Do I need a special logo for my new website or are the standard templates fine for now?

Question - What should I do about a logo? Is it the same as a brand? Should I look for photo's about my site's niche market at this stage and where?

Answer - Don't worry about a logo, it's not important. Just choose one of the newer templates in the custom section of the Look And Feel Selector and start building your site. You can change this template later on if you feel like it.

As for pictures, it would be best if you can take your own for most things and upload them to your site, that way you'll avoid any copyright issues.

You could also do a Google search for "royalty free golf pictures" with and without quotes and see what comes up.

Your own, personal pictures of family and friends actually doing the things you discuss on the golf course is the best way to go if you can.

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