Do you recommend the standard Solo Build It newsletter builder or something else - you mentioned Aweber somewhere?

Question - I've got lots of information ready for my site but I'm not sure where to start.

I don't want to make a mistake at this stage that I won't be able to recover from. What should I do next?

Also, what do you recommend about starting my newsletter, do I use the Solo Build It one or something else. What do you recommend?

Answer - My advice is to get enough information for a page, then build the page.

Get some more, build the next page. It takes time for the search engines to list and rank your work so the faster you can get it up, even if you have to edit it later, the better.

You should build your first 10 or so pages, start to get incoming links, then put a name capture page up to start building a list.

You can use the Solo Build It newsletter if you like but I prefer Aweber autoresponders for the reasons mentioned in the coaching course. It's much more flexible and once you start to build more than one list it is very cost effective.

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