Do You Feel Like You're Wasting The Best Years Of Your Life In Your Local Business Or Working For Someone Who Just Doesn't Appreciate Your Efforts?

Would you like to build a REAL Work at Home Business? A Business that lets you do what you love and at the same time have a life? 

Hello and welcome,

If you manage a Local Business or work at home (or are an employee and would like to work from home) and would like to create residual income for yourself and your family, then if you will just read through the first half of this page, you will learn a secret that will help you avoid making some terrible mistakes and could point you towards the perfect work at home Business.

You will have the tools to make your Local Business profits boom and if you work at home, your returns should also be looking much healthier. Plus, if you follow the formula below, many of your products will be producing Residual income - you will be making money many times for just doing the work once.

If you read through to the end of this letter, you will discover a Business system that...(if you choose to use it) will probably change your life and help you achieve anything you desire. 

Stop - ask yourself if you are truly happy with what you are currently achieving in your life...or do you just know you could accomplish so much more? Sure, everyone knows that they could get more success, more fun, more joy out of every day...but how?

If you work for someone else, you odds of achieving anything like your true potential are pretty close to zero. You know that! That's why you are in Business or either working from home or considering it, trying to get yourself out of the rat race. 

In just a few moments, I will share something so powerful with you that you might lay awake at night thinking about the possibilities.

But first, why have I built this website? 

Well, like you, I wanted to work from home. The boss didn't have a clue, but who thought he knew it all. He drove me nuts!! I had to get away from him. So after lots of searched, reading and studying what the smartest, wealthiest guys in the World were doing...

Guys like Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Bill Gates made sense to use and copy their methods. 

Some of the most successful people on this planet, including the guys above and many others just like them, create wealth by selling information. Then they invest the profits in Real Estate. Pretty simple really. And they all do a lot of their work from home.

After lots of searching, this same strategy seemed like a solution that the rest of us could also apply. It may just be the solution you are looking for.

And it appears that their methods can work for anyone. Especially local Business owners and people who start their Businesses from home on their kitchen table...

Nothing beats working from home.

You can be with the kids more often, you don't have to get dressed up every day. You can work when you want to, doing the hours you choose.

You don't have to get stuck in that damn peak hour traffic every day, then put up with a boss you don't particularly like that much...oh yeah, there's a lot to be said for working for yourself from home.

And more and more people are dropping out of the rat race every day and deciding to market products or services from home.

Many of them start part-time while they still have a full time job and build their Businesses into extremely profitable enterprises.

For many, it may be the best option they have - you may be a stay-at-home spouse or you may be retired and looking for additional income.

For others, it may be the only option, for example, you may a full time carer for a family member.

And it has even proven to be a excellent (if unexpected) opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people, for example, those who are "downsized" (that's the nice way of saying employment challenged!). You can work from home and say "Thankyou," for giving you the opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do.


This area is full of "get rich quick" schemes, so you have evaluate the opportunities carefully. Anything that offers great rewards for no-or-low work is a fraud - think about it -- why would they need you if their terrific system is so profitable?

So many of the 'Self Employment Opportunities' ads are just outright scams, or they promote impossible to implement systems that only reward the promoters while you do all the work.

And there are so many Business opportunities advertised that are really no more than buying yourself another boring job. Why work at home trying to fit yourself into someone else's mould? Mowing lawns, washing dogs, book-keeping. 

These Businesses all provide what Robert Allen calls 'Linear Income.' If you do the work once, you get paid once. What you want to be doing is trying to create 'Residual Income.' Residual Income means you get paid over and over again for doing the work once. We'll discuss how to create residual income in more detail in a couple of minutes.

Many franchises fall into the category of buying yourself a job as well. 

You pay a fortune for a Business system, then spend 16 hours a day supervising unmotivated, underachieving employees whose minds are not on the job and who just don't care if your Business makes any money or not.

If you start or buy a Business and you physically have to be there every day to drive it along and do the work, even if you have employees - sorry, you've just bought yourself a job.

What if I could show you how to rise above all the get rich quick merchants, the scams and B.S. that's out there and build a great Business of your own, starting part time, while you work at home, doing something you love.

A Business that gave you the freedom to leave your job and build real wealth...would you be interested?

The most profitable, most easily run, highest leverage Businesses in the World are what best selling Author Robert Allen calls Money Tree Businesses.

Wealthy people develop Money Tree Businesses

Every weekend, there are countless adds in Newspapers everywhere offering thousands of Businesses for sale, and yet if we apply the 'Money Tree' formula to all of these listings, 99% of them will be eliminated immediately.

