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     October 6, 2004

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Welcome to you all. Thankyou for taking the time to read my Newsletter.

Hello once again.

Thankyou to all those subscribers who emailed and asked to be sent a copy of my new eBook 39 Days To A Profitable Website. I've had lots of feedback, mostly the good kind, but a few people also pointed out things that were missing or not explained well enough.

With this in mind, I've edited the book and changed several things that could have been a little confusing for people unfamiliar with the Internet or online marketing.

If you haven't done so yet, you can check out my new website at www.just-german-shepherds.com

It's still early days yet for this site, but it's attracting visitors and making a small income. I'm going to continue to grow it by adding content and turn it into an ongoing stream of residual income.

Currently I'm spending around 10 to 20 hours a week to get it going, but that will reduce in a couple of months time and it should basically run pretty much on auto pilot from then on.

If you haven't read my eBook that takes you step by step through the process I used to build this new Theme Based Content Website from scratch in 39 days and you would like a copy, please send me an email at ebook@localwebsolutions.com and I'll send you one right back.

I'd love to get your comments and feedback on what you think of it and how I can make it better.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of the Newsletter,

Until next month,

Kind Regards,



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What Sort Of Customer Experience Do You Offer?

- by Rocky Tapscott

It never ceases to amaze me how many Business owners make a hash of dealing with the people who are the lifeblood of their Business, their clients and customers.

I see it every day. People treating visitors to their store or factory with distain. 'Customer Service' staff who have no idea of what constitutes great customer service, in fact, they wouldn't know what it was if it fell on them.

Customers being verbally and physically abused in front of staff and other clients. It's just so sad to watch.

Here's an example a friend told me about this week.

He was standing in the 'Refunds' queue at a large national Hardware chain store behind two people who were being served by different members of their staff.

On the right hand side was a Building contractor who was bringing back 5 large pails of roofing sealant that had been contaminated with water because the tops didn't seal properly.

He had bought 35 buckets of this stuff the week before, and he was buying another 25 that day to finish a job. All he wanted was to get the faulty tins replaced and he'd be on his way.

Well it took two Managers from the store 20 minutes hassling this guy about returning these obviously faulty pails of roof sealer before they relented and replaced them for him with much ranting and raving.

Tempers flared and any goodwill the store had with this man was probably lost forever.

That gentleman will probably never set foot in that store again because of the treatment he received (at least I wouldn't be going back) trying to get what he was entitled to, a product that works as it was advertised to do.

On the left had side was a lady who was returning a plant which had obviously died because she had forgotten to water it.

She was demanding that it be replaced, and the sales girl went out of her way to help this customer. The lady didn't have a receipt, she couldn't remember where she bought the plant, she had no idea of how long ago, and still the plant was replaced without any fuss by a smiling shop assistant.

Two different sales staff, two hugely different outcomes.

Can you imagine how much the lifetime value of that Builder was worth to the hardware store. Let's do a quick calculation...

Let's be conservative and say he spends $4000 a month on hardware, tools and other supplies. That's $48,000 a year - not a lot if he's building several homes each year, in fact it could be many times that.

Let's also assume that the store has a gross margin of 35%. That's $16,000 per year in profit.

If the Builder keeps coming back for 10 years, that one customer is worth $168,000 to the hardware store. And what if his purchases are twice that amount, four times?

And what if he tells his other Builder friends, his plumber friends, his bricklayer friends about the crappy experience he received at the hands of those short sighted Managers?

What is the knock on effect of two Managers harassing this poor guy into submission in front of 50 other people? It could be millions of dollars in lifetime sales from all of the people who witnessed this event and the Builders associates. I know that my friend saw the store in a whole new light, and he won't be going back!


All over a couple of cans of faulty roof sealer that the store would have simply sent back to the manufacturer and had replaced.

And the plant lady?

Well she's an important customer too, but it takes a lot of 'plant ladies' to make up for the lost sales to a high volume home Builder and his team of associates, doesn't it?

There are numerous more examples I could share with you about how not to treat your customers, but you get the picture with these two above.

There are several Businesses in our home town that I refuse to go into because of past 'uncomfortable' experiences with owners or Managers.

I'll drive 20 miles to the next major town rather than buy beer at our local drive through bottle shop because the attendants are consistently surly, have bad manners and are usually quite condescending.

We haven't been back to our local video store for 8 years because of a dispute over a free weekly video! When I wrote to the Manager of the store to complain, she sent me back a letter COMPLETELY IN CAPITALS telling me she didn't want our Business and not to bother coming back.

Can you believe that?

We used to spend $12 to $20 per week in that store. Not a lot, but I sure told everyone I know about it, and there are several other people in our street who have had similar experiences. They just didn't go back to that store..

Stupid Business people...

So I guess the moral of this story is take a good look at how every person in your Business acts when they are around your customers, but particularly your customer service people and make sure that they are giving your clients a positive, memorable shopping experience. If your customers aren't happy, most will just not come back and you'll never know why...and that will cost you a fortune.

Pay someone to be a secret shopper every month or so.

Get them to come in and buy something, then return it and make a fuss.

See how your staff handle it.

Train them in appropriate response procedures so that they can deal confidently with any situation that arises. Set ups systems to guide your people through every facet of your Business. Don't leave your staff members floundering and unable to serve your customers needs properly.

By doing this your staff will be ready for anything...and you'll have happy customers who'll keep coming back for more of those memorable experiences for years to come.


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I'll try to answer as many of your questions as I can in future issues of the Newsletter. And don't worry, you'll stay completely anonymous.

Thankyou for sharing your concerns with me. I'll do my best to help you solve them.


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