Increase Your Response Rate By Putting Your Picture On Your Website

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Today we'll look at a way of personalizing your website so people start to get to know you from the first time they contact you.Rocky Tapscott

What I'm talking about is ...


Putting a picture of yourself on your website alongside your voice message so that people know there's a real, living, breathing human being behind your website


Your picture will help to let people know that you are a person just like them. One of the biggest hurdles online is the issue of trust.


People just don't trust other people they don't know yet, especially when you consider all the scams around.


Your picture will let them see you, and even though they can't feel or touch you, when you combine your picture with your personal introduction to your site, people will feel more at home on that important first contact with you and your business.


Now again you have to know your market so you know how to present yourself. If your market is professional people, then a professional image is what you will convey from your picture. If your market is more laid back, then casual is the way to go.


Decide on the image you want to project, and then get that picture up there. It will make a lot of difference to your conversions ... and your sales.


OK, that's it for today. Tomorrow I'll be sending you another message that looks at how you can integrate your online marketing with your offline promotions to massively increase your sales.


And if you would like my help in putting your picture on your website, please let me know by using the Contact Form


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