If a Business you are considering doesn't fit the 'Money Tree' formula... keep looking.

So, what is the 'Money Tree' formula?

It looks like this -

M - Stands for Multiple Streams of Income - Any Money Tree Business must have the potential of generating more than one income stream from the same assets or information. You must strive to get paid several times from different areas for each day of work that you do.

O - Stands for Outstanding Products or Services - A Money Tree business only offers the best products and services to it's customers - anything less and those customers won't stay very long. The goal of a Money Tree Business is to do the work once and then have the income flow for the rest of your life. By selling only quality goods and services, this is indeed possible.

N - Stands for Nothing Down - A Money Tree Business must be able to be started with very little or no money down. It must be able to expand and grow from the profits it generates - it must not require constant injections of new capital to survive. This rules out all types of franchises and most other Businesses as well.

E - Stands for Employee Resistant - Employees can be a pain in the butt. They are dangerous! They can begin to feel like they are entitled to their jobs and when you try to get rid of out!. The fewer of them you have around, the better. If you want something done that you either can't or don't want to do yourself, you can always hire an independent contractor. Avoid employees unless it's absolutely necessary.

Y - Stands for Yield - Money Tree Businesses must offer high profit, high yielding income streams. Quality products and services that have stood the test of time that provide ongoing residual income streams without risk are what you are looking for.

T - Stands for Trend and Timing - Starting a small Business against the trend is like swimming against a fast flowing stream. The Internet is the biggest trend that has hit planet earth in the last 200 years. This is a trend you can latch on and ride as far as you want to go.

Running a small Business is hard enough without trying to swing against the flow. Choose a Business that is with the trend. Then it's like floating downstream with the current.

R - Stands for Residual - Residual income means that you get paid over and over again for work you performed once. If you go to work for a day, you usually only get paid once for the day. If you don't show up the next day, you probably won't get paid.

A Money Tree Business offers you the opportunity of doing something you love doing once, and then being paid repeatedly for that work into the future.

For example -

  • Songwriters, Actors and Authors earn royalties

  • Affiliates get initial and residual commissions on products that have a monthly renewal fee (affiliate marketing is huge on the Internet - for more information on this powerful new sales process, read Michelle and Kim's story at the end of this article)

  • Network marketers get residual commissions from their down line

  • Sales people get renewal and trailing commissions for products and services that have a monthly or yearly billing cycle

  • Marketing consultants get an ongoing percentage of gross revenue

  • Real Estate owners get rental income and future capital gains if they invest wisely

E - Stands for Everybody, Every Day - Ideally, the product or service you sell should be needed by as many people as possible, every single day. It should be essential, or as close as possible to essential, to a large and highly motivated segment of society.

The more people that need it and the more often they need it, the more successful your Business will become.

E - Stands for Enthusiasm - You really have to love what you do. If you hate what you are doing, you'll never put in the effort required to make it really successful. You can probably make a few dollars selling something you aren't really passionate about, but it will be a hard slog all the way.

Do what you love and the money will follow

What I am sharing with you here is a way that you can start a Money Tree Business of your own, while you work at home or from your current Business, starting slowly at first, then build it into something really special.

One of the best ways you can build a Money Tree Business is to build a website focused on a niche that you are passionate about.

For example, say you love classic cars - you could build a website filled with great articles about your favourite classic's. If you're interested in it, chances are pretty good that there are plenty of others who are too.

What about quilting, horses, quantum physics (yeah, well OK, maybe not), real estate investing, Stock trading? Whatever you are passionate about, you can find a niche market and sell related products to those people interested in the same thing you are.

Look for small, highly focused Niches

Of course, the narrower the niche, the lower the number of people who will be interested in what you offer, but you probably have a hobby or interest, some insider knowledge or a special skill, that many people would pay you well to learn about.

And the smaller the market niche, the more you can charge for your information, with less competition.

Think about it, what could you write about passionately, knowing that by writing it down once, many people would read your words and some of them would send you money? Make sure it's something you love, then it won't seem like work when you are writing about it. 

Imaging sitting at home in your pyjamas, writing articles that will be read by thousands of web surfers who are interested in the same things you are. 

Then, as you check your email each day, you see that some of those visitors have deposited money into your merchant accounts...this is the live you can have if you decide to work at home (part time around your existing job if you want to at the start), build a popular website around a niche market that you love and persist for a few weeks or months.

