Product Review - Monique Harris and Ken Evoy's 'Make Your Knowledge Sell!'

Make Your Knowledge Sell could probably be described as the original guide to creating Infoproducts. Published around the year 2000/2001, it was one of the first handbooks on how to actually create information products and sell them online

Make Your Knowledge Sell is a perfect companion to Ken's Solo Build It! system, in that it gives the new Information marketer a step by step guide for creating in-demand products that have a good chance of selling well, and Solo Build It helps to build a website that attracts targeted visitors to check your product out... 

For most people starting out online who don't have a current product or service ready to sell there are really only two possible solutions - 

1) To create an information product themselves, or 

2) To sell someone else's product in return for a commission through some sort of affiliate network or program.

For most beginners, the second approach usually seems the most attractive because it appears to offer the easiest and quickest way to get started, and this helps to explain the increasing popularity of affiliate or associate programs on the 'net today.

However by reading Make Your Knowledge Sell, and following the system Monique and Ken share, you can develop an information product or “infoproduct” that is a perfect way for you to start making money online quickly and easily.

Make Your Knowledge Sell is a 300+ page .PDF eBook which can either be read from your computer screen or printed out and read while curled up on the sofa. 

It takes you step by step through the process of creating an information product, right from theme selection right through to marketing and promotion of your finished product.

It also offers tips on writing and formatting your work, and resources for finding relevant research on your ideas.

Make Your Knowledge Sell the gives advice on pricing your product and promoting it through various media including how to start and manage an affiliate program.

Ken Evoy, owner and founder of has always based his products on the theme of under promising and over-delivering on their content and value. He's certainly done that again with Make Your Knowledge Sell.

My Rating - 8 out of 10

Make Your Knowledge Sell Bonus Offer - As a special bonus for people who purchase Make Your Knowledge Sell through this page, you'll also receive one hour of Free Coaching with me personally to help you work through the finer details of creating and marketing your brand new info product.

To take advantage of this Bonus Offer and receive one hour of personal, one on one consulting time with me, Click Here To Buy Make Your Knowledge Sell

I hope you've enjoyed this review of Make Your Knowledge Sell.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to me by using the Contact Form, or by calling me on 617 55432004 - I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time,


SBI Certified Webmaster

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