then other competing businesses will be shut out of this opportunity. It's probably better if it's you who gets in touch with me first, rather than one of your competitors...

I'm ready to show you how to rapidly grow your profits using a system that has worked well for hundreds of businesses, that can be implemented within 48 hours in most cases, and will cost you nothing to test for yourself.

Isn't it time to unlock the true potential of your business, the potential that is being tragically half-wasted today. Isn't it time to put yourself and your family on the road to financial freedom?

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