Do you wish your favourite ball game was over more quickly when you are watching? Do you wish the touring cars only had to cover 5 laps in each race? No, of course not, because you love these activities and just want to do more of them.

It's the same when you build a Business around something you love - something magical happens to your enthusiasm and drive - you can work harder for longer without getting tired when you are passionate about what you are doing.

So if you are going to start a Business, start one doing what you love - something that you would do for free if your income needs were met from some other source. If you do this, your chances of success are greatly improved.

The obstacles that will inevitably crop up as you get going won't seem insurmountable, and you will stay far happier for much longer than if you just go in there to make a few bucks.

And as for buying yourself a job...well, we've already dismissed that as an alternative, haven't we?

Now I'm not saying it's going to be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is, but it can be done, if you really want it to happen...

Sounds like a good idea, but how do I build a website?

You are probably thinking, well that sounds all fine and dandy, but how on earth do I build a website to get this thing started?

Well you can either go about building a website the hard way - learn how to write HTML code or buy a Web Publishing program like FrontPage or Dream Weaver (not cheap), find a web host, buy a domain name, learn search engine optimisation, learn CGI, learn FTP, blah blah...

Or, you can go the easy way and use Site Build It! (SBI!)

What on earth is Site Build It! I hear you asking.

Well it's an all-in-one site building, hosting, traffic generating, newsletter publishing, email marketing system that takes all the technical stuff away and puts it behind the scenes, so you can focus on just one thing - building a profitable web Business.

SBI! removes the technology barriers, but you still build a business, which requires work. It doesn't just happen all by itself, you have to make it happen.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that if you do put the effort into building something real, SBI! makes working at home a strong, valid option.

In a nutshell...

1) Your site attracts targeted, interested visitors free from the search engines

2) Your articles and great content PREsell your visitors through high-value information

3) Your site converts visitors into buyers, whether you are...

  • a guy who just loves fishing and wants to tell the world how to catch the big ones

  • a professional selling a service - a Real Estate Agent, Life Insurance Broker, Financial Planner, etc.

  • a work at home mom who plans parties and weddings for local people

  • an information publisher - you can earn income by creating your own products, selling other peoples stuff, through AdSense, joint ventures and referrals/finder fees, plus more

  • selling a service to local or global clientele - Carpet Cleaning, Lawn Mowing, Plumbing, etc.

  • offering any other product or service, no matter whether it's digital or a hard good

Whatever you want to achieve, a SBI! website will make it that much easier to get there.

The opportunities are endless. As you read the articles that follow, do a self-inventory.

What do you know well?

What do you love doing?

What would you do for free if you had enough passive income to support you?

Then get started!

There are an infinite number of Niches just waiting to be exploited. Now is the time to get involved yourself, work from home doing something you are passionate about, and build a Business that will give you financial freedom...and ultimately the time freedom to do whatever it is that you were born to do.

If you would like to read a (purely hypothetical, of course ;-) case study about how a lady named Michelle and her daughter Kim achieved their dream of working from home doing something they really loved, and created a Money Tree Web Business please Click Here.

If you would like to discuss anything relating to building and marketing your new Web Business, or would like more Free and Obligation Free information on building your own website, please email me by using the Contact Form. I will certainly help if I can...

Thankyou for reading this article. I hope you found it worthwhile. There is a fortune waiting on the Internet for anyone with the will and the persistence to go out and grab it. Now it's up to you...

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I sincerely hope this article has given you some ideas on how you can massively improve your local Business or work at home and build a Money Tree Business of your own. Don't fall in to the trap of simply buying yourself a's just not worth it.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. I am looking forward to hearing from you - please, ask me anything you like. And of course I'd love to hear about your successes...and yes, even your failures.

I wish you well in your Business and in your life outside of work,

Kindest regards,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. If you really feel like you're wasting the best years of your life working for someone who just doesn't appreciate your efforts, here's what NOT to do next...

Most of the people who read this article will do absolutely NOTHING with the information on it. They'll think to themselves, "Yeah, that's a great idea, but maybe some other time, when I'm more ready for it - my job's not really that bad..."

Consequently, they will be no better off tomorrow than they are today. They will keep doing what they are doing and never decide to work from home and create the lifestyle that they really want.


P.P.S. If you've made the decision to succeed, Click Here to read an article about selling Information as a Business that may just change your life or Here to read about how Michelle and Kim built a Business doing something they loved.

Then, simply follow their example for yourself...if you need a hand, email me using the contact form and I'll help if I can. Now is the time for you decide to work from home if you truly want to...I wish you all the best with your venture.

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