How to get your prospects to visit your Solo Build It site, more often...

If you are using Solo Build It to market products and services online (as opposed to selling affiliate products or collecting Adsense checks) then this series of lessons is sure to help you to increase the profits you make. 

Note - However, see the special note for affiliates below.

In fact, you'll most likely at least double the profits you are currently making through your Solo Build It site by implementing these strategies into your marketing system.

In this series of lessons, we are going to look at how to systematically increase your sales and profits by applying proven marketing principles to your web marketing efforts.

Ok, let's get started...

The first thing you have to do in order to have customers buy from you is to get more people to actually see your advertising.

Solo Build It helps you immensely with this by generating ONLINE leads for your business if you set your site up correctly, because it generates targeted visitors who are interested in learning more about the things you are selling.

However, attracting online visitors isn't enough. You are most likely going to have to generate OFFLINE leads as well if you want your business to truly reach it's full potential.

Your goal is to get these offline prospects to visit your website where you give them more information and encourage them to respond in some way.

So, how do you do this cost effectively?

Here are my top tips for generating offline prospects to visit your website.

1) Create small classified or display ads offering a Free Report where you outline the benefits of whatever it is that you do. 

Have people leave their name, email address and phone number in exchange for a copy of your report, and follow up with them continuously.

2) Place display ads that look like editorial copy in local and national newspapers. Studies have shown that ads that look like editorial increase readership by up to 400% over ads that look like advertising.

3) Use compelling headlines in your ads. Your headline is the most important part of your ad. If people aren't stopped in their tracks by your headline, they'll never read your ad. 

Your headline should convey the biggest benefit you can muster and be able to stand on its own.

Try this test - If all you put in your ad was the headline and a telephone number, would people be compelled to call you to find out more?

4) If possible, put an intriguing photo with a caption in your ads. People are naturally drawn to photos in newspapers and magazines. This combined with your killer headline will massively increase your ads readership.

5) Send EVERY prospect to your website where you can tell them the whole story. You have limited space to tell your prospects everything they need to know, but you have virtually unlimited space to do that on your website.

Make a great offer at the end of your ad to encourage your readers to visit your website. Give them all the information they need to make a decision when they arrive, and your sales and profits will soar!

Note to affiliates - Offline marketing strategies also apply to you. If you generate all of your leads and sales online, you are at the mercy of changing search engine algorithms, rising PPC costs and a host of other threats to your long term business survival.

Find a way to incorporate offline marketing into your affiliate marketing business plan and you will have a much more stable business.

In our next update, we'll look at how to get more or your Solo Build It website's visitors to read your pages to the end.

Until then, take care,

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