Step 4 - Make sure your thank you page address is correct where it says -" id="redirect_327751a67d6bd1dac5d6ad0eea8611f6">
Instead of using the default Aweber thank you page which is - 

I always create a thank you page that gives clear instructions to help increase the number of people who verify their email address and successfully join my list.

Here's an example of one of my thank you pages -  

Step 5 - Then upload your thank you page to your website and put your optin form on every page, making sure you preview each page to check the form looks correct. 

Paste the code for this form right after your headline at the end of your first

tag or at the very top of your first text box directly below your first Headline Block.

You may get a message from Analyze It saying that you don't have your main keyword in the first 90 characters and you need to change that. This is because your form code takes up quite a few characters, but you can ignore this message. 

Just make sure you have followed the page optimization system from Lesson 6 and you should find your pages will still rank well.

And if you haven't started using Aweber yet, you'll find it's much more flexible that Solo Build It's Mail out Module. You can learn more here

I hope this video and code help you to quickly get started building your database of prospects and customers and make more money from your Solo Build It site.



Here's A Proven Page Layout Model You Should Test To Increase Your Optin Rate...

In this video, I show you a wonderful, well tested example of exactly the sort of page layout you might want to test on your site, no matter whether you are using Solo Build It's Upload your own HTML feature or the Block by Block page builder.

Just click on the 'Play' button to watch the video...


Here is the HTML code you'll need to create the optin box I showed you in the video -


Step 1 - You'll need to paste your Aweber form code in where it says ENTER YOUR AWEBER FORM CODE HERE and to get this to display correctly you MUST use the Aweber HTML code, not the JavaScript version. 

Step 2 - Change the wording in the form above to whatever you are going to offer your visitors to get them to join your list. This should be for a free report or mini course that has tremendous value to your readers.

Step 3 - You have to change two fields in your form code for your form to look right on your pagesWatch this short video now for a quick explanation of how to do that.

I've copied in the last part of the code for a standard Aweber form below, and I've highlighted the part you have to change in RED.

Change the default number in your form code from 20 to 7 and that will reduce the width of the boxes where people put their name and email address. If you don't change these numbers the table is forced too wide on your page and will look weird.
Here's the part of the code you'll need to change with the numbers you'll have to change in red -
First Name:"20">
Primary Email:"20">