Try These Local Store Marketing Strategies To Cut Your Marketing Expenses And Increase Your Profits...

If you are looking for local store marketing advice, these three tips will really help.

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1. Build A Prospect And Customer Email Database

From today, offer every customer a special gift if they will join your email marketing list. Don't have an email marketing list yet? Then it's time you took this important step and started building a relationship with your customers via email marketing.

Simply hand each customer a form and say something like, "We'd like to offer you free membership to our VIP club, and when you join, we'll give you a free (name of gift here) as our way of saying thank you!"

Then have them enter their first name and email address on a form, enter their information into an email database, and start following up with them regularly.

You can offer them advice on how to use your products, special discounts on products and services, and VIP customer only sales to really build a community. You'll cut your local store marketing budget while increasing repeat sales, and your customers will be a lot happier to buy from you because you've treated them like they are special

2. Start A Referral Marketing Program

A local store marketing system should include a dedicated focus on asking for and obtaining referrals from existing clients and customers. When you combine this with strategy 1 above (having your existing VIP customers buy from you more often because you follow up with them and make additional offers), your profits will soar...

Simply have your staff offer a coupon or some other gift in exchange for customer referrals. This will cut your marketing expenses and give you even more new customers for your VIP program.

See how it works?

It feeds on itself, giving you more and more happy VIP customers who refer more and more of their friends because they love buying from you.

3. Use Your Website As The Focus For Your Marketing Efforts

In your email promotions, send your readers to a website to download the various offer coupons. Mention people can get advice and more information on your website in all of your advertising.

Use your website to educate your customers about the value you bring to their lives. Include articles about each product and how to get the most out of it. Have an employee update the site regularly, and notify your subscribers when that new content is added. Not every message should be a pitch for a product. Give them great free tips mixed in with special offers, and watch your business take off.

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