The Mini Site Package - From A 
Former SBI Certified Webmaster

If you have a product or service you'd like to sell and all you need is a Mini Site or what is more commonly referred to as a sales letter website and an order page to do that, I can set this up for you.

You'll have a turn key sales machine ready to promote your digital product for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You won't need Solo Build It for one of these sites, but you can choose to use SBI if you would like to add content later on and you are unfamiliar with working with HTML, FTP and the other technical parts of building a website.

To see an example of a Mini Site in action, visit

Your Mini Site will have -

  • Your chosen domain name registered and hosted with for 12 months using a standard sales letter template such as the one used at

  • A Home Page Sales Letter outlining the features and benefits of your product. I can write this for you or you may like to write it yourself or have it professionally written by an expert copywriter

  • Your .PDF product and any bonuses you are offering uploaded to the Hostingbay server ready for download

  • An Order Form on your Home Page set up to take payments through Clickbank's online order processing facility. You will have to set up your own Clickbank account login details and passwords, but I can help you with this if required

  • A Thankyou Page containing a form where your purchasers can confirm their purchase by submitting their name and email address to you (so you can follow up these buyers with offers of additional products in the future). You will require an Aweber autoresponder account (or similar) to access this feature - please contact me for details

  • A Download Page where buyers can access the product they purchased from you 24 hours a day

  • A Terms Of Use Page (you will need to provide the content for this from a qualified legal adviser, or you can use the AutoWebLaw package if you prefer)

  • A Privacy Policy Page so visitors will know what you will be doing with the information you collect from them when they subscribe to your Newsletter or purchase your product or service

  • Your first two Aweber autoresponder messages written. The first one thanking your visitor for their purchase and giving them the download details for their product purchase, and a follow up message one day later asking if they had any problems downloading their purchase and telling them how they can access it if they did

  • Two personal telephone coaching calls to help you through any problems you have in operating your Mini Site

  • 3 months of email coaching to answer any other questions you might have

The fees for the Mini Site package vary depending on several things.

If you have the sales letter written and simply give it to me to use, I can quote you a fixed price fee for building your Mini Site. A typical Mini Site under these circumstances would start at around US$700 but prices do vary - I'll give you a firm price when I know all the details

If I write the sales letter for you, I typically work on a reduced upfront fee plus a percentage of site revenue, but in both cases I'm committed to helping you make your Mini site as profitable as possible.

And either way, you'll benefit from my years of experience online.

If you'd like to discuss your project with me or if you have any questions, please call me on 07 55432004 from within Australia or on 61755462004 from overseas to get started.

Alternatively, if you would like to contact me by email regarding your website needs, or to ask whether you need something like Solo Build It! for your project or not, or anything else for that can also get in touch by using the Contact Form.

I wish you every success with your new Mini Site project and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then, take care, and best wishes,


Local Web Solutions

P.S. Depending on the demands on my time, I may have to pull this page down at any time. If you are serious about making a living online, or using a Mini Site to promote your product, and you really don't want to waste months or years finding out what works and what doesn't, contact me now.

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