What I learned At The
World Internet Summit...

Boy have I been slack!

I know I told you I'd be sending you an update of what I learned from the World Internet Summit about two months ago...but I've been so busy implementing the stuff I learned there I just got carried away. 

I have to sincerely apologise for not getting in touch sooner, but I hope I can make it up to you over the next few issues of this newsletter. 

And by the way, this newsletter is 'Share It Around Ware'. Please forward the email containing the link to this page to everyone you feel may benefit from this information...thanks ;-)

You know, I thought I had a fairly good grasp on marketing and website stuff before I went into the summit, but what I've learned there and since has completely changed my focus, and looking forward, I think it will massively increase the money I make from my online businesses.

So what happened at the WIS?

Well, we sat there for 4 days getting our brains and minds expanded with information from some of the top Internet marketing guys (and Jenny Armato, of course) on the planet. 

I have to apologise for not working harder on getting you there with us to experience this event live. It truly changed my life...and many others from what I've heard since the event.

So what's changed for me since I went along?

I've now got 7 websites in different markets, and I'm building at least 2 more a week from now on. 

I'm creating multiple streams of income online because I realised that I was thinking far too small and to build wealth I had to massively increase my online presence.

If you saw Business Sunday today (May 1) you would have seen the story about the increase in online spending that's just starting to explode. Indeed, online advertising grow by 6 times more than the total advertising market did last year. 

This sort of exponential growth in marketing spending is great news of us as website owners. 

But how do you cash in on this advertising spending boom?

By building a series of content websites related to niche markets that are in demand by consumers, that's how.

Using Solo Build It is the best way I know of doing this, but it's not the only route you can take. 

You can register a domain name, get hosting for $10 a month, and build a series of websites that have Adsense ads or affiliate links on them. 

If you have enough pages and you know how to optimise a site effectively (using techniques I've shown you in past newsletters), you should be able to make very good money from this new advertising gold rush. 

And remember, if you would like to talk about building your own websites, whether you want to use Solo Build It or not, let me know.

But you'll have to be quick, because I won't be building sites for anyone else after June this year. 

I'm already busy building my own sites, and when the income from these covers my living expenses, I'll be going full time into building content websites for myself and won't be doing any work at all with clients (apart from a few Joint Ventures of course).

So if you ever wanted to take your site to the next level, or you want to have a new site built by your favorite SBI Certified Webmaster ;-), now's the time...

I've put together some website packages you may be interested in. To learn more, check them out here.

OK, so what specifically did I learn at the WIS?


I learned something from every speaker that will prove valuable over the next few months and years. I can't tell you everything, but here's the five minute summary...

Rocky and TomTom Hua taught me to make everything I do viral somehow (that's me with Tom on the left, he's a really nice guy and making lots of money online).

Whether it's by offering a free product, or using a great an affiliate program, or by using re-brandable affiliate links, make every product or report viral somehow if you can.

Tom's presentations were truly inspirational and full of great content.

He has made a fortune in just a few years by creating free and very low cost products, and getting other people to distribute them throughout the Internet.

His first product was called Working With Clickbank, which is still available today from thousands of websites. It's got affiiate  links in it so he still receives income from each ebook even though it's been online for years.

Rocky and BrettBrett Mcfall taught me how to write a sales letter that creates an immediate response. Here I am with Brett after the Seminar finished on Sunday. 

The dorky grin on my face in these shots was probably caused by my mind being stuffed with information for 4 days...

I've still got to get better at using what Brett taught me, but I now know his secret formula for writing winning sales copy. 

If you'd like to know Brett's secret formula for writing great sales letters without spending the 2 grand to attend the WIS, you can find out more here.

Rocky and JennyJenny Armato taught me to keep my mouth shut about which markets I was working in if I didn't want to have a million copy cats beating me to death with competing sites.

Jenny burst onto the Internet marketing scene just last year, and has built a series of successful online businesses selling all sorts of things. Truly inspirational stuff...

David Cavanagh taught me where to find great, overlooked niches without spending a fortune on products to do it for me. 

Here's a hint...go to www.magazines.com and search through their Magazine listings. Drill down through the niches and you're sure to find some gold just waiting for you to exploit.

Rocky and TedTed Ciuba taught me that anything is possible if I just believe in myself. I wasn't sure whether to believe him at first, but it looks like he was right ;-) 

Here's Ted and I after the event...

Marlon Sanders taught me that I didn't need a product, in fact I didn't need Jack, to make a fortune online. 

All I had to do was find an expert in a subject that had a demand in the market, interview them, create a product around that interview, and sell it. 

Simple, straight forward, and profitable. Marlon's presentations had the whole crowd in stiches of laughter. He's a wonderfully entertaining man.

Plus, I spent over an hour drinking nice, cool beers with him on Saturday night...what an experience. The guys a riot to talk with. It was truly a memorable evening, worth the price of the entire event...and Ted was paying for the beer, how can you argue with that?

Steven Pierce taught me to look ahead and not get stuck in the present...try to work out what people will be buying in 6 months time, and get ready for that traffic now.

Kurt Kristensen taught me how to get my pages to the top of the search engines, that looking after your list of customers and prospects is key (he wears a copy of his customer list around his neck) and how to leverage somebody else's assets for the mutual benefit of everyone.

Allan Forrest Smith taught me that I don't have to use Solo Build It for every website, and that I could just go and get a web host, buy a domain name and build a website using HTML from a simple editing program like SoThink or Mozilla.

I still use SBI for some of my content websites, in fact a new one I'm building right now is called Freedom From Spyware, but I'm building lots of non SBI sites now as well, including Directory Generator sites. If you'd like to discuss having a non SBI site built, please let me know.

The Highlight Of The Event...

There were other speakers, and I learned something from all of them, but the highlight of the event for me (and I think a lot of others as well if they really 'got' what he was saying) was when 19 year old Jason Cox spoke on Sunday morning.

Nobody was game to leave the room. 

We sat spellbound as he told us, basically, " Forget all that other crap you've just heard from all these other speakers, I'm going to tell you how to really make money on the Internet..."

And he did.

He showed us how he expects to make several hundred thousand dollars from the new game sweeping the world, Halo 2.

While everyone else is optimizing their web pages for the search engines, paying for traffic from Google Adwords, Overture and Yahoo, building a list of subscribers and buyers, working their butt off competing with everyone else in their niche with a scarcity mindset, Jason is quietly making a fortune setting up strategic alliances and Joint Ventures with people who have already done this in the market he wants to control.

This 19 year old kid is probably going to make more money from this one strategy than all of the other presenters put together...and he hasn't even perfected it yet.

Now every presenter had a pitch for a top shelf product they were selling at the end of their presentation. 

And to tell you the truth, I loved hearing all of them. 

It's always great to see a master sales professional selling from the stage. 

Some people complained about all the pitches, but as a marketing student, it was great to watch. I even took notes on the pitches so I can use some of the ideas later...

But Jason's sales presentation was different.

  • His pitch was for a product that cost US$25,000....

  • You had to give him US$5,000 on the day and you could pay the balance out of your profits...

  • He only had 7 packages for sale...

  • And he had all 7 sold before he had finished speaking!!

It was a feeding frenzy. 

People were running up from the audience as soon as he showed us the project he was working on, and were throwing their application forms at him to make sure they didn't miss out.

And the kid's only 19 years old!!

That's what you can do when you've been taught about joint ventures by Jay Abraham and Marc Goldman, and you've worked with Gary Halbert learning how to create and present an irresistible offer.

To tell you the truth, I didn't have US$5000 to give Jason, or I would have been one of the first up there myself...

I've missed that opportunity, but there's millions of them, and the opportunity is growing every day as more and more people come online. 

Wanna know what he does?

This one tip could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you if you actually go out and implement it...or you could just say, hey that's a great idea, and then go on the way you have been.

But I hope you don't. I hope you 'get' what I'm about to share with you, take it, run with it...and get rich.

Here's Jason's strategy in a nutshell -

  • Find an under exploited market where there's lots of demand, but not a million other 'net savvy competitors (visit www.magazines.com to find niche markets like this)

  • Find the absolute best or most respected person in that market or industry, contact them and put together a series of information products using their skills and information that teach other people what they know about succeeding in that market

  • Price your products at three levels - entry (free to say $27), midrange ($47 to $197) and top end ($297 to $2997 or more depending on the market)

  • Partner with a great sales copywriter to get the sales letter, email autoresponders and press releases written

  • Get other people in that market to bring you the traffic by paying them a 20% brokerage fee (or an affiliate commission)

  • Charge a limited number people $25,000 to buy the licence to these products, the marketing system you've created, and these pre organised leads coming from the brokers and then give them 50% of the profits, while keeping the remaining 30% of the total income from the project for yourself, while doing nothing but setting up the system

  • Let people pay a reasonable amount up front ($5000) and pay you an ongoing income stream for the balance ($20,000) out of the profits

  • Do it again in a different niche market...

His system might seem complex, but after listening to him speak, and then digesting what he was saying over the next couple of weeks, I've started working on deals similar to this myself. 

None have come off yet...but it's only a matter of time.

So there you have it. A system being used right now to create massive wealth for a 19 year old kid and his partners.

I don't know if you would have ponied up the US$5000 to take Jason up on his opportunity, but I do know that he has completely changed my outlook on marketing online.

Which brings me to the point of all this...

When the next WIS comes up, I would like to see you there with me. I can't emphasise strongly enough the life changing experience you'll have if you attend, and then implement the things you'll learn.

Yes, it's a grand to attend a seat, it takes 4 days out of your life, and you'll get products pitched to you by all the speakers...but man is it worth it.

When it's time, I'll be offering incentives again to attend with me. I'll keep you posted...

OK, that's if for today, I hope you've found this information valuable.

I'll be sending you updates every few weeks from now on. No schedule, just when I have something of value to share with you.

Remember, if you would like me to work with you and build a website, this is your last chance.

Or if you have a great idea and you'd like to tap into what I've learned over the past few months, save yourself the learning curve, and Joint Venture with me to bring it to life, let me know by using this form.

Until next time, take special care of yourself,




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