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"Here's how to use the Internet to promote your local business to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers..."

If you sell products to local customers, a lead generation website could be the best investment you ever made.

Here's a question I received the other day from a local business owner that goes right to the heart of marketing your business online...

Question - We sell shades, awnings and other sun protection products through our offline business and we want to start promoting our products through our website

Answer - For your online marketing strategy, I'd recommend that you offer visitors a Free Report that talks about the ins and outs of saving energy and all the other good things about using your products. Your Report should also include some sort of time-limited bonus or incentive coupon inside which encourages potential prospects to contact you to have a quote or job done.

Then once people have downloaded your Report, you can stay in touch with them by email, mail and/or phone and follow up until they convert into customers.

Use A Simple Form To Capture Your Visitor's Information

You can use a simple form program to capture their details (name, email, phone number, address, etc.) and then just follow up with them either automatically or manually, but preferably both. 

I'd imagine that there's enough profit in each job to make this very worthwhile, and you could just have one of your staff handle the recording of customer info into a database while you write the messages to customers and follow up. 

Even mail and phone follow up by a staff member is worthwhile and very cost effective for most businesses - hit them with a multi-faceted marketing campaign once they raise their hands and say that they are interested and don't stop following up until they buy :-)

Then advertise your Report in the local papers with this style of ad - 

Home Owners - Free Report Reveals How To Save 20% On Your Heating And Cooling Bills - Forever...Visit www.BeaudesertSailsAndAwnings.com To Grab Your Copy

Then have an form on the home page and every other page of your site for people to complete to grab a copy of the report. This strategy works well for all sorts of local businesses and is worth testing to gauge results.

Once you have people on your database, you can offer them all sorts of related products and services (both yours and from other people as joint ventures or co-promotions forever...:-)

For most local businesses, offline testing
using large ads is very expensive. 

By testing small lead generation ads and then getting people to either call you or visit the website to register for your Free Report (mail it to them with brochures and a sales letter if possible, plus give them something by email to keep them happy instantly) you can run lots of much less expensive ads, plus test headlines and ad copy, to find what works.

You can't say much in a small ad, and large ads can be a big risk if it flops, but in your Free Report and on your website you have a much room as necessary to tell people the whole story.

One thing to remember also is that you should never ask people to call for a quote - that will force them to compare you with your competitors on price instead of quality. 

This Free Report strategy is designed to differentiate you from your competitors by educating your customers to the additional value you offer over everyone else.

What If You Don't Want To Compete On Price Any Longer?

Normally the only thing people have to go on when they choose one business over another is price. 

By educating your prospects to your value, you eliminate the price issue and get them to focus on the value. By then offering to give people a quote so that they can compare you to others you remove this advantage and are then focusing on price as one of the main issues.

Think about what happens when you go to a doctor. You don't ask him for a quote to have a life saving operation. He is the expert and you take his advice. You get the job done and you pay the price.

I can't imagine people preferring to visit the cut price Heart surgeon who can fit you in immediately. 

By showing how much value you give compared to others you can charge higher prices, make more net profit and have a much larger smile on your face :-)

A website is a great way to get the Net working for your local business, and to get you started, I'd like to give you a Special Report I've just completed entitled "How A Simple Lead Generation Website Earned A Consultant $55,000 In Just 7 Months - And How You Can Do It Too..." 

In this concise, 29 page Report I show you exactly how one client of mine used her web marketing system to go from not enough work to booked solid in just a few months.

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If this article and video have got you thinking, and you would like some more ideas on how you can use the Internet to promote your Business or even expand into new areas, then...here's what to do next.

Here's How To Get Started

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