How do I upload a picture to my SBI home page?

Question - How do I upload a picture to the top left hand corner of my home page, Solo Build It doesn't let me do this when I build the home page?

Answer - To put a picture on your home page, first upload the picture to Solo Build It through the graphic library in Site Central (name it something simple like birthdaypicture.jpg so it's easy to remember, and don't put any spaces in the file name). 

Then complete this code with the details below (don't change anything else or it won't work -

<p align="left"><img border="5" src="http://www.YOUR DOMAIN NAME OF YOUR PICTURE HERE" align="LEFT" alt="NAME OF YOUR PICTURE INCLUDING KEYWORD">

Change YOUR DOMAIN NAME HERE to your domain name exactly as it appears on your site

Change NAME OF YOUR PICTURE HERE to the name you called the picture (for example, birthdaypicture.jpg - no spaces anywhere, nor before or after the picture name)

And finally, after the alt=" tag, change NAME OF YOUR PICTURE INCLUDING KEYWORD to the name of your picture  using relevant keywords, example - Birthday Picture - use upper and lower case here and you can use spaces to make it read right.

Here's the actual code from a graphic on my Hobby and Lifestyle site so you get the idea -

<img border="0" src="" align="Left" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="200" alt="Basset Hound">

This piece of code puts this picture on my Basset Hound page -

Basset Hound







When you've got the code correct for your picture, simply past it into your home page above the top line of text in the text box (so it's the first thing on the page if that's where you want it to be). 

Preview it to make sure you're happy and it works, then build the page.